Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bobcats

October 24, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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On his small forwards:
“One thing that I haven’t gotten from my small forwards is rebounds. Our numbers just weren’t quite there, and I don’t know why but we need some rebounding production from that position.”

On his message to his team:
“I told my team that I thought we were inconsistent throughout the preseason. At times we strung some pretty good quarters together defensively. There are other times when we just go through the motions. We want to shrink the floor and make sure our opponents feel us. I have to give Charlotte credit. Steve Clifford has done an incredible job with this team and I’m excited for him. We didn’t bring any type of physicality to the game tonight.”

On his team’s youth:
“Part of it is youth, but we’ve been working long enough and hard enough to know what we’re supposed to be doing. We’re not quite doing what we’re supposed to all of the time, I don’t blame it on youth I just blame it on being attentive and alert. It’s hard to play like that every single play in this business. It’s something that we have to be better at.”

Dion Waiters

About his pre-season and his relationship with Mike Brown:
“He told me coming in that I was starting and we did a great job. For coach to come to me and tell me I was starting, that should tell you something about him.”

Earl Clark

On his preseason as a whole:
It kind of happens like that sometimes. You’re with a new team, new coach, new system. I was just trying to get the feel for the game and find my role. I want to continue to get better and help my team win.”

On Coach Brown wanting more rebounds from small forwards:
“I’m trying man. Tristan (Thompson) and Andy (Varejao) make it tough. Tristan got 10 rebounds in five minutes last game. I think as the season goes on I’ll be able to crash the boards a little bit more. Right now I’m in a different role than I’m used to, but I’ll find a way.”

On his new position at Small Forward:
“I’ve never played it before, but I’m capable of playing it. I have to get used to getting back and not crashing every time. Right now I’m playing against guards and I like doing it.”