Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Kings

January 14, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

On tonight’s game:
“It was one of those games on the defensive end we couldn’t stop them. They are a very talented offensive team. I thought we did much better obviously in the second half. The first half we just allowed them to do whatever they wanted to do and that’s what ended up catching up and costing us.”

On Dion Waiters:
“I thought he played great. He scored. He made some great decisions offensively, didn’t turn the ball over. He did some real good things offensively. He did some good things defensively. Had a couple of breakdowns on defensive end but other than that I thought he played well.”

On Tristan Thompson:
“He’s been playing solid basketball for a while. That’s pretty much what we expect from Tristan right now. He’s very capable of getting double-doubles every single night and that’s what he doing.”

On DeMarcus Cousins:
“He’s a beast down there. He’s tough. He’s been playing well. I’ve been watching some of the box scores when they play and he’s been averaging around 20 points a night and 12 or so rebounds a game and tonight was no different.”


On season high points allowed:
“Just playing off of their bigs, they did a good job of just throwing down to DeMarcus. He was making plays and they were making outside shots.”

Tyler Zeller

On Playing tougher in the second half:
“A little yes and no, I mean its something that I’m trying to do more of. I know I have to be back there and do that. At the same time I’m not trying to hurt anybody. I’m not trying to do anything crazy so it’s just the way it happened."

Kings Head Coach Keith Smart

On tonight’s performance:
“When you’re struggling to get a win you’ll just take whatever you can get. Our team did a good job tonight and we got that win. Now we have a little breathing room and then we have another game to play on Wednesday. I thought that the work we did on the defensive side wasn’t indicated in the score but I thought that our traps on their pick-and-rolls, and this team does about 30 of those a game, were good. I felt that our big guys got out there and did a great job. There were two talented guards on the other team, Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving. They put a lot of pressure on us, but our big guys did a great job overall. We broke down a little bit at the end and gave away two three-pointers when we could’ve put the game away.”

On Jason Thompson getting into foul trouble early on in the game:
“It wasn’t too much of a concern. Thomas Robinson has been playing really under control and hasn’t been in too much of a hurry. Now, if he could just play and use his energy then that would help for these situations. You don’t want one of your players who has been consistent all year to get in foul trouble so early. That can get him out of rhythm. I thought the way Jason Thompson managed to get himself back in and manage the game was great. He did an excellent job on the pick-and-roll coverage considering that he was in foul trouble which can take you out of your aggression sometimes. He had a lot of put-backs behind the basket that I thought he could have finished with, but I thought that he was a little reluctant because he was worried he would get a charge out of it. Our bench came in and did a good job tonight. I shortened the rotation a little bit to try and get us close to the win. I very much wanted Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton to have a good game tonight. I have to get those two guys back into a flow with the game. I thought both of those guys did a great job with that.”

On DeMarcus Cousins:
“He knows that everything he does is going to be viewed, discussed and talked about. I think when he plays in the heat of the battle you can see how quickly he gets himself back in control. That’s growth for him to get himself under control quickly and to communicate with the officials in the right way. He has to get through the situation of this year and then continue from there.””

Jimmer Fredette

On the performance of the guards tonight:
“It was great. We were moving the ball well tonight; guys were making shots and being unselfish. So I think that’s a big key for our team – if we can do that, we can be a pretty dangerous team and guys can score the basketball. So it was great for us to be able to do that tonight.”

When asked if it’s hard to adjust with Tyreke Evans back:
“Tyreke is a great player and he’s going to find ways to score the basketball whether it’s in transition or just isolation plays cutting to the basket. So he does a good job of meshing – we’ve played with him before so we know how he plays. He just comes right back and it feels normal again.”

On appearing frustrated when he was taken out of the lineup and sent back to the bench:
“As a competitor you want to be out there and play to help the team. But like I said, ultimately, it’s coach’s decision and they did a great job when they got back into the game of closing it out. So I did my job at that point and was able to cheer the team on and get a big win.”

DeMarcus Cousins

On tonight’s game:
“We still made some mistakes out there on the defensive end but we definitely took a step forward tonight and that’s a good thing. It feels good to come in and get a win, especially after that embarrassment (against Miami) so it feels good.”

When asked how he’s keeping his cool:
“I’m just telling myself ‘let’s not make this situation worse.’ Just kept playing – my thought was every bad play, let’s get a good play. So that’s what I did.”