Larry and Carrie Hughes Fill ‘em Up for Lucky Customers at Cleveland Shell Station

Cleveland, Dec. 12th - On Tuesday afternoon, the Shell gas station on Carnegie Avenue in Cleveland was providing “full service” courtesy of Cavalier Larry Hughes and his wife Carrie.

As part of the Cavaliers’ Season of Giving, the husband and wife team donated their time to pump gas and dollars to fill the tanks of cars that pulled in to refuel. The Hughes family donated $20 in gas to the first 100 cars that pulled into the station.

“My family knows that this time of year can be very difficult on the wallet for many people. A free tank of gas is a nice present to be able to give,” said Hughes.

The reaction from Shell’s patrons was that of surprise and appreciation. No on expected free gas when the gauge was on low, let alone having the Cavs’starting guard and his wife there to provide service with a smile. ‘Tis the Cavaliers Season of Giving.