FOX Sports Ohio & DISH Network Update

Will Cavaliers fans have to drop DISH Network to see their favorite basketball team this season? That may be the case.

The Cavs are scheduled to play 80 times on FOX Sports Ohio this season. But if you have DISH Network, there is no guarantee that you’ll see any of those games.

Here is the current situation:
  • At midnight on October 1, DISH Network dropped FOX Sports Ohio (and all FSN networks throughout the United States) because it refused to reach a fair agreement with Fox to carry the network.
  • As a result, Cavs fans that have DISH will miss all Cavs games and related programming on FOX Sports Ohio until a fair agreement can be reached. DISH customers would also miss Lake Erie Monsters games, Columbus Blue Jackets games, college football and basketball action, as well as all other programming that FOX Sports Ohio has to offer. DISH customers also currently do not get FX or the National Geographic Channel.
  • And as of Nov. 1, DISH customers could also lose FOX 8 in Cleveland.

DISH’s competitors are ready, willing and able to make great offers to fans that don’t want to miss their Cavs games. FOX Sports Ohio is offered by a number of other local distributors in our area (such as DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, and Time Warner among others). Every Cavs game televised on FOX Sports Ohio will be available on each of these carriers.

What should fans do?

Call 1-877-99-I-PAID or go to to learn about other local providers that carry Fox programming.

If you are not a DISH customer, you will not be affected and get to enjoy all of FOX Sports Ohio’s Cavs telecasts this season.