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Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bucks

November 6, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown


“You got to give the Bucks credit. They were shorthanded and they came out and did what they had to do to get a home win. Maybe I spoke too soon about our team defensively but the performance that they gave today is unacceptable.”

“O.J. Mayo and Gary Neal are combined 10- for- 12 from the 3-point line and we keep telling our guys to get up in them. Make them drive, make them drive. No air space, no air space. Make them drive, make them drive. But we continue to close short and allow them to shoot threes. It is unacceptable.”

“Mentally, I don’t know where we were mentally. Physically, I don’t know where we were physically. Milwaukee just came out to start the game, similar to Charlotte. They came out and just did what they wanted to do. We are going to have trouble winning like that on the road. If we need to get in front of a home crowd just to play with a sense of urgency we are going to be in trouble. Teams are too good in this business. We have to figure out what it takes to win on the road and right now as a group we don’t know how to do that. That is disappointing.”

Kyrie Irving


(On early on in the game…)
“They just got hot. We didn’t feel it in the first quarter. They were moving too comfortably. We didn’t get the stops that we needed until late in the game. That can’t happen… But we were trading baskets for a while. They got the lead up to 15 for most of the fourth quarter. Guys like O.J. Mayo and Gary Neal were just hot.”

(On comeback in the fourth quarter…)
“Crucial turnover by me at the end and it kind of stopped that. A missed shot by me as well. It starts on the defensive end early in the game. We just got to get stops early so we’re not in that predicament going into the fourth quarter.”

(On the isolation play at the end of the game…)
“Score the ball. It is as simple as that. Ice the game especially with 13 seconds left. As a point guard and as a playmaker, I got to bring it to the middle of the floor. O.J. Mayo crowded me into a tough shot in the corner. On to the next one, the next game. Got to learn from this one.”

Bucks Head Coach Larry Drew

(On tonight’s victory with a shorthanded roster…)
“We were shorthanded with no Larry Sanders, no Ersan [Ilyasova], Luke Ridnour, and Brandon Knight. For these guys to come out and play like they did, I am very proud to coach this group. We’ve had to overcome a lot of adversity since the beginning of training camp, dealing with injuries and guys being out. We beat a very good basketball team tonight in Cleveland.

(On Nate Wolters returning late in the fourth quarter)
“I made the decision to go with the veterans in the fourth quarter. There was a moment where I thought it wasn’t the right time to have that veteran group in there to be solid and to put it away. I put Nate [Wolters] back in to get us organized. Nate plays with a lot of composure for a rookie and doesn’t get rattled easily.”

(On tonight’s offensive effort)
“We had some really good moments offensively. I thought we really moved the ball well. Again, I told the guys our target number is 25 assists and we hit it. When we move the basketball, we become less predictable. Where we do get in trouble, [we] take one and bounce too many or play a little one-on-one. We just aren’t built for that. When we move our bodies, that’s when we are most effective.”

Gary Neal

(On the close finish…)
“It’s the NBA. You don’t expect any game to be easy. You give credit to Cleveland for not quitting. They came out and competed for 48 minutes. They were able to make it close, but we were able to make free throws down the stretch to win the game.”

(On the reserves stepping up in place of injured players…)
“To have a successful season you need everybody on the team because over the course of the 82-game season you’re going to have injuries. For Nate [Wolters], Zaza [Pachulia] and John [Henson] to step up and play the way they’ve been playing, it’s been huge. I give those guys a lot of credit.”

(On a productive personal shooting night…)
“It feels good. As an offensive player and as a guy with a scoring mentality, you just want to stay aggressive. The season’s long, so there will be some days where the shots are falling and some days where they’re not, but you’ve still got to maintain your aggressiveness and your confidence, and do what you do.”

Zaza Pachulia

(On the close finish…)
“Very close. We had a good lead but then again, this is the NBA. We just needed to relax on the floor both offensively and defensively, and [we] made some tough 3s. We’ve got to do a better job defensively. We gave them some easy looks, and offensively we made some turnovers and missed some shots and they came back. Caron [Butler] with the tip-in and O.J. [Mayo] with some free throws, and we won.”

(On his team-high seven assists…)
“Honestly, that’s my game. I’m from Europe so I like to pass the ball. Also the plays we have it’s designed for the big guy to pass the ball. It’s all about the team and it’s a team sport. It’s all about the team and the guys. I’m not trying to get my stats to 30 or 40 points, it’s not my game. I know my role and I’m just doing my job.”

(On his approach on starting…)
“If you look at my career, obviously in a lot of games I’ve been a starter and a lot of games I’ve come off the bench, so the good thing is I have experience on both ends. And honestly, I don’t mind if I start or come off the bench. I know my role, like I mentioned before, so I’m going to do my job out there, but it’s good to have the experience.”