Cavs’ “Loudville” Gets LOUDER as Fans Raise the Rafters at The Q

Cleveland, Nov. 21 - The Cleveland Cavaliers’ community of Loudville, population 8,515, is located in the upper level of Quicken Loans Arena. Its residents are true-blue Cavaliers fans who are very vocal about their passion for the team. Introduced two seasons ago, the “citizens” of Loudville have dutifully done their job to be heard. But things are changing this season because there is a new mayor in town—Allstate Insurance.

Now, it’s getting even LOUDER in Loudville!

Thanks to a partnership with Allstate Insurance, who is omnipresent on all branding and activities in Loudville, life is even better for the Cavs’ most energetic fans who sit in the 200 sections at The Q.

"We have a long-standing partnership with the Cavaliers in supporting the Cleveland community,” said Thomas F. Clarkson, field vice president of Allstate Insurance. “Creating the community of Loudville at Cavs games allows us to reach out in many ways to the everyday fans that work hard and want to support their team.”

Allstate and the Cavaliers are not being quiet about the quality of life in Loudville. Things are so good that the real estate market for season tickets is on the upswing and being identified as a citizen of Loudville has become very prestigious.

Radio and television spots tout the “I Live in Loudville” message featuring real-life season ticket holders giving testimonials about how they love their “community.” Loudville signage featuring Allstate Insurance decorates the entire upper level that includes the seating sections throughout the concourse, welcome mats and Loudville wall murals. Elevator operators announce “Welcome to Loudville” as they open the doors to exiting visitors. All Guest Services Representatives and concession staff members wear Loudville buttons and every visiting fan receives a Loudville headband courtesy of Allstate.

Customized branding carries through on Loudville logo-ed thunder sticks and the non-permanent tattoos that are favorites of young Cavs fans. Fan-made signs that are big at Cavs games have the Loudville logo on them as well.

Loudville’s pregame concourse activities and entertainment takes no back seat to its main concourse neighbor downstairs at The Q. “One Man Band” plays in the Loudville Lounge, the Cavaliers Legends sign autographs and the Cavalier Girls greet fans. During the game, Loudville has its own Cavs Crew members and cheerleaders interacting with fans.

Life is fun in Loudville… full of excitement, energy and most of all, team spirit from a community of Cavaliers fans who know how to have a good time. Loudville presented by Allstate is a place that many Cavs fans are calling “home” at The Q.