Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Pacers

October 23, 2012


(On the game tonight): “First off, I’m glad preseason is over. As far as the game is concerned, again, from a defensive standpoint we just have to do a much better job. A defensive field goal percentage of .475 is not acceptable. And our guys have to understand that. That’s the thing that we’re going to continue to work on…I thought a lot of guys struggled tonight to be honest with you. I think we had a few bright spots, but we didn’t have many bright spots on the defensive end. That’s the key. When we did defend, we got out and got some easy buckets. But for the most part, we didn’t do a very good job. There would be times where we had four guys do exactly what they’re supposed to do and then one guy breaks down, which costs us a basket. All five guys have to be in sync and we’ll just continue to work on that.”

(On team chemistry within the starting lineup tonight): “It wasn’t bad. I’ll get a better feel once I look (at film) tonight and tomorrow morning. But I thought we did some pretty good things. You know, it’s just a lot of little things, especially defensively, that we just have to get better at.”

(On Tyler Zeller at center): “I thought he played well. The one thing he did was he battled. He went against a guy that’s an All-Star. I thought (Zeller) played great basketball tonight.”


(On what defensively lead to the loss tonight): “A lot of long rebounds and our long shots leading to their fast breaks. We didn’t stick to some of our defensive principles tonight and that lead to open shots, but I’m just glad preseason is over.”

(On if there was a lack of communication throughout the preseason): “No. We’re all still getting to know each other and we do need to communicate a little bit more out there but we just have to continue to get better. We did some good things during the preseason and we do have to go back and review all of these preseason games. I’m looking forward to it.”

(On how much further along his overall game is this season): “I’m still finding a balance. I took a few shots that felt good at the release, but just didn’t go down. I continued to shoot and was trying to be aggressive for my teammates; getting them open looks. We lacked some communication, but that’s going to happen. I’m just glad this is the last preseason game.”


(On how his first preseason went): “It was a great learning experience; I learned a lot. I took my work ethic to another level. I went in everyday trying to learn, trying to get better and trying to excel.”

(On the biggest transition from the college game to professional): “Playing without the ball. In college, I pretty much had the ball in my hand all the time; it’s new to me. I’m playing off the ball, coming off screens and trying to create my shot. I’ve just got to continue to keep working.”

(On if he minds coming off the bench): “Not really. I’m just going to continue to keep working and I’ve got to prove to (Coach Byron Scott) that I can start. If (Coach Scott) wants me to come off the bench, then I just need to keep working.”


(On Danny Granger’s return):  “His shot making wasn’t rusty.  His movement was a little rusty.  You can tell he hasn’t played [for] a while in a game.  He made some plays, made some good defensive plays.  He looked good.”

(On new addition D.J. Augustin):  “He was great.  He was assertive.  We’re showing him the way, showing him what we’re looking for.”

(On reserve guard Lance Stephenson):  “That was definitely his best preseason game.  (He had) just one turnover which is terrific.  You talk about LeBron James being a freight train, he’s clearly not LeBron James being 6’8 and all, but he’s a freight train in the open court.  He gets the ball with a head of steam and finds alleys and avenues to the basket and makes great decisions at the end of the drive.  That’s a heck of a weapon.” 


(On his return):  “I’m trying to make strides but it felt pretty good.  I just got to play through some of the pain and loosen up a little bit.  I had a little pain but not much.  The big thing is how I bounce back tomorrow.”


(On fitting in with new team):  “It’s been tough for me.  This team is already established so I’m just coming in and trying to find what I’m supposed to do on the floor.  It’s been hard for me to find a rhythm but tonight I felt pretty good.  I just found my role and did what I could.”

(On his role as starting point guard):  “I’m an attacking point guard.  I try to look for my teammates and the big man down low.  When I’m open I’m going to shoot it.  David West told me when I come off the pick and roll to look for my shot first, so hearing that from him just made me more confident.”