Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Clippers

March 16, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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(Overall thoughts on tonight’s game): “[The Clippers] came out in the first half and they did what they do. I thought they got out in transition and their transition offense really hurt us in the first half. Blake [Griffin] was terrific. He got out and exploded in transition. Chris Paul did what Chris Paul does. He got the ball up the floor so quickly that it converted some easy buckets in transition, got a little separation, and their confidence grew from there. I thought in the second half, our guys came out and they fought, brought it to within six, something like that, then Chris Paul stepped up and made plays down the stretch.”

(Clippers’ defense): “They know that they don‟t have to sink and help as much because [Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan] are going to clean up everything in the paint. When you‟ve got two athletic guys like that that make that type of difference, you can take chances in guarding the three-point line a little bit closer. We had some opportunities to score at the rim, where we tried to go on the other side or we tried to flip it up this way or that way, and it was all because of their bigs.”

(Los Angeles Clippers’ success this season): “They‟ve got a chance to win it all. You look at how deep their roster is, Doc [Rivers] is a great coach, and they‟re experienced. They‟ve got playoff experience. They‟ve got NBA All-Stars. They‟ve got NBA All-Stars coming off the bench.”

(Kyrie Irving’s injury): “It‟s a bicep injury. [Kyrie Irving] is going to get reevaluated when he goes back to Cleveland.”

Jarrett Jack

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(Overall thoughts on the game): “As long as there is time on the clock, we always feel like we have an opportunity to be successful. We just can‟t come out and start games like that. We just had a lull period for almost a quarter and a half where we didn‟t go out there and compete. When we did, the game started to kind of turn in our favor. But fighting an uphill battle against a team like that is a very tough task.”

(Playing without Kyrie Irving): “That‟s the nature of the business, to go out there and try to contribute. [Kyrie Irving] is our key guy. Leading the team, fueling the break, so a number of us have to step up in his absence.”

Spencer Hawes

(Overall thoughts on the fourth quarter): “We got stops and got out in transition, made life easy on ourselves. They made some adjustments, and when you give yourself that big a deficit, you waste too much energy just trying to get back in the game.”

(Fourth quarter ejection): “I have given up enough money tonight, so I won‟t say anything more beyond that.”

Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers

(Winning streak): “11 in a row—I guess, I don‟t even know how that feels. But it‟s good, obviously. You‟d rather do it than lose. It was a good win, I thought when all the Darren [Collison] getting pulled right before, you know Willie [Green] in a crunch, I thought it was good concentration. I thought we came out great too.”

(Consistency): “I still think we play in spurts at times. I was really happy with our pick-and-roll defense today. Usually in our league, if your pick-and-roll defense is good, then you have a very good chance of at least being good defensively, and I thought tonight it was great.”

(Team resiliency): “They don‟t use an excuse. Think about it. We [have] 3 of our top 4 guards out today, and I mean no one talked about it (I didn‟t hear any of our guys talk about it). That‟s good though—they still feel like every night we have a chance to win the game, and that‟s all you need, every night.”

(Chris [Paul]’s performance in 4th quarter): “I‟ve been on him pretty hard about it. I‟m sure he‟s getting sick of it. He‟s [Chris Paul] such a great shooter, I think there are times where he‟s so focused on running the team, he comes off wide open and he‟s still looking to run the team, and then he‟ll shoot, and those are hard shots. It‟s hard to make a shot when you‟re thinking about passing while you‟re shooting. At the point guard spot when you decide to shoot, it‟s your shot, and I thought he did a great job of that in the 4th quarter. He was calling plays; he even called a pin down where he came off on the weak side to get a jump shot. That was great.”


(Team assists): “We moved the ball. We had a lot of unselfish plays. I think one thing that really changed for us was when I was out, Doc [Rivers] talked to me about kicking the ball ahead, and it‟s been fun kicking the ball ahead to Blake [Griffin], and letting Blake push it and makes plays. It‟s not always about the assist. Doc says something about the hockey assist. The pass that leads to the next pass; that is where our team is at its best.”

(Offensive aggressiveness): “I finally saw the ball go through the net. I said the last game, I keep trying to go to the next play, and my teammates are on me, DJ [DeAndre Jordan] and Blake [Griffin] were in my ear saying „keep shooting it, keep shooting,‟ and luckily I finally made a few shots.”

(Reggie Bullock’s performance): “Reggie [Bullock] was huge for us. Not knowing that DC [Darren Collison] wasn‟t going to play until right before the game, that‟s what‟s special about our team. We have so many pros. Willie [Green] is the ultimate pro, and Reggie [Bullock] gets to see Willie day in and day out. As you can see it rubs off on him because he‟s another guy who doesn‟t know how many minutes he‟s going to play, but comes right in and does what he has to do.”


(Personal goals before this season): “Honestly, to improve across the board. I concentrated on my shot and really put a lot of work in there. But every year, I try to not just make improvements about one area, but really do it across the board. One thing is leadership, every year taking another step, because with every year you obviously have more experience. With younger guys coming in, you kind of take on that role and that‟s something I look to be every year.”

(Whether he considers himself this season’s Most Valuable Player): “No, I think the MVP race is a two-man race. This stretch of games that we‟ve played and we‟ve been successful has been a huge team effort. Jamal Crawford was playing out of his mind until he got hurt. Guys have stepped up and really done their part, so on our team I don‟t think it‟s one guy that‟s making us go. I continually believe it has been a total team effort.”

(Defensive consistency): “That‟s our biggest thing right now, is defensive consistency. At times we‟ve been good, but when we‟re bad, we‟ve given up a lot of easy buckets and things like that. So being good defensively is very high on our priority list.”

(Improving defensive consistency): “I think we‟re better, but I think we can still become even better. Our rotations can be better, sometimes we‟re still not there. Tonight we did a good job, but we can definitely take it to another level, and I anticipate us doing that.”