Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Heat


On the game:

“I thought in the third and most of the fourth quarter we (Cleveland Cavaliers) played harder than we did in the first half, and that got us back into the game.”

“We had big-time mental mistakes. The two plays that I was very angry about were when Shane Battier got the transition three-point basket and when Dwyane Wade snuck past the defense and got a layup. You can’t give up easy baskets with a one-point lead. These are things we have to learn from and they can’t happen any more this season. We had an opportunity against the NBA World Champions (Miami HEAT) and we lost the game because of mental mistakes.”

“I don’t know if the mental mistakes we (Cleveland Cavaliers) made cost us the game, but they didn’t help us win.”

On the Miami HEAT:

“I thought Alonzo Gee did a good job on LeBron James by making him earn everything. Dwyane Wade got some easy buckets on lack of communication on our (Cleveland Cavaliers) part.”


On the game:

“I feel like we came out and played hard. It was the little mistakes that we made in the end that cost us the game. We just have to take this game and learn from it. We just need to try not to make mental mistakes down the line in the fourth quarter, when it counts. I thought we had the game.”

On guarding LeBron James:

“All we tried to do is slow him down and make him take tough shots.”

On their third quarter run:

“We were aggressive on both ends of the floor. We just got stops. We made shots and we got rolling. We just kept playing hard. We got to stay together as a team.”


On their third quarter run:

“I guess guys finally decided to start playing. We just picked up the intensity. We got a couple of stops; proving we can get those stops gave us life. The first unit kind of got that going.”

On his contribution:

“I just went out there and tried to make some plays. If I can get some looks, I’m going to try to knock them down. My teammates always encourage me to shoot the ball. I work on it (his three point shooting).”

On the execution down the stretch:

“We had some bad luck plays. There was a bad bounce here and there, but those were the plays that beat us. Growing together as a team, locking in and showing focus (down the stretch) is a big thing.”


“It was tough knowing that you had the game. Going down the stretch, we have to execute better on the defensive end. We need to have trust in each other. We stressed about trusting one another, and tonight it got away from us. The most important thing (coming down the stretch in a big game) is talking, and just letting each other know that we have each other’s back. We did a good job of making shots and sticking to our principles on the defensive end. Games like this, you get up for these types of games.”

On their third quarter run:

“We knew that they were going to let us back in the game. We came out aggressive. We made shots. We got key stops when we needed them. We executed. We just have to do a better job of finishing games. They (Miami HEAT) know that we came out and gave everything that we had.”


On the game:

“That game had about seven or eight games within a game. It was good to see us show some resiliency down the stretch, and we had to fight for that. They played well particularly in that fourth quarter and end of the third quarter. They kept on coming at us. That’s a team with a lot of young players that have confidence, and they’re very competitive. We had to fight for it. I really liked some of the offensive possessions there at the end where, make or miss, the ball was moving and popping. There was a lot of trust there at the end.”

On the pick-and-roll play at the end of the fourth quarter with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James:

“We diagramed it out of the timeout. We ran it the three possessions before that as well. It was just different options out of it.”

On the way Dwyane Wade closed the game:

“That’s the way he’s going. It’s symbolic of how he’s playing the season. He’s getting stronger as the season is going on. He made a lot of good reads down the stretch.”

On the HEAT’s four games in five nights:

“We don’t want to make any excuses. What is was was a good week. We wanted to finish it off with a win. Every team has to deal with four [games] in five nights. You have to deal with it. You have to find different ways. We have great depth on our team. We used our depth all week long, and we were able to find a way to be our strongest at the end. That’s the only thing that really mattered in this game.”


On the lack of panic from being outscored 36-17 in the third quarter:

“We are a veteran ball club and we have been in every situation that the NBA game can offer. We have been up and we have been down but we don’t get too high and we don’t get too low. We just play the 48 minutes out and see where it takes us.”

On the pick-and-roll with himself and Dwyane Wade:

“It came from me and D-Wade (Dwyane Wade). We made eye contact and CB (Chris Bosh) looked at me and saw what set we wanted to do so CB flattened out a little bit and I was able to run to a pick-and-roll and D-Wade was able to turn the corner. Good execution.”

On Dwyane Wade:

“He wanted the win, we all wanted the win. We turned it up in that final period. It was great to see him getting healthy.”


On his fourth quarter:

“It was a tough one. We were moving a little step slower tonight. We found a way (to win). I feel like in the first three quarters I couldn’t move but in the fourth quarter you just find it. It all started for us on the defensive end. We started making stops and we just turned that other switch on and was able to come away with a win.”

On the game:

“We don’t want to depend on it (turning a switch on) but it is always good to have it. We have been playing good basketball and sometimes you just have to find a way and tonight was one of those nights. At the end of the day all W’s (wins) are good W’s. We will take it.”

“When we get to winning time anyway, if you are a competitor, you have another gear. Sometimes that gear runs out and sometimes you can keep going and tonight I got it going at the right time. For our team, our guys made big shots and we made big plays on the defensive end to help us get this win. It wasn’t pretty but our crowd was amazing. They haven’t seen us here in awhile so they cheered us on and it got very loud in the building tonight and it was great.”

On the pick-and-roll with himself and LeBron James:

“I came off the screen with LeBron (James) and I think it was a miscommunication, they didn’t know the switch or what so I was able to get a clear lane to the basket. It is always a good pick-and-roll with me and LeBron running because a lot of two’s and three’s don’t really cover pick-and-rolls they don’t really know what to do exactly. It is a great play for us.”