Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Magic

February 23, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

(On Tyler Zeller and Alonzo Gee's performance): "I thought Tyler (Zeller) in the second half played extremely well. In the third quarter he just got really aggressive and physical. And Zo (Alonzo Gee) I thought did an unbelievable job defensively on Arron (Afflalo). That really seemed to get us going."

(On how that happened so suddenly for Tyler Zeller): "I don't know. I think some words that were said in the locker room probably helped him. I thought the first half he didn't play particularly well. He didn't seem very aggressive and really into the game, especially on the defensive end. I thought defensively he started getting more aggressive on our pick and roll coverage, and it just really kind of turned him around on the offensive end as well."

(On whether they blew a 10 point lead or he was upset with Tyler Zeller's performance): "It wasn't me. I wasn't happy about it, but no it was one of the other coaches who kind of called him out and he responded."

(On good things they did tonight): "We did a lot of good things, but obviously you don't like the fact that you give up your 10 point lead early to go in tied at halftime. They were shooting 51percent at that particular point. All those things we didn't like, but again the second half I thought we played tremendous defense. They still hit some shots. And our offense was clicking, we were getting up and down the floor, we were moving the ball. The second half I think we had 18 assists compared to the 10 that we had at halftime, so we did a much better job of moving the ball and looking for each other. Anytime you're making shots that always helps, but I thought it really started on the defensive end."

(On not having to rely on a couple players and having a total team contribution): "Well that was good. When you have four games in five nights it's good when you can rest your starters for a whole quarter. Again, our bench guys did a heck of a job coming in that fourth quarter, not only maintaining but increasing the lead so I didn't have to bring those guys back in. So, we'll get some rest and get ready for a tough one tomorrow obviously in Miami."

(On Kyrie Irving):"His knee is a little sore, but he's fine."


"I just wanted to come out there with a lot of energy and try and get it going. I feel like this team here I get to go out there with a lot of energy and stay focused the whole game."


"They (bench) came out and played extremely well. We are glad they kept it up and they kept getting stops and making shots."

(On dunk off the backboard from Irving): "He told me he was going to throw it off the glass. It was a little bit of excitement for us. I was happy he did it."

"We just have to stay together (vs. Miami tomorrow night) as a team and just try to get stops. We just have to be ready and accept the challenge. We have to stay solid and don't turn the ball over. We have to stay together on the defensive end."

"We are trying our best not to turn the ball over, but it is tough especially when you are being aggressive. We are playing together as a team and we are making shots."

"I had some people here (family and friends) but I am going to have like 30 people tomorrow."

Kyrie Irving

"That (pass off backboard to Gee for dunk) was the first one of my NBA career. It was just a transitional play. I whispered it to him (that pass was coming)."

"It was really important especially coming out in the second half and knowing the things that we needed to do especially on the defensive end. That has to be our identity. Our defense has to lead to our offense and that is what it did. We got out in transition and guys were hitting shots. Tyler was playing really aggressive on the boards in the second half and took it as a personal challenge. We challenged him and he came out there with full effort and that is what we need from him on a consistent basis in order for us to be good."

"We are just trying to win as many games as possible. In order to do that, we just have to find consistency on this team and it starts on this road trip. We got this win and now we play a great Miami team and then a great Chicago team as well. It is a challenge for us as a team and we are looking forward to it. On this road trip we have goals and also in the second half of the season we have goals but we have to take it one game at a time."

(on sore right knee): "I hurt it in practice the other day."

Magic Head Coach Jacque Vaughn

(On trying to incorporate three new players): "We went from introducing ourselves to trying to put in a few sets and play on the floor but the good thing is those guys were able to get out there, touch the floor a little bit and get to know their teammates a little bit so that was good."

(On Beno Udrih and Tobias Harris): "I think pretty much what we talked about going into the game. You could see that the competitive nature that Tobias has whether it's rebounding the basketball, his ability to play and guard multiple positions, and just his overall nature about him; extremely hard worker and very competitive. Beno is a professional. He's done it, he's been there. He'll be able to settle us, he'll be able to get us in our sets, and very comfortable at pick-and-roll and making shots. He's been doing it a long time; he knows how to play the game. Glad I was able to get Doron out on the floor too and get him some minutes. It was good to see him guard defensively and good attack to the bucket. It was good to see all three guys out there."

(On playing a back to back with limited players available): "I don't want to use excuses. It's the NBA, that's part of it. We all go through the schedule the same way. It's unfortunate that we had seven guys yesterday and had to play through that and it's part of the NBA though, part of the schedule."

(On the lack of chemistry with the new players): "Well we haven't had a practice yet. Monday I'm looking forward to it. They'll be able to maybe know each other's middle name by then and we'll know how to pass it to each other and where we want it and we'll be better."

(On preventing losing from being accepted): "I think you still hold guys accountable. There is no mistake in the accountability whether it's showing clips at halftime, where guys need to be, where they're supposed to be, whether it's watching film on Monday in the next practice and showing guys their mistakes. It doesn't guarantee you wins and losses but we're trying to play the best that we can and that's what you want to do. Each time you step on the floor you do your job. You play the best that you can."

(On Cleveland's defensive adjustments): "They made shots. That always helps and then we didn't help ourselves tonight with the offensive rebounds and turnovers. Same thing that kind of got us the last time we played them; offensive rebounds, they got second chance attempts, they didn't shoot as many free throws this time but enough to make it very difficult on us."

Tobias Harris

"It's a little tough, but the guys are going to help us along the way and get us out there."

"I was surprised by the move but at the same time, it's a good situation, a better situation for me."

(On playing with other two players in trade during game): "It helped. We've known each other for about a year now, it really helped."

DeQuan Jones

(On playing back-to-back): "It was a small factor but everybody around the league is accustomed to playing back-to-backs. It was a matter of coming in with the right mind set early on and taking care of business."

(On Cavs second half): "Allowing the other team to speed us up and get us out of what we normally do. We knew coming into the game that they were going to pressure in the back court. We just wanted to attack and relief that pressure. But we allowed the defense to speed us up and get us out of our comfort zone."

(On acclimating newbies): "Just being consistent with them every chance we get on the bench, coming out of timeouts, just talking to them, making sure they're familiar with the offense and plays and where they are supposed to be. And discussing with them and going over with them what's expected of them."

Maurice Harkless

"I think it was a little bit to do with guys getting a little tired. They picked up their defensive intensity and we couldn't match them."

"J.J. played a major role. A lot of his minutes will probably come my way and I just have to take advantage of that and step up."

"It's definitely going to take a little time. I think they'll get it quick especially since we're all young so we get to help them. The way they played today, they played pretty well for their first game so it'll all get better."