Cavaliers Unveil Flaming Swords at The Q

Cleveland, Nov. 8 - The Cleveland Cavaliers have introduced “The Flaming Swords” as blazing exclamation points to the team’s player introductions at Quicken Loans Arena. The pyrotechnic display that shoots out from four corner retractable swords on the center-hung video scoreboard called Q-VISION, dramatically sets the tone for the fans and home-court advantage. The unique presentation to the team’s pyrotechnics, which was unveiled at the November 1st season opener, is already a much talked about signature trademark of Cavs games at The Q.

The use of pyrotechnics is one of the NBA’s fastest growing game presentation features. This season, the Cavaliers have creatively adapted the pyrotechnics that traditionally spout from atop the basketball stanchions, to fire out from the emblems of the team logo. The four swords hang vertically on the corners of the scoreboard and are lowered to a 45 degree angle before flames proceed to explode from their tips, much to the spine-tingling amazement of the fans.

“The Cavaliers’ swords, which represent the team’s mystique and brand, have been brought to life,” said Chad Estis, Cavaliers executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “We have a state-of-the-art scoreboard that is an integral part of our in-arena experience and what our fans see and feel. Promoting innovation is a big part of the championship-caliber culture we’re creating in Cleveland. As a result, our fans are treated to one of the best, and perhaps the hottest, player introductions in the NBA.”

The Q-VISION scoreboard was built by ANC Sports in 2005. The Cavaliers pyrotechnic show is operated by Pyrotechnico out of New Castle, Pennsylvania. Sigma Services of Plant City, Florida designed the propane equipment construction and Brilliant Electric in Cleveland, Ohio engineered the retrofitting of the scoreboard to lower the swords.