Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Hawks

December 6, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

(Opening statement)
“I felt like as a group, other than some reserves, we just didn’t play hard. The reserves played hard and got us back into
the game. This is on all of us. It’s on me. I have to do a better job getting us prepared for the game both mentally and
physically. It’s on everybody in that locker room. We have to come out and compete for 48 minutes. Sometimes your
shot will fall and sometimes it won’t, but you have to figure out how to be gritty and find a way to win a basketball
game, especially on the road.”

“I thought in New Orleans we did a decent job of competing, but we just didn’t finish the game. With a young team
you’re going to have lulls like this. Hopefully, we won’t have as many, moving forward. I’m going to keep coaching, guys
are going to hopefully play hard and do what we’re asking of them, so we can figure this thing out.”

(On Kyrie Irving going scoreless for first time in NBA career)
“There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s shooting the ball fine. What I want him to do and what I want our entire team to
do is understand that we have to defend and rebound, especially on the road. It’s going to be tough for us to get wins on
the road. If we don’t have a certain type of grittiness on the road, we’re not going to win. But in terms of his shot, that’s
fine. He’s going to score enough points and make enough shots for us to win games. I just want our overall defense and
grittiness to be better.”

Kyrie Irving

(On his night)
“The shots just weren’t falling. We had a couple of early defensive breakdowns and that got (the Hawks) out to a big
lead. There were a lot of letdowns, starting with me. Once we had those breakdowns, they got out to a big lead. There
wasn’t a look that I got that I didn’t like. They were all good misses for me, but sometimes (going scoreless) happens.
(My) shots are just not falling. I’m not shooting the best this year, but I’m getting the shots that I want. That’s all you can
ask for. I play off instincts. Sometimes I’m out there thinking too much. You just have to play basketball. That’s what it
boils down to. The confidence level has to remain the same, not just for me but also for my teammates.”

Atlanta Head Coach Mike Budenholzer

(On the game)
“It was a good effort by our guys tonight. We’ve been talking about playing better for longer stretches, making our good play last and
extend those stretches. Tonight was one of the better nights of doing that, on both ends of the court. Our defensive effort was good, and
the purpose and the pace with which we played was good and I like the way our group started tonight in all of those areas.

(On Korver’s record)
“Tonight was a great night for Kyle Korver. His teammates are very happy for him and then the coaching staff (as well), mostly because he’s
a great teammate. He’s just a person that we all enjoy competing with and being around every day. He’s a heck of a competitor. He’s a heck
of a basketball player, and he’s a heck of a shooter. For him to do what he did over the course of (90 games), it’s a heck of an effort. We’re
just really pleased for Kyle. We all feel fortunate to be a part of Kyle’s night tonight.”

(Was getting Kyle’s record a priority for the team)
“Maybe the players talk about it more than I know. We’ve just tried to go about our business and play our game and keep our focus on
what we’re doing, and not make it an emphasis or priority on getting Kyle an early three-point shot. From my vantage point, no. The players
may say something different.”

Jeff Teague

(On Kyle Korver)
“He’s not really emotional, but when we got in the locker room, he told everybody how good he felt now and how appreciative he was.”

(Was it a relief that he made the shot early)
“I wish I would’ve had the assist, but other than that…I wanted to go down in history too…but I think it was a relief for the whole team. At
the beginning of the game you could see we were all trying to get the ball to him. I think DeMarre passed up a wide open shot trying to get
it to him in the corner, and I did the same thing in transition. We were excited for him to do it, and it’s a great record.”

Paul Millsap

(On his half-court three)
“It was a fun shot. We shoot those shots every day. (In practice) I lose every time, but I won today. It’s fun just getting the ball to the
basket, and see what happens.”

(On Kyle Korver)
“It’s great. I’m in awe to see something like that. Teams focus on keeping him off the three-point line, and for him to do that for so long is
an amazing accomplishment.”

Kyle Korver

(On #90)
“It feels good. I’m glad it’s done. My naps the last couple of (game days) haven’t been very solid. I try not to think about getting this close
and then not getting it, because that would not have been fun. I’m glad it’s over, but I’m proud of it for sure.”
(On speaking to the team postgame)

“I just said thank you. I’ve told you a few times I’m not out there creating shots. I’m a product of good team basketball, of setting screens
and good passes and floor spacing and all of that. This wouldn’t have happened without them. A lot of these guys have been here
throughout this whole streak. There’s a lot of thanks to go around; players who aren’t here this year, coaches who aren’t here this year,
and this group in here. I just said thank you.”

(On family visiting)
“They came here for my daughter’s birthday, not for me. She turned one yesterday and they happened to be in town, so they got to enjoy
it. They had some good seats too, so it’s nice.”

(More about the streak)
“It’s never been about a streak. It’s about making the shots you get. I don’t want to be a high-volume shooter. I try to be efficient. You get a
shot, you try to make it. I didn’t even know this record existed until midway through the year last year when people started talking about it.
It’s a cool thing, but it was never the focus.”


  • Cleveland outscored Atlanta 57-37 in points off the bench … The Cavs entered the game ranked sixth in bench scoring (37.8
    per game) and scored at least 50 bench points for the fifth time in eight games.
  • Dion Waiters led all scorers, finishing with a season-high 30 points (13-20 FGs, 1-4 3FGs, 3-3 FTs), two rebounds and one
    assist in 35 minutes.
  • Andrew Bynum recorded his second double-double of the season, finishing with a season-high-tying 20 points (9-14 FGs, 2-
    7 FTs), a game-and-season-high 13 rebounds, two assists and two blocks in 27 minutes.