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Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bulls

December 21, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

On the game tonight:
“Give Chicago credit. They kicked our behind. I thought defensively we didn’t do much correctly in the first half. Our game plan discipline was just not there. Chicago got easy basket after easy basket or went to the free throw line. You have to play with grittiness on the road, share the ball on the road, and play your game plan on the road. We just didn’t do anything defensively that we should have. We switched when we shouldn’t, we switched to the wrong man, or we didn’t switch when we shouldn’t have. Seldom when on the roadwill you go into someone’s building not playing defense and just trying to outscore them.”

On their halftime discussion:
“We showed 5 defensive clips at halftime. I would be surprised if anyone would think there was anything good about them. We don’t drill that way. We don’t practice that way, so why we were doing it, it don’t know. It was just no discipline. I’m just disappointed that we can’t lock in and do what is important consistently. We are a young team trying to find its way, but hopefully this isn’t going to happen again soon.”

Kyrie Irving

On their play tonight:
“I felt we lost it in the 2ndquarter. They outscored us something like 17 to 27. I thought we played even with them the rest of the game we just couldn’t get over the hump. They just out played us and out hustled us. We didn’t play well at both ends of the floor.”

On their poor road play:
“It’s part of our growth as a young team. We have not had success there yet, we just have to learn how to win there.”

Chicago Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

Are you pleased except for the turnovers?
“Now you’re thinking like a coach. It was a pretty good effort by us. I loved us offensively. I thought we took high percentage shots. We got to the free throw line and I thought the defense overall was very good. Our turnovers led to their fast break points so that’s something we have to clean up.”

On DJ Augustin’s play:
He’s been great, just the way he plays. He plays with a lot of poise. There’s a good pace to him. He knows how to read things really well. He read’s when guys are coming off screens and being defended. He has the ability to pass on time and on target. He has guys in rhythm. Also I loved the way Tony played tonight. He did not force anything. He shot when he was open, passed when he was guarded. He competed defensively. This was probably his best game as a pro.”

How did you get the offense back?
“The hard thing was we had seven games in ten days and the changes in our line-up. We were trying to get D J up to speed. We did not have good rhythm, but everyday you could see it getting better. It’s hard to do when you’re not practicing. Sometimes those are your circumstances and that is what you have to deal with. You have to find a way to get it done. I did not think there was any quit in these guys.”

On the success against Kyrie Irving:
“He is a great player. He missed some shots he normally makes. He is playing unbelievable right now. The only thing you try to do against players like that is make them work for their points. I had a chance to be around Kyrie with Team USA. He is prenominal. Anytime he has the ball in his hands he puts so much pressure on you.”

On D J Augustin struggling elsewhere and playing well here:.
“You can’t look back and you can’t look forward. You have to just deal with where you are at. I think you have to look at his career as a whole. He played well his first two years and last year I thought he did some good things in the playoffs. That is not unusual for a young player. It’s not unusual to come into the league with a really good understanding of when to shoot and when to pass. When you take the right shots you will be in rhythm and shoot a good percentage. Tonight I thought D J had a good game because he got back to doing what he does well. In a point guard, you are looking for someone who can unite and inspire your team.”

Taj Gibson

On the backcourt:
“They did a good job. D J has been playing phenomenal. He’s playing real unselfish. He had 10 assists. Tony, his confidence is growing. He works on his game every day. He’s always in the gym. Having D J is a big pick-up for us.”

On what D J brings:
“An extra boost from the point guard spot. He’s real unselfish, he’s looking to be dishing, and getting guys real good looks at the rim and getting guys confidence. He spreads the court wide open and it’s good for us. Lately, the paint has been cluttered with double teams. But he is stepping in right off the double team, knowing down big shot after big shot. He’s been a scorer for a long time, but his assist game is unbelievable. We’re really thankful we were able to pick him up. But it’s only the beginning. He’s got a lot of things to work on, but tonight we were able to get a win.”

Does this team need a day off?
“We’ve been playing a lot, but everyone in the league has been playing a lot. Thibs has been giving us some days off. He understands we are shorthanded. But we still have to do our jobs, go to work every day and improve. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you in this league. You have to keep driving, keep pushing. Tonight we just kept playing. Lately our offense has been great, but we need to keep working on our defense. We’ve been playing real unselfish basketball even though we have been getting losses. Tonight is a testament to us, just keep pushing.”