Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Knicks

January 30, 2014

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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(On tonight’s game):
“You have to give Knicks credit. They came out and jumped on us. They executed defensively. It affected our defense and they got some easy baskets. They got some breaks and they end up winning the game. You have to give them credit.”

(On the team’s energy):
“We are getting it in spurts. We have to get to a point where it is more consistent. If we can get it consistently we will see some better results.”

(On Anthony Bennett):
“They (the Knicks) spread the floor and if they see a mismatch they will iso (isolation) what they think is the mismatch. With Bennett being a young guy that is where they wanted to go with it.”

(On the first quarter):
“Our starters have played fairly well. Second quarter is where we have been losing leads or the game really separated for us. Tonight was one of the first times where we allowed another team to jump on us.”

Kyrie Irving

(On tonight’s game):
“They hit us in the mouth and things became easy for them in the second and third quarter. I think we got it down to 16 and then Tim Hardaway hits a big three to get it to 19. Things went in their favor. It started when they hit us in the mouth in the first quarter.”

(On the rest of the season):
“We all have to hold each other accountable and at a higher standard. We have to play with more fire especially starting off the game. They were denying me to start the game so I have to be more aggressive. They made our offense start too high so I have to be better in getting us into our sets.”

Luol Deng

(On tonight’s game):
“Our defense was terrible, they executed and we couldn’t stop them.”

(More on tonight’s game):
“You have to fight. It is one thing to play hard and lose and it is another thing to let the other team do what they want. As a person and as a man you have to stand up and play your heart out.”

New York Knicks Head Coach Mike Woodson

(On J.R. Smith):
“I think he is playing more relaxed, he is more engaged and in tune and he is doing what we want from him. It is working for him. It is nice to see.”

(On the four game winning streak at home):
“I never thought we would be in this position coming into this season the way we have played the last two seasons at home. We dug ourselves a hole and now we have to dig out. It is a nice four game winning streak.”

(On Tim Hardaway Jr.):
“He was steady. He picked up the two fouls early. He came back in and played beautifully. He played great.”

(On J.R. Smith and Pablo Prigioni):
“J.R. gives you offense. Kyrie (Irving) is tough to deal with for anybody. I thought Pablo got up and forced the pressure early and he maintained throughout the whole game. It is hard to guard that kid one-on-one. We got back on transition and we built up the wall which supported Pablo.”

J.R. Smith

(On his knee):
“Before I wasn’t moving around like I wanted to. I am definitely more confident.”

(On his play):
“I am getting more shots up. You can never shoot enough basketballs. I am trying to stay in my rhythm and do what it takes to be more consistent.”

(On tonight’s game):
“The stuff we have been through this season…losing guys. These are the bright spots you want to have especially at home. Guys are excited and love to play the game.”

Carmelo Anthony

(On J.R. Smith and Tim Hardaway Jr.):
“It was fun to watch to see those guys…especially Tim. To see him get in that groove tonight. It was special to watch. J.R. keeps getting better and playing well. That is something we are going to need especially trying to make the run we want to make.”

(On J.R. Smith):
“He is healthy. You can see him get his explosiveness back, getting his pop back. It is helping him from a confidence standpoint.”

(On the four game winning streak at home):
“It is starting to feel a lot better here on our home court to win basketball games. We are trying to keep it going.”

(On the season):
“We are taking it one game at a time. For us we had to face it. Everyone had to man up and face the adversity.”

Tim Hardaway Jr.

(On tonight’s game):
“It was our defense. Everything starts with our defense. That is how we got our easy baskets. We have to make sure to push the ball.”

(On his shot):
“It feels good. I knew if I could shoot the ball I would help the team out.”