Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Pacers

December 12, 2012

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

(Was the game a tale of two halves) “I don’t think it was so much a tale of halves. I think from about the four or three minute mark of the second quarter everything changed from that point on. And we weren’t here, it’s as simple as that. Once Indiana became more aggressive and tried to take the ball out of Kyrie’s (Irving) hands, we caved in to it, and we just stopped playing. And I told the team that after the game. (On physical play, prepared for it?) We know their personnel, we know how they play, we told our team to be ready for the physicality of the game. That it would be just like last night’s game and they’d need to be ready to battle. The starters got us off to a good start then the bench came in and did a good job, but once I put starters back in that’s when the game changed.”

Tyler Zeller

(On coming back home to Indiana) “It’s always fun to be able to come back and play a game in front of the people who watched you play a lot in high school...Although it’s not the outcome that I wanted. (On the differences of the NBA from college) The biggest difference is the athleticism and the size of the players, especially when you’re somebody my size. You are used to playing against smaller people but in this league they are just as big as me. (On the game) It was one of those games that was tough to get into a flow, personally because I was in foul trouble all game. I thought in the second half they did a great job of pressuring us and making us drive to the basket where they would clog up the paint and make us hit outside shots.”

Kyrie Irving

(On the physical play) “Absolutely. Every time you play the Pacers you know it’s going to be physical. Every time I’ve played them in my short career, it’s been a physical game. They tried to take me out of the game and force me to give up the ball and we settled for jump shots. I thought that was the difference. We have to learn as a young team to know how to carry a lead like we had into the second half. As the leader of this team I have to do a better job of settling us down and making that happen.”

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel

(On the game) “We weren’t perfect but we really clamped down in the second half defensively, holding them to 23 points. (On the turnaround in the first half, start of third quarter) Poise. They started to get a little frustrated. We were down 16, we felt we were better than that. You make a calm mental adjustment, and get back in the game possession by possession. (On Ben Hansbrough) He definitely provided a spark. He had great defensive energy. He plays hard. That’s what he brings to the table.”

Ben Hansbrough

(On his play) “I prepared myself all summer for this opportunity and every day I was just waiting on it. It came tonight, and I tried to bring everything I could. Coach told me he wanted me to be calm on the offensive end and bring my defensive intensity. I did that tonight. I think it added an extra spark for the second unit also. (What will you take from this game?) I just want to keep improving and improving and improving. I’ll probably sit down with Coach or one of the assistants and dissect my pick and rolls and try to get better. That was my first appearance and I want to try to get better from that one. (On the defense in the second half) I think Coach Vogel did a great job of refocusing us at halftime. Coach kind of got on us a little about some of our help-side rotation, some of our intensity. It kind of got a spark in us and we went out and showed him in the second half.”

Tyler Hansbrough

(On Ben Hansbrough) “I thought he came in and brought some energy and did well tonight. (On the second half defense) I thought they got pretty hot in the first half. We came in here and watched some film. It came down to us just coming out there and not gambling on defense. I think that was a big difference for us, not taking any chances and making sure they scored over us.”

Paul George

(On the second half defense) “They started out hot. And anytime you start off hot shooting, your confidence will continue to grow. And that becomes contagious throughout the team. That’s how it started and they put up 58 points (in the first half). Everybody was knocking down shots. We came in here and talked it out. And when we came out in the third we started applying pressure to the wings, just making it much more difficult. We were contesting all their shots, and that’s what made it tough for them.”