Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. 76ers

November 18, 2012

Cleveland Head Coach Byron Scott

It seemed like you guys were in there throughout the whole game. Did you sense your guys were making that push and that a couple of plays here and there might have been yours tonight? “Yeah, we had some good looks on the offensive end, but we got a little stagnant towards the end. I think a little bit of that had to do with fatigue. Other than that, from a defensive standpoint which is the thing we’re really looking at, I thought we got better.”

Can you talk about Alonzo [Gee] tonight? He took a huge fall in the 2nd quarter, but he bounced right up, but he was pretty big for you tonight. “Yeah, he played well, I thought Tristan [Thompson] and Anderson Varejao played well as well. We really didn’t get anything out of our starting guards tonight, which is something that we need. We need those guys to play well every night, but it’s not always going to happen. They’re going to have nights when they don’t play well. Overall, again I thought we played pretty hard, which is something we wanted to do. We obviously really missed Booby [Daniel Gibson] tonight. Not having him really hurt our bench.”

Dion Waiters

What’s it like coming home? “It was good just to come home and play in front of my family and friends. It didn’t turn out the way I would’ve liked it to, especially not getting a win, and especially the way I played. It was okay.”

Did you think you were pressing a little bit or trying too hard? “No, I’m not pressing. Those are the shots I normally take. They just weren’t falling, but I have to continue to keep shooting. I can’t just stop shooting, because I’m not making shots. You’re going to make some and you’re going to miss, but at the end of the day you have to try to impact the game in other ways.”

Did you press any harder because you were at home? “No, those are the shots I normally take. If you go back and look at the other games and see the same shot selection I’ve been taking and the same shots I’ve been putting up, they’re the same shots.”

Philadelphia Head Coach Doug Collins

Opening Remarks: “Every game is a grind. We just struggle to shoot that ball. We’re just not in a great rhythm offensively. Guys just have not played enough with one another and we’re not sure about plays, and as a result, that first half I didn’t think we got good shots. The second half I told them, I said, “Let’s get to the second side of the floor, let’s do a better job.”

We started slipping some screens because they were trapping Jrue [Holiday], and I thought it helped him to free up his shot. He made some great passes at the end of the game. He hit Evan [Turner] for one, he hit Spencer [Hawes] for two, and he hit Thad [Thaddeus Young] to finish the game. I thought his defense was tremendous tonight. Nine assists for Jrue, two turnovers. Evan was fantastic. He handled the ball for us tonight, nine assists, made some critical shots for us when we needed it, rebounded the ball, did a terrific job. I thought J-Rich [Jason Richardson] did well. He got tired. We’re asking him to play that many minutes tonight, I thought he got a little tired but he had nine rebounds, hit some great shots for us. Spencer finally calmed down. Finally calmed down. I spoke to him at halftime, I said, “Spencer you’re playing in a frenzy and you can’t play that way. You’ve got to slow down,” and he did. Made some huge shots for us. Nick [Young] was terrific off the bench. He got light headed and dizzy, and so I had to sort of smoke and mirrors it a little bit there for a while to try and get some guys some minutes so we could finish the game.

I was very proud of our guys. They fought through. They got a win. Day off tomorrow, much needed. Two games before Thanksgiving, so I said, “Guys, we’re 6-4. We’re 6-4, averaging 89 points a game and having four guys shooting under 40 percent.” We’re 6-4. We’re 5-2 in our last seven games so I want us to accentuate what we’re doing to hang tough and win games. We so easily lose these games and our guys have not done it, and I am incredibly proud of them as we’re trying to find a way to get some kind of rhythm.”

Evan Turner

On tonight’s game… “I think we just competed. Moving the ball when we could and attacking when we could, that was key.”

Doug had said that he wants wins to be a happy time, a joy or whatever, and sometimes he thinks that you put too much pressure on yourself. Do you think that’s a fair assessment? “A little bit. I want to play well, obviously, and you’re never happy when you’re messing up and stuff, but it’s normal. If I can handle it, I handle it. I don’t really too much worry about that stuff anymore, and I just want to play well and just find consistency.”