Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Nets

January 4, 2014.

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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(On the game): “I thought it was a tale of two heads for us. I thought the first half, just defensively, we didn’t do a good job competing. And I say that because we had twelve blow byes. It’s not like us to have the dribble drives for finishes that Brooklyn had tonight. You give them credit because they did a heck of a job attacking the rim. We did not do a good job on the ball or with the weak side defense when they did dribble drive penetrate for a finish. I thought in the second half though; our guys went out and played better defensively. I did not see the blow byes that I did in the first half. I saw on the weak side we were very aware. We had some deflections and some steals going the other way because of it. There were a couple times in the second half that we moved the ball the right way. You give Brooklyn credit; they won the game and did a great job.”

Dion Waiters

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(On what you were feeling tonight): “It is the same shots I have been getting, they just went down today. I mean, I went through a stretch the last two or three games not shooting that well and tonight I had it going.”

(On when guys are out, do you feel the pressure to carry the team): “Oh yeah, of course. I mean, I just try to lead by example and try to play hard. I know they are going to come to me when we need a bucket or a big play and I just have to be ready.”

(On what happened with getting called for a technical): “I mean, it is built up frustration. There’s a lot of grabbing and they let a lot go. I felt they had to call it both ways and every time we come off a floppy or a certain play call, they have a guy grabbing our jerseys while they are watching it and not calling it. At the end of the day it gets frustrating. When you go to the rack they do a lot of cheap stuff – they hold you, they bang you, and then they hold you some more. They need to call it both ways.”

Matthew Dellavedova

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(On how the comeback stalled in the fourth quarter): “I mean, I am not too sure. Obviously, they picked up their defense a bit. We will have to go back and watch the tape.”

(On how contagious moving the ball helps the team): “I mean, when the ball is moving and everybody is moving, we get a lot of open looks which is contagious. We get stops at the other end we can run into our stuff and get bodies moving.”

(On your role and improving your three-point shot): “I just talked to him once I made the team and asked him what he was expecting from me and what role I would have on the team. He told me to work on my three-point shot. I try to get a lot of shots up with the coaches every day.”

Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd

(On building off the win against OKC): “The guys came out with that same effort and energy that they did in Oklahoma and the result was the same. Reggie (Evans) stepped up big-- being able to start and control the boards for us, he was also aggressive in the first quarter making some shots. He was a big plus.”

(On Cavs’ 14-2 run in the 3rd quarter): “The guys trusted one another and stayed together. Normally, a third quarter run on us tends to be a down fall but tonight’s game was a positive. The guys stayed together, we got stops and then executed on the other end.”

(On consistency from Deron Williams): “Deron-- two games in a row now that he’s been big for us, leading the way. He’s getting great looks and also finding his teammates, that’s been a big plus for us.”

(On Paul Pierce’s playing the (stretch) four): “We don’t call it a stretch-four, we just call it the four. Paul has a very high basketball IQ, he understands when shots present themselves but also can put the ball on the floor and be a playmaker. He was big for us, being able to find his teammates and also being able to knockdown shots.”

(On Andrei Kirilenko’s contributions): “He’s a pro. Sometimes the stat sheet doesn’t show it but he does all the little things, coming up with loose balls, finding open teammates and being able to cut and finish plays. Tonight and the last two games he’s been able to do that and it’s been big for us.”

(On Kirilenko’s ability to stop to runs): “His defensive mind set and being 6’9 with long arms, he’s a guy that can guard a point guard or a forward. He’s another guy with a high basketball IQ. He always tends to find the ball or the ball finds him, which you need when someone’s making a run or you’re open under the basket, and a lot of times he’s able to find the ball.”

Andrei Kirilenko

(On how they played in third quarter): “I think the good thing is, I know we aren’t playing well in the third quarter, but we didn’t drop or give up in that quarter. We just kept playing and kind of kept building on it. Even on the bad things, we are still able to kind of hold them to one or two points, and finally we won the game.”

(On getting Andray Blatche back): “He is a huge part of our offense and our game. He’s a very tall guy who can do a lot of things with the ball, very agile, so he is a huge presence for us.”

(On his ability to remain calm): “I have always been like that. I guess it’s just I’m a cold-blooded Russian.”

Joe Johnson

(On the run going into the fourth quarter): “It was very important. We made a couple adjustments defensively, and that helped us out. We got some stops and we were able to get out in transition and get some easy baskets.”

(On getting the win coming off the previous win): “It was very important to validate it. We went in and beat a tough Oklahoma City team, and came back home, didn’t relax, and we were able to pull this one out.”

(On getting Andray Blatche back): “It was a big lift. It was great to have him back in there. We needed him. Another big to come in and make plays on both ends of the floor, it was a plus for us tonight.”

(On recovering after losing the lead): “We just settled down. We understood we turned the ball over not making the easy play, and like I said, we made some adjustments defensively in that fourth quarter and was able to get some stops and come down offensively and get some easy baskets.”