Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Hornets

March 31, 2013

Head Coach Byron Scott

On the third quarter:
“We came out soft. I did not think we came out with the same intensity that we should have come out with. We could not control the basket and our bigs did not do a good job of being able to show (on screens). We could not get those guys (Hornets) going the opposite route and we just went right downhill. We did not do a good job of pick-and-rolls and that’s what happened.”

On Greivis Vazquez being able to control the ball:
“I give him a lot of credit. I think he did a great job and we just did a terrible job. We did not do a good job on the ball and our bigs did not do a good job of showing.”

On expecting a better effort from his team:
“I was hoping so. In the first half, I thought they did a pretty good jump (on offense). I thought their effort was much better in the first half than the second half. I do not know if they were just tired or whatever the case may be; they came out with a different mindset (in the second half). We were not on our heels. We did not come out with the same intensity and though we did try to pick it up at times and when you’re down 20 points, you cannot think to pick it up and try to come back. It just does not happen that often in this league.”

Tyler Zeller

On adjusting to playing with Kyrie Irving after his return:
“Not really. Obviously, he’s a great player and somebody that we have to make sure we don’t rely on too much. But, he can make a lot of stuff happen. So, I’d say a little bit, but not anything we can’t quickly adjust to.”

On defending the pick and roll:
“I don’t know. We hopefully can make a few adjustments and hopefully be able to figure it out. We have struggled with it and we need to figure it out. I don’t know how many games are left, but it’s not many. Hopefully we can figure it out before the end of the year.”

Kyrie Irving

On his health:
“I feel good. My body is holding up right now. I credit the conditioning. Our staff does a great job of keeping us in shape.”

On the fourth quarter:
“I still didn’t feel like I was doing enough. I hit a few shots, but I just wanted to win. We got down and we just couldn’t pull it off tonight.”

On the loss:
We came out after half time and that’s been our Achilles heel. Credit them at our expense and that’s the game, right there.”

On the play of Greivis Vazquez:
“Total credit to him. We just couldn’t stop him in the pick and roll, and his dribble penetration allowed him to throw it up to his bigs, so total credit goes to him.”

Hornets Head Coach Monty Williams

On concluding a strong homestand:
“I saw the change in our play against Boston. We started to get some confidence from that first win because we view Boston and their system as one of those systems that is tough to win against. And to beat them twice says a lot about where we’re going. Then to beat Memphis was a big deal for us, so the confidence kind of grew and then everybody started talking about it a little bit. You try to take it one game at a time, and that’s been our approach.”

On on the second-half turnaround:
“Tonight we had a better second half than first. Even though we had a one-point game at halftime, we hadn’t played any kind of basketball that resembled what we had done in practice. We had 12 turnovers at halftime, and that was a big deal to us.”

On what led to the dominant second half:
“The only thing that was different about us was our effort. Certainly we turned the ball over many times in the first half, but the effort wasn’t there. Kyrie Irving is a great player, but you have to make it tougher on him. I thought his catches were easy, and he was just eyeballing the basket from the three-point line and casting shots up and we gave very little resistance. We just played much harder in the second half, especially in that third quarter. Greivis (Vasquez) had a big third quarter for us, and we had some guys knock down some shots. Ryan (Anderson) played solid the whole game and Anthony’s (Davis) ability to run and dive has such an effect on the game. I wish they kept a stat on how many times a guy ran from rim to rim and got somebody else a basket.”

Anthony Davis

On the homestand:
“We wanted to end this homestand with a win. We’ve had a good homestand but we wanted a great one. We came out and were aggressive, and we played great defensively trying to keep Kyrie (Irving) out of the paint.”

On the difference in the game:
“We came out here and executed. We didn’t try to do anything coach didn’t want us to do. We played hard in the second half. When we play hard, defend and take care of the ball it is hard to beat us.”

Robin Lopez

On finishing the current homestand with a win:
“We were talking before the game about how we a chance to make this a really good homestand. We started out slow in the first quarter, but we really came out with a fire in the second quarter. I think we were able to maintain that throughout after the second quarter.”

On maintaining the intensity needed to win tonight:
“We just made a strong effort. I thought it was as simple as that. wE just committed it to ourselves that we needed to come out with some fire and we need to maintain that. Especially after what happened in the second half in Cleveland (105-100 Hornets loss at CLE, 2/20/13).”

On Greivis Vasquez’s play tonight:
“Obviously, Greivis was great tonight. He was fantastic, and we had a lot of other guys step up too. Ryan (Anderson) and Anthony (Davis), of course, made a lot of great plays tonight.”