Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Blazers

January 16, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

On winning after giving up a 19-point lead:
“The last thing we had written on the board was composure, and I thought we had that in the latter part of the game. We kept our composure, tried to run our plays and tried to get the type of shot we wanted. We knew at the end we had to defend, and we were able to do that the last couple minutes of the game.”

On Kyrie Irving’s aggressiveness:
“I like him aggressive, period. I didn’t think in the third quarter he was aggressive. I like him aggressive the whole game. I think he’s trying to figure out how to be an aggressive player for us, and still get his guys involved. For the most part I think he’s doing a pretty good job. When he’s aggressive, he’s pushing the ball and he’s in attack mode, I think our guys feed off of that as well. When he’s not aggressive, I think we feed off of that, and I thought that was very evident in the third quarter. I didn’t think we came out the way we wanted to come out, and it cost us. You knew they were going to make a run—they’re just too talented not to.”

On if he was afraid the game was slipping away in the third quarter:
“We knew they were going to make a run, it was just a matter of how we handled it. I’ve seen this movie before, too, so I was wondering how we were going to do this time compared to a few of the other times. I was hoping we didn’t have another re-run, and luckily, tonight, we were able to hold off.”

On Tristan Thompson’s game:
“His confidence level is high, and he’s just been aggressive every game the last 15 games or so. His hard work is really paying off. We knew, from an offensive standpoint, if we could get in the paint we had a good opportunity to score. We were able to get there pretty frequently the first half. I thought in the second half we didn’t do it as much, but for the most part we were able to attack their interior defense and get some good things for us.”


On winning after giving up a 19-point lead:
“We obviously knew that they were going to get back into the game eventually. It was bound to happen—it’s just the law of averages. We did a good job of keeping our composure and closing it out.”

On balancing between being aggressive and facilitating the offense:
“I’m just taking what the defense gives me. It’s more of a feel from game to game, and tonight my shots were going in the first quarter.”

On his play in the third quarter:
“In the third quarter I was just trying to make plays. Somehow that third quarter is just our Achilles heel right now. We just become so soft physically. Teams beat us up and then we have to fight back again. It’s just a process that we have to continue to learn from.”


On emotional toll of losing several close games in a row:
“Probably more so afterwords. When you get in the heat of a contest, in the fourth quarter, I think all that’s out the window. I think the effects afterwards is when you feel it. I don’t think anybody’s thinking about that in the fourth quarter. We’re competing and we’re trying to win a game.”

On Cleveland defending Lillard:
“They put a big body on him. They didn’t put Irving on him, which to be honest, that’s a compliment to Damian and how important he is to our team. They put a bigger body on him and picked him up early. Like a lot of teams who try and do that, it’s difficult to do that an entire game. They did it in the first half and they wore out, I don’t think they did it as much in the second half. They still had Gee on him. They made him a priority. But I thought Damian, especially the second half, the way he came out in the second half, he was very patient. He made three great passes to LA. LA made two shots and swung the ball to Wes for a third one. Those three shots, which got us right back in the game, were a direct result of Damian being patient and making a pass out of the double team. Cleveland, like I said, teams are making Damian a priority just like LA is a priority when teams try and double him. He’s patient enough to know his opportunity with the ball is going to come back. He’s just got to make plays and we’ll make them pay on the weak side.”

On late offensive possessions:
“The quick two to LA, I was very happy with that. There was plenty of time on the clock. The second time, we had a pick and roll. You want to create something. He made a decision, and JJ – if it’s an and-one, it’s a great decision. As it turned out, it wasn’t, he missed the free throws. It seems like every game you want me to comment on their decision making and they’re out there and they’re making plays. Damian came off the ball screen, they doubled him, he passed it to JJ, JJ went up strong, got fouled and that’s it. There was still a lot of time when JJ took the free throws and we still had a timeout. If he makes both free throws, then we go for a three the next time.”


On difference tonight:
“Turnovers. Turnovers gave them too many second chance points. They played harder than us. It’s hard to beat any team jumping out to a 17 point deficit, but we fought back. We just didn’t finish it."

Was fatigue a factor?
“Naw, there’s no excuses. They played better than us for a half and we couldn’t get out of the hole.”

On going 4-4 in last 8 games, all close games:
“Most of our games have been four-point games the last eight and they can go any way. We’ll take being four and four, we’re not happy with it. We feel like we could have won every single one of those and probably should have. It’s how the ball bounces sometimes. We’ve just got to learn from it. This is the way we were kind of losing earlier in the season and we turned that around, so we’ll turn it back around."

On giving Cleveland credit:
“They played hard. They just outplayed us. They played hard, they looked like a fresher team. They came in our building with a game plan and once we slowed down and took our time and started making some shots, we took the lead.”