Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Mavericks

March 15, 2013


“The stupid turnovers kind of add up and the little things you just can’t afford to do and we have to get better. We just started to miss shots and they did a much better job at getting us off the boards. We just didn’t create opportunities the second half the way we did the first half.

(Do you think the Mavs coming at you guys with a smaller lineup changed the game plan?)
“No, a lot of teams play us with smaller lineups and we actually play very well against a smaller lineup. We just have to go out and knock down shots. I think we did a fairly good job at getting the shots we wanted, but we just have to knock those shots down.”

(What will you guys take away from a game like this?)
“We just got to get better, continue to learn, and continue to improve. It’s all a process and hopefully we continue to get better because we have another game tomorrow night.”

“Anytime that you lose the lead you’re going to be disappointed. Tonight we had a lot of opportunities and a lot of stupid turnovers that really kind of hinder us.”


(On Jae Crowder’s rebounding tonight)
“Very pleased. Crowder was great. He’s been playing more at the four position the last three games because we’ve been using some smaller lineups. When he does that, we gain an advantage with quickness and skill on offense. Defensively, he’s got to make up for his lack of size by being tough in there and by being able to come up with the ball in a crowd. Tonight was a great example. Our bigger lineups were ineffective so we had to go smaller. I think thanks to him and [Rodrigue Beaubois] we were able to get the win. I thought this was Roddy’s best game of the year by far and it was certainly the most timely. We knew we were going to have to go deep tonight to be able to win.”

(On the best part of Rodrigue Beaubois’ game tonight)
“I thought everything [was great]. Defensively, he was really strong; he rebounded, he made plays, he hit shots, hit timely shots, moved the ball. There was just a lot of good things. It couldn’t come at a better time.”

(On switching to a smaller lineup)
“It’s a big energy game. Because of us playing last night and having a difficult loss and those kinds of things, we struggled early. We struggled partly because we couldn’t [hit any shots] on offense. Defensively, they were getting momentum into their offense and they were scoring. Nights like tonight, you’ve just got to keep finishing until you find something that works, is effective. The quickness was good. Their size hurt us early, but then we were more aggressive in the second half and I think that was the difference.”


(On if the team was tired tonight)
“We started off slow. We knew it was going to be a tough game, especially coming off a back to back. We felt like we gave all our effort in the last month and this one was more of a mental game. We made a few mistakes early on but the most important thing is that we got the win.”

(On if it’s harder to play the teams they don’t play as often)
“Like you said, the teams that are harder to play are the teams that we don’t see as much. We are not really familiar with their sets. I think we played Cleveland earlier in the year but it’s been a while. Despite their record they are still a very good ball club. They have a good coaching staff and they have very good players on their team. It’s hard to get a win anytime in the season, especially around this time. So, we were happy that we could get the win. I thought our bench played well. Roddy [Beaubois] came in and gave us a little spark. Jae Crowder came in and did an excellent job of rebounding and our benched really helped us out.”