Daily News - June 5, 2014

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NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Embiid tops new-look lottery
Author: Chris Mannix
Publication: Sports Illustrated

"It's workout season in the NBA, a time when prospective draft picks rack up frequent flier miles traversing the country hoping to make a good impression. These workouts are especially important to teams drafting high, as the potential picks don't have a big body of work. Of the players in the top 10 of SI.com's Mock Draft, six are freshman, two are sophomores and two never played college ball.

It's not easy making accurate assessments on players when studying one day of drills in an empty gym. But with most of the highly rated picks still teenagers, it's often one of the few strong pieces of evidence league executives have to go on.

Here is SI.com's Mock Draft 2.0, which features a new name at the top:" - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Cleveland Cavaliers are right on time with their coaching search
Author: Mary Schmitt Boyer
Publication: Plain Dealer

"CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Worried that the Cavaliers are taking too much time with their coaching search?

Actually, it only seems that way since last year's search was basically a one-man (Mike Brown) one-week operation. How'd that work out?

This year's search is much more the norm with the Cavs -- and the NBA." - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Attorney: Donald Sterling agrees to sell Clippers
Author: Associated Press
Publication: NBA.com

"LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling agreed Wednesday to sign off on selling the team he's owned for 33 years to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion, bringing the possibility of a resolution to weeks of rumors, uncertainty and looming possibilities for legal action.

The agreement hadn't been officially signed Wednesday afternoon, according to an individual with knowledge of the negotiations who wasn't authorized to discuss them publicly. But Donald Sterling's attorney, Maxwell Blecher, said he "has made an agreement with the NBA to resolve all their differences." Sterling gave his consent to a deal that was negotiated by his wife, Shelly Sterling, to sell the team, Blecher said." - CLICK HERE to read full story.

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