Carlos Boozer Chat Transcript


Carlos chatted live on Thursday.
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In only his second season, Carlos Boozer has established himself as one of the league's top rebounders as well as one of the NBA's genuine good guys.

The former Blue Devil is averaging 14.8 points and 11.0 rebounds per game and over the last 12 is putting up 20.9 ppg and 13.1 rpg. The man most consider the steal of the 2002 NBA Draft was named to last year's All-Rookie Team and played in the got milk? Rookie Challenge. This year, he faces off against rookie teammate, LeBron James as a sophomore.

Carlos checked into the chat room on Thursday and shared his thoughts on his Duke days, what he would do if LeBron came down his lane in the Rookie game and much more.

Alex, St. Paul: Carlos, I've loved the way you've played since your time at Duke. What's the biggest difference between the way Coach K and Paul Silas teach the game?

Carlos Boozer: There's not a big difference. Both of them are very competitive and they will do whatever it takes to win. They've both been successful, Coach Silas as both a player and a coach, and Coach K as a coach. They are more similar than different.

sushi, fremont ca: booze, does the fact that you were drafted so late motivate you?

Carlos Boozer: Absolutely. I want to prove to everbody that I can play at this level.

nate (anchorage): Was is harder to get attention from scouts going to high school in alaska?

Carlos Boozer: Not for me, because I played AAU basketball in the summertime. So I had the advantage of playing against top competition in the summer time, and the scout's got to see me there.

Cleveland: Your attitude, professionalism, and care for people stands out as different from the norm. What/who has inspired you?

Carlos Boozer: My parents. They raised me and deserve all the credit, along with my wife, who has also been a real positive in molding me to the person I am today.

NICK: Carlos, you're one of the most underrated players in the game..Who is your NBA All Underrated Team????

Carlos Boozer: Thanks. I'm glad Michael Redd is getting recognition now. Nene from Denver. I'd like to give a better answer, but there is always guys who are under the radar, so it's good to see guys come to the forefront after they do well.

Barry, Amherst : C-Booz, what an awesome start to the season you having. How much has coach Silas and his staff changed the way you play? Also who would get the game winning rebound between you or coach Silas in his prime?

Carlos Boozer: (Laughing.) To answer the first part, Coach Silas has helped me with my confidence and my game. For the second part, you got to go with Coach Silas, he's 16th all-time in rebounding in the NBA, so you have to go with the Old School Guy. (Laughing)

Chad from Cleveland: How has the crowd support at the Gund helped the team as opposed to last year?

Carlos Boozer: A great deal. This year we've been sold out in almost every arena, and at home and it really helps keep you in the game, with all the energy from the crowd.

Noah, Vermilion: Carlos, What were some of your favorite pro athletes, as you were growing up, noto nly basketball but other sports also?

Carlos Boozer: Mike Tyson, before he went crazy. Michael Johnson in track and Michael Jordan of course. They were three great examples of excellence.

Fernando Poe (Manila, Philippines): How do you keep in shape, and what's your secret to bodying up to the taller and bigger forwards and centers?

Carlos Boozer: I lift weights alot. I do a lot of running, mostly sprints for conditioning. I try to stay stronger so I can muscle up with the big guys and then use my quickness against them, because most of them are much bigger than me.

Natasha Boozer (PA): Hey Carlos, guess who! How are you doing? Are you excited about this weekend? I wish I could be there, but I'm glad that Mom and Dad will be there. So, what are you looking forward to the most for this weekend? love you, Tasha.

Carlos Boozer: Hey, that's my sister! I love you too. I'm looking forward to seeing my family. This is funny because I spoke to Tasha this morning and she didn't tell me she was gonna do this. I wish you could be here with Mom and Dad and me. Thanks for writing in!

Chris (Seattle): C-Booze, you are da bomb! I just wanna say that I think you're the model NBA player. You work hard and bring it every game, and I saw an interview with you after a game a few days ago and you definitely seem like a really down to earth, classy, and nice dude. I was just wondering if you still keep in touch with your former Duke teammates Mike Dunleavy, Shane Battier, and Jay Williams on that great Blue Devils team a couple years back.

Carlos Boozer: Yeah. I keep in touch with Jay Williams, I probably talk with him the most. I speak with Elton and those other guys too. I also keep in touch with some of the guys not in the NBA. The Duke Family is pretty tight.

Brad From Amherst: Hey Carlos what would you do if LeBron came down the lane in the game Saturday?

Carlos Boozer: (Laughing) I'm gonna block his shot! But if he has a step on me, he may lay it in. I don't want to be on that poster.

Shamir (Toronto): Hey Carlos, love what your game. Just had a quick question. You play against some of the fiercest big men in the game. Who do you consider your toughest opponent? thanks a lot. (btw- U were absolutely cheated out of an all star position!)

Carlos Boozer: I appreciate that about the All-Star. Kevin Garnett is the toughest opponent. He's 7-2, with all the skills, it's like he's a three, but he's 7-2. Add in that he is a tough competitor and you probably have the MVP right there. Kevin Garnett.

jordan(cleveland heights): Booz, what cds do you listen to before a game to get pumped, if any at all?

Carlos Boozer: I listen to Jay-Z all day, every day. And sometimes 50-Cent.

Andrew Eastwood(Melbourne Australia): What's the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Carlos Boozer: In college it would be winning the national title with my Duke teammates. It's early in my NBA career, but it would be the first time I played against Michael Jordan. He came back from his retirement and I'll always treasure the chance to play against the greatest.

Tuscaloosa: Carlos, are u happy with the way things our going with our basketball team and what do u think the future is looking like for the playoffs?

Carlos Boozer: I think our team is right where it should be. We're on the right path, winning games. I think the future is bright for the playoffs. We're young, but we're coming together and just the right time.

Carlos Boozer: Thanks to all the fans, who wrote in. I appreciate the support. Stick with me and the Cavs and I think you'll see some big things in the future. Thanks again.