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Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Knicks

March 23, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown


On tonight’s game:
“Obviously a tale of two halves. The first half I didn’t think we came to play. I thought we were going through the motions of basketball. Defensively they got what they wanted. Offensively we didn’t move the ball. The ball wasn’t moving…it was sticking. We had too many guys trying to make individual plays. At halftime, we talked about it. I give our guys credit. They came out in the second half and I thought the first unit set the tone. We played the right way defensively. We played the right way offensively and it got us back in the ball game. We got a heck of a half.”

More on tonight’s game:
“I thought Della (Matthew Dellavedova) was big for us especially in the second half. His on ball defense was phenomenal. Della came in and did a nice job on the basketball. Luol (Deng) did a nice job making him work. I thought Andy (Anderson Varejao) was huge for us. We played pick-and-roll with (Jarrett) Jack. He is a great screener and roller and a guy who knows how to make plays. Alonzo’s (Gee) minutes were big for us. Dion’s (Waiters) minutes were big for us. Jarrett Jack was really big for us obviously…not only the 31 points but the 10 assists. He took the shots at the right time and made the right pass at the right time.”

Jarrett Jack


On tonight’s game:
“Coach (Mike Brown) gave us a pretty good talking to at halftime. He challenged us. He lit a fire underneath us. The guys responded and came out and played well. I thought that Dion (Waiters) was able to get us going early and Luol (Deng) made some shots. Tristan (Thompson) was a force for us in moments of the game and I just tried to follow suit. Those guys did a tremendous job of getting me open and I just tried to come through and knock down shots for them.”

On the team:
“We have guys who can do a number of things, especially when you put the defense in rotation. There are a lot of guys who can create for themselves or create shots for other people. The guys are doing a good job of making the proper play based on the situation.”

Dion Waiters


On Coach Brown:
“Coach (Mike Brown) challenged us and he definitely challenged me. I didn’t take it as a punishment I just wanted to go out there and be aggressive and be a leader on the defensive end - once you do that, the offense will come.”

On Luol Deng:
“It means a lot, he made Melo (Carmelo Anthony) work. He came out aggressive and we made shots in the second half and they missed shots.”

Knicks Head Coach Mike Woodson

On tonight’s game:
“I thought we started out well. We came in after the halftime, I thought we were playing good basketball, and then we went dry in the third. I thought we started the third quarter slow and then we decided to play. Once (Jarrett) Jack and (Dion) Waiters got going it was tough to make stops. Jack made some tough shots…I thought that was the difference in the game tonight.”

On the slow start to the third quarter:
“That why I called the timeout. We didn’t look right. It came back to bite us. This was like a getaway game for us and we didn’t close it out. We have to go on the road and try to get all five games if we can.”

More on tonight’s game:

“We didn’t handle our business and I have to take responsibility for that.”


On tonight’s game:
“I think they ran a pick-and-roll a couple of times and saw that it was working so they stuck with it. It was up to us to adjust to it. They picked us apart. They made adjustments.”

On the third quarter:
“I thought we came out a little flat. Those guys never quit. We had a chance to put them away but we didn’t and it was a turnaround for them.”

On Cleveland’s defense on him:
“They double teamed a lot. They didn’t let me post. Nothing towards the basket and I missed shots.”


On the second half:
“Shots weren’t really falling and those guys got hot. Jarrett Jack got hot coming off that screen-and-roll. Dion Waiters hit shots here and there. When they hit shots like that, it is hard to guard them.”

On Jarrett Jack:
“Jarrett Jack did a good job of hitting a lot of contested shots. Contested shots by me and contested shots by Tyson (Chandler). He did a good job.”

On tonight’s game:
“It is a tough loss. It is one that we definitely wanted. We have to put it behind us. We are still there. We have to go on this road trip and try to get as many as we can.”

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