Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bucks

October 8, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

(On tonight’s game): “I liked our guys effort. The effort was there throughout the game. I thought we tried to communicate with one another on both ends of the floor. One of the biggest things, obviously, is this is our first preseason game and we haven’t done much offense as the guys have probably been talking and it resulted in 26 turnovers. We felt most of them were unforced and (Milwaukee scored) 31 points off of those turnovers, but I gotta tip my hat to the guys because I thought defensively they tried to protect the paint. They tried to play with five guys on a string and they gave multiple efforts to contest and rebound a lot of times. Those are the biggest three staples that we had defensively and it resulted in them (Milwaukee) shooting 37.7 percent from the field. I feel good about that. Offensively, again, we had some good moments where that ball was humming and bodies were moving. I felt that guys tried to make their teammates better throughout most of the game. Even some of our turnovers, the intent was good but we just didn’t complete the play. A lot of that has to do with us not working on offense a ton in practice. But for a first game, you have to enjoy watching the guys play that way out on the floor.”

(On the importance of every play): “They have to understand how important each possession is. We talk about the commitment to the process. This process is not a weekly process or a monthly process. It’s play-by-play-by-play type of process. Now the game’s over. The next step is to get rest tonight, take care of your body and let’s come back and practice tomorrow at noon. Every little thing counts and I want them to feel, know and understand that it’s important to us as a staff. Therefore, since we’re all in this together, it should be important to them as a group or as individuals.”

(On Kyrie Irving contesting three different shots on one possession): “I showed that clip at halftime. He was out of position a little bit but I can’t get on a guy if he’s going to give that type of effort. If he gives that type of effort, everyone else needs to fall in line. If he doesn’t then it’s harder for me to preach my message to everyone else. Kyrie’s been terrific. He’s been terrific in that area of trying to lead the team. He’s a young guy but he’s put on his speed cap when it comes to trying to lead. When you have a guy like Jarrett Jack, even Bynum and Andy around to help him, he’s done a fantastic job. The best way to do it is getting out on the court and doing little things like that. That was a heck of a play. He was just running all over the place and trying to help his teammates out.”

(On Anthony Bennett): “I don’t expect anything from him but to give me effort every play. That’s it. Whatever he does on top of that is great. It’s real simple for him. He’s a talented, talented, talented kid with great athleticism. His skill set is off the charts. He just has to make sure he takes care of his body, get some rest, eat the right way, stay in the gym and play with a big effort when he’s out on the floor. If he does those things, I’ll be happy.”

Kyrie Irving

(On his first impressions of the team): “I think we did a great job; we held them to 35 percent shooting. For our first preseason game, you can expect a high amount of turnovers, but we just have to go over film tomorrow and see what we can improve on and see where we can go from here. I was really impressed with the effort on both ends of the floor and the way we shared the ball.”

(On if he felt the starters played together): “Absolutely. Now being out there with a couple of guys on our team, C.J. (Miles), (Anderson Varejao), Tristan (Thompson), Dion (Waiters), we’ve all played with each other before. It was a little different, there’s a different vibe out there and we trust each other.”

(On his defensive efforts): “I was just chasing the ball. We always preach multiple efforts; that’s one of our staples. That’s what’s going to make us a good team and will turn us into a great team during the season; having those multiple efforts from everyone. That’s the most important thing going forward.”

tristan thompson

(On the team’s defensive effort tonight): “I think we did pretty well. I think we showed flashes of getting defensive stops and we had a couple of mental lapses, but that’s a part of the whole process of learning a new defensive scheme and learning what Coach Brown wants. I think we took steps forward tonight and we just have to keep doing that.”

(On the difference in the team defensively thus far): “Coach Brown is known in the NBA for his defense, so he’s a teacher on that and guys are accepting what he wants and we’re willing to learn.”


(On Ersan Ilyasova’s injury): “We’ve just found out he’s got a sprained right ankle…I’m sure he’s gonna be day to day, We don’t know (how long he’ll be out). We’ll see how he is tomorrow. I didn’t see what happened. Looking at him, it was pretty severe, hopefully he is okay. Right now we are really down in numbers, so we had to place guys out of position because of Ersan.”

(On Giannis Antetokounmpo): “I thought he did an okay job, there is a lot he still has to learn – willing to live with some of his mistakes, have to correct his mistakes and try to keep making it better. For his first game I thought he did pretty good. It’s to be expected for an 18 year old kid in his first NBA game; always maintained composure throughout the plays; called for a couple traveling calls and stepping out of bound.”

(On the preseason): “This preseason we’re trying to better ourselves, to play the younger guys. We have to see what we have against other teams. This game was a good measuring stick. We have 11 new faces, can’t expect it to be smooth, there will be bumps in the road. Cleveland is a veteran team; they got some veterans who have been together. We still have a ways to go.”

(On struggling offense): “Right off the bat, clearly Cleveland set the tone for the game. Physically, they kind of manhandled us particularly on our offense; bumping cutters, whatever they can get and we didn’t respond very well to it. This was a good game to play against a team like Cleveland. We’ll take a look at film and pull some things and learn and get ready for the next.”

(On Cavs physical play taking out their offense): “It really did. We didn’t respond well to it. Again, this was a good team to play after a week of practice. A little bit of a reality check for us…we might have been feeling a little good about ourselves, but clearly we can say we still have a ways to go.”


(On ankle injury): “There’s nothing really on the ball, but it’s coming around it and i have twisted my ankle before but never that bad…it hurts when I step on it. (Preliminary X-ray) Yeah, it’s nothing really that important like in the bone (no fracture) no fracture, but to make sure I’m going to get another one tomorrow.”


(On Giannis Antetokounmpo): “Kid is great…he’s gonna be really good. Scored the ball well, rebounded the ball well, ran the floor well…Things are only gonna go up. He just goes and plays basketball, that’s what I love about him. He’s hard on himself so I know he’ll want to play better, but that’s a good sign, not satisfied.”

(On physical offense from the Cavs): “It was a lot of us not knowing exactly where to go yet; we’re a new group; great measure stick for us. We gotta have games like this and I’m glad this is our first so we can see success we make.”


•The Cavaliers opened the 2013 Preseason with a 99-87 victory over the Bucks. Cleveland led by as many as 22 points.

•The Cavs held Milwaukee to 29-77 (.377) shooting from the field and 4-18 (.222) from three-point range.

•Cleveland held a 50-38 rebounding edge over Milwaukee. Anderson Varejao and Andrew Bennett each grabbed a game-high 10 rebounds.

•The Cavaliers had 49 points off the bench led by Kenny Kadji who tallied 15 points on 6-11 (.545) shooting from the field and five rebounds in 12 minutes.

•C.J. Miles contributed to the bench production with 12 points on 4-7 (.571) shooting, including 2-4 (.500) from three-point range, three rebounds and two steals in 19 minutes.

•Tristan Thompson recorded a near double-double with a game-high 17 points on 7-10 (.700) shooting from the field, eight rebounds and three assists in 25 minutes.

•Kyrie Irving finished with 14 points on 5-10 (.500) shooting, three assists, two steals and two blocks in 23 minutes.