Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Pelicans

November 22, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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(Opening Statement): “We did some good things out on the floor tonight. As you can see it’s one of the first times that we felt comfortable with the different guys out on the floor and we kind of knew where to go with the basketball. I thought our guys did a nice job throughout the course of the game spacing the floor the right way and trying to share the basketball and executing. Where the game was lost was 20 turnovers. On the road you have 20 turnovers for 21 points, that’s tough. You couple that with 19 offensive rebounds and 25 second chance points, then you add 23 fast break points, that’s 69 points just in stuff that you can control by getting back quick, boxing out and being smart with the basketball. That’s where the game was lost, but you give New Orleans credit because they kept fighting, but that’s where the game was won or lost for us. That is where we as a young team have to be better. We have to understand that every single possession is a big possession.”

“It’s a tough loss, especially when you feel like you had control of most of the game, but it’s a growing, learning experience for a young group.”

(On being up by 12 with 5 minutes left then losing the lead): “The biggest thing without watching the tape I felt is that we didn’t get to their shooters. We maybe closed a little short because at that time we have to understand that teams are desperate, two’s don’t hurt us as big as threes because threes gives them momentum. They were able to hit some, whether they were contested or not. They were able to hit some threes in that period of time to help get a little bit of momentum. I thought we turned the ball over a couple times late and we just couldn’t finish. We got the ball I thought where we wanted to get the ball. We got the ball to the rim a couple of times and whether it was a foul or not I don’t know, you have to go back and watch the tape. We didn’t settle for jumpers all the time, we looked to attack, we just didn’t finish.”

Kyrie Irving

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(On the turnout of tonight’s game): “They took advantage of us. We gave ourselves a chance, but being on the road can be tough.”

(On how he felt about tonight’s game): “It doesn’t matter how I feel. The game could have gone either way. We just have to prepare ourselves for San Antonio.”

(On playing against the Spurs): “We look forward to playing against them. They’re a great team. They have always been a great team. We just can’t wait to go there and give it our all.”

Andrew Bynum

(On his progress this season): “I’m still on target to play. I felt good today. I’m just taking my time.”

(On his enjoyment of the sport): “I just have to go out and have fun. My main focus is to concentrate on basketball. I don’t have to worry about anything else.”


(On character shown in 4th quarter): “I just remarked to the guys that you never give up on a game. You’re going to have games like that in the NBA where you’re not making shots and things aren’t going your way, but Jrue (Holiday) really stepped up tonight. They had a 12 point lead and I don’t know how much time was left, but it was getting dim and he brought the guys together. The coaches told me, I didn’t see it, and he said, ‘This is where we grow up.’ All of our guys, instead of separating, came together and went out there and hit a few big threes and it got tight. For us, we haven’t been in these situations enough to have any corporate equity, but that’s what we built tonight. We have some equity now. We know we can come back. We know we can play in close games. The big shots by Eric (Gordon), Jrue, and Ryan (Anderson), the free throws by Tyreke (Evans) and AD (Anthony Davis). Everybody saw that, but the stops down the stretch, even the block that Tyreke had and they called a foul, I loved it because Kyrie’s (Irving) going to try to force the issue and take over the game. For Tyreke to get a block like that, it just set the tone for the next time Kyrie went, everybody goes up, contests the shot, they miss and we battle for the ball. That’s not coaching, that’s just heart and a will to win.”

(On reaction after the win and it possibly being his favorite win yet): “It’s the first time we’ve done it with this group, where we’ve been down, fans are leaving, that kind of stuff and it rubs you the wrong way. When you’re playing your heart out for this city in whom which you came to make them proud and then you come back and win. I told these guys right from the jump, it’s going to be about this group, this staff, Dell (Demps) and Mickey (Loomis). We have to pull together, no matter what the situation is. It was emotional, just because we did it our way. It was ugly. Sometimes defense will win you an ugly game.”

Anthony Davis

(On him struggling most of the game): “As long as we get the win (I’m ok). I love winning. As long as we get the win, I’m fine. If I have zero points and zero rebounds (I’m ok), as long as we get the win.”

(On fighting to come back and win): “We stayed the course and came back and played great defense for the last six minutes. We got stops and got the win.”

(On Monty Williams’ 100th win): “Coach Monty is a great coach. He does a great job of getting us better. For him to get his 100th win means a lot. We definitely don’t bring it up and congratulate him. We need to come in tomorrow and work hard and get ready for the Spurs.”


(On if he was nervous when the referees were reviewing his three point shot that gave the team the lead): “The only thing that I was worried about was if it was a two because I really didn’t know where I was (when I shot). Good thing that it was a three and it gave us the lead.”

(On it being a great win for the team): “Definitely a great win (for us). We needed this. I like these kind of situations. You can’t get too high or too low. You need to stay calm and each possession (is critical). You always need to worry about the next play.”