The Cavalier Girls Go Global!

Cleveland, Sept. 14 -- The Cleveland Cavaliers dance team, the Cavalier Girls have been invited to entertain our service men and women stationed in Iraq and Kuwait as part of the U.S. Army Goodwill Tour. Eight dance team members will depart on Friday, September 15th for a 12-day tour to visit different bases and entertain the troops with their newly created “Show Team” performances.

The Cavaliers Girls were selected from six NBA dance teams to participate in the tour.

Dance Team Coordinator Vandana Patel was approached by Pro Sports MVP, the company coordinating the tour, in August to determine the interest of the Cavalier Girls to travel to the Middle East. “We are very excited about this trip, and particularly about having the chance to reach out to our northeast Ohio service men and women to give them a taste of home and to spread some Cavaliers spirit, ”said Patel.

“We are honored that the Cavalier Girls were selected to be a part of this Goodwill Tour and that they will represent not only the NBA, but northeast Ohio and the Cavaliers,” said Cavaliers Sr. Vice President of Marketing Tracy Marek. “The invitation speaks to their talent and reputation as one of the high-caliber dance teams in professional sports. Not only will they make us proud, but we are also very proud of them.”

The itinerary will include meet and greets with photograph and autograph sessions, hospital visits and evening performances. The specially produced “Show Team” performances highlight the different talents of the Cavalier Girls beyond what fans see on the court during games. Their performances will include stylized dancing, singing, gymnastics and tumbling.

In addition to Patel, the Cavalier girls traveling to Iraq and Kuwait are Meggan, Kristen, Melody, Rhema, Hayley, Jennelle, Bethany and Suzanne. They will return to Cleveland on September 27th.

Immediately following their return from the Middle East, Patel along with Cavalier Girls Kristen, Suzanne, Amanda, Danielle, Hayley, Mannikka and Heather, will leave the next day on September 28th for eight days in Chengdu, China to participate in the NBA Jam Van.

The NBA Jam Van is the NBA’s longest running tour program that features 8,000 square feet of contests and fun activities as well as performances by NBA dance teams. Capitalizing on its growing popularity abroad, during the past four years the NBA has sent different dance teams to different cities and provinces throughout Asia. This year the Cavalier Girls were selected for the Chengdu,China trip. Along with their performances, the Cavalier Girls will also conduct dance will track the Cavalier Girls’ travels through the Middle East and China by posting blogs and photo galleries during the course of their trips.