Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Pacers

April 9, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

(On disappointing fourth quarter): “We just gave a couple of shots to them. Transition defense, I think they average 11 for the season and they had 33 tonight. That’s the game, simple as that. (On their fast break not connecting) I have no idea. I think going into the fourth quarter they decided to put their head down and drive into everything. We didn’t do a good job of getting back and then we put them on the free throw line 46 times as well. 33 points in transition and 32 points on the free throw line, they got 99. Defensively, we did a real good job. We had the get up in a half-court offense but the transition was a joke. We didn’t get back, so that’s the bottom line. (Did the team let up with a 20 point lead?) It seems like it. You would think after three times we’d learn, after two times really. But obviously we didn’t.”

Kyrie Irving

(On fourth quarter collapse): “It came down to effort, we had a 20 point lead with nine minutes to go and then they started to make their run. We all have to take responsibility as a team, we all took our foot off of the gas. You can’t do that especially against a playoff team like these guys. You’ll lose a game like that. We were confident, feeling very good about ourselves in the third quarter and early fourth quarter then we just seemed to lose our confidence. 33 transition points, when you give up that many you’re not going to win anything, when a team scores one third of their points off of transition. We just did not stay aggressive. We played not to lose instead of playing to win.”

Tristan Thompson

(On the key to the collapse): “ I think it was their fast breaks. They tripled their average which was 11 points a game, that’s way too much especially for a team that does not run that much. I’d say it came down to effort, whether the shots we take are a make or a miss everybody has to do a better job of hustling back on defense. Those guys, George Hill, Paul George, Lance Stephenson were starting to pick up their effort. But it was their fast breaks. We were not getting any stops, we were not doing a good enough job of providing help on the strong side. But it comes back to the 33 points in transition that they had.”

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel

(On tonight's game): “That was a crazy one. I’m very, very proud of our coaching staff, Brian Shaw, Dan Burke and Jim Boylen for pulling out that win. I’m proud of our team for their resolve in coming back. We’ve been in situations up 20 with a lot of time left and coaches try to change the game. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work. We went with our bench and I overreacted to some calls. Sometimes you’ve got to change the game. The way it was going, it wasn’t going very well. You are struggling to find answers. We recognize we’re not playing well right now. Jeff Pendergraph has been a great energy player for us all year. So there was no doubt he would bring energy to the game.”

George Hill

(On the game): ““The first three quarters we were letting them do what they wanted to do. Like I’ve said all year, we have to push the issue and make them do what we want them to do. In the fourth quarter we started taking other things away and making them go where we wanted and started getting physical.”