Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Nuggets

January 11, 2012

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

On Kosta Koufos: “He just worked his way under the defense a few times, Tyler [Zeller] lost him and they are a very good interior passing basketball team. But that’s not what lost the game. We came out in the third quarter and the second half, we just didn’t come out ready to play. Period. We had a chance to win the basketball game; fatigue shouldn’t be a factor. We came out in our ‘cool mode’ and what happens in this league, being cool will get your ass kicked. Excuse my French, but that’s how we came out and that’s what we got.”

On Kyrie Irving’s 38 minutes being more than he expected: “No not really. He probably ran out of gas. Maybe that last three or four minutes probably got to him.”

On their third quarter woes all season: “I have no idea. Aside from the fact that we are just still young and dumb and don’t understand exactly what we have to do in the third quarter; because it happens over and over and over. I am tired of us giving games away. That’s what we did tonight. I don’t even know if we came out aggressive, because they had us on our heels the rest of the half, if we had matched their aggressiveness, the way they came out, then maybe it could have been a different story. Like I told them, this is game 38, some way it has to hit home that you can’t come out and play soft to start the third quarter when you played so well the first half. You have to come out and play that way again. Somehow, from a psychological standpoint, maybe you have to trick yourself into thinking you are down 15-20 points; but when we are up 10 or 11 points, like we do over and over again, when we don’t come out ready to play.”


On what changed in the second half: “Our energy, that’s it. We came out nonchalant in the third quarter, which was the difference. We talked about going into the third quarter that we need to come out aggressive on both ends of the floor, and we didn’t do that. There’s been a few games like this throughout the whole season where we’re in the game and we let it slip away, instead of putting our foot on the gas and dominating teams in the second half; it’s always that third quarter.”

On playing while sick: “I feel like crap. It’s just something I’ve got to get through but it’s going to take a few days. I felt it throughout the whole game, but my adrenaline definitely took over. We were in the game and it started to get exciting in the second half.”

On moving past the loss: “We know the things we need to do to get better on both ends of the floor. We’re going to rebound tomorrow with a good practice, and we play a good L.A. [Lakers] team on Sunday.”

On losing games in the fourth quarter: “Our effort was great but it’s the little things that matter. We were up and we were doing all the things we needed to do in the first half. In the second half, we came out nonchalant and there is no explanation for that, we can’t make excuses for that.”

Nuggets Head Coach George Karl

On another fourth quarter victory: “I actually enjoy it more than most coaches do. I expect most games to be fourth quarter games. I would expect my team to play with a little more intensity and determination. They fight back and defensively, we were very good in the second half. Between missed layups, missed free throws and turnovers, it was a struggle offensively. We scored enough easy baskets, we got some layups in the end. [Danilo] Gallinari makes the big three and I thought [Andre] Iguodala’s defense on [Kyrie] Irving was key to us winning. Once we put him on him – I don’t know how many Kyrie got – it seemed like we had more confidence and it wasn’t pretty; it was kind of ugly. It’s in the win column and we get to keep fighting at home for a couple more games.”

On Kosta Koufos: “I think Kosta is doing a great job of finding easy baskets for us. Our guards have found him a lot even though tonight was the worst our guards have played from a standpoint of turnovers.”

On the lack of intensity in the first half: “Young team. Sometimes too satisfied when you are on a winning streak and you get too into thinking we are better than we are. Cleveland is a team with good, young talent that is trying to improve themselves and trying to make a statement that they can win games. I think [Dion] Waiters and [Kyrie] Irving, [Tristan] Thompson and [Tyler] Zeller are all good young players.”

Ty Lawson

On the fourth quarter comeback: “We were down the whole game but we fought hard in the fourth quarter and made the right plays in the last couple of minutes and got the win.”

On getting fouled attacking the rim: “I have to say I am a three-point specialist. I am not going to the paint anymore. I had a mismatch when we set a pick-and-roll, they switched and I took advantage and got to the basket and finished.”

On Kyrie Irving: “Yeah he is getting to the basket on pick-and-rolls and he is getting to the side making other plays better, he was making threes. He’s a tough player. In the second half, we kind of contained him a little bit and played a little better, made him take tougher shots.”

Danilo Gallinari

On the win: “It was very important to get this win. The last few games, we didn’t play very well for all four quarters. I thought that at the end of the third quarter, beginning of the fourth quarter, we were able to step up and match their defense. We knew that our defense was the secret to win the game against them so we were able to get this win and it was very important for us because it’s a home win.”

On if he feels confident shooting the ball: “I am always confident, always ready to take those shots and my teammates are finding me every time. Ty [Lawson] is doing an unbelievable job, Andre [Iguodala] is doing an unbelievable job finding me open. It’s always on me but it’s on them too.”

On Kosta Koufos: “Kosta is a very smart player; he is always in the right place at the right time. He knows how to play basketball and he makes things easy for me and for us. When we drive the ball, we always find him at the right spot.”