Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Pacers

December 31, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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“You have to give Indiana credit. They were doing what championship level teams do. The sense of urgency defensively that was there especially in the fourth quarter for them, you have to give them credit for turning it up a couple notches and taking us out of whatever we were trying to execute. At this point the part about it is I thought the three quarters we played the game the right way and then in the fourth quarter we started turning the ball over. I think in the second half we had 12 turnovers for nine points, which hurt us in a low scoring game. But on top of that, the thing that bothered me most was Indiana’s ability to run out off of missed shots, turnovers or whatever it might be and us not have at least two guards back to defend their transition layups. Their transition layups were big late in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter because you play a grind it out type game like this and points are hard to go by. You give up and-ones, especially in transition. That’s very frustrating. We gotta get more physical in those situations and not allow and-ones to happen.”

Jarrett Jack

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“(On the fourth quarter) We just didn’t do enough of the things you need to do to win, especially on the road. They picked up their intensity and we did not respond to it. We have to take pride in every possession. We can’t have a couple of good possessions here or there, especially against a team of this caliber, especially in their building. (On playing well the first three quarters) I thought that we came out and hit them first and were able to establish ourselves early in the ball game, which is something that we have struggled with lately.”

Kyrie Irving

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“(On the Pacers’ fourth quarter) They turned it up another notch and we have to be able to execute that much better when they do that. The things that got us the lead throughout the game we did not continue to do in the fourth quarter. We played hard for three quarters but that’s not good enough against an Eastern Conference finalist and the team with the best record in the league right now. We have a lot of young guys who are still trying to figure out how to play every possession the same way, whether a team goes up eight or ten points we have to continue to play the right way because there are so many possessions in an NBA game. (On his knee injury) I thought the worst happened. I continued to play but I felt something pop in my knee and I was falling down around all over the place. I’m going to have an MRI tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes. But it was a painful experience. When I went back out it still didn’t feel right.”

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel

“A really good win. Tonight’s game was a perfect example of how you win a game when your shots are not falling. I thought George Hill’s performance was as special as we’ve seen all year with his defense on Kyrie Irving and he gave us offensive punch as well. He’s a gifted defender. It seems like every night he’s playing against a superstar point guard. We knew this would be a challenge defensively. It was really a special defensive performance. Obviously George (Hill) and Paul (George) picked up their intensity and Luis (Scola) and Ian (Manhinmi) gave us a big lift. Those guys set the tone and the rest carried it out. (On Ian Mahinmi) He’s just a good basketball player. He’s just playing with confidence. Popeye Jones does a lot of work with him after practice and it’s showing.”

Roy Hibbert

“This was a good team win against a very good basketball team. We knew we would have to bring our A game and stay with it. (Did you think the Pacers would be 25-5 at this point in the season?) I knew we were good but I knew we would have to work together in order to get the win. I am pleased with the way everybody has worked and we have gotten the results. There is more work to be done, areas of improvement for us. We will continue to work. (On rebounding today) We boxed out much better in the second half.”

Lance Stephenson

“(On the fourth quarter) We were playing great defense and protecting the rim. Everybody was in their gaps and G. Hill did a great job on Kyrie Irving tonight. I’m just happy we got the W. (On the trip to Toronto) We have to come in sharp for the new year. (On grinding out a win) We came in and watched film (at halftime). We played better defense and played smart and hit the open man. We got the W.”

Paul George

“(On the fourth quarter) They played a good game. What happened tonight was a credit to what the Cavs did. They made shots and they played with a lot of energy. They played with a lot of confidence. (On George Hill’s defense on Irving) The past couple of games he’s been averaging about 30 points. Once again, George playing at that level, we’re a different team when he’s locked in and he’s focused. (On his big dunk near the end of the game) I struggled shooting the ball tonight. So it was good to get that shot. That was probably the easiest basket of the night.”

George Hill

“(On the defense) We’ve been talking about that, and not taking games for granted. That’s a good basketball team over there (the Cavs) and they have a lot of fire power. Our thing was to come in and finish 2013 with a bang. (On what he was trying to do in his defense on Irving) Just make it tough. He’s one of the best point guards in this league. When he’s rolling that team is rolling. I tried to do the best I can and do my job and take him out of the game and just make it tough for him. I’m glad my team helped me out in those situations.”