Friends With Words

Friends with Words

Check out the all-new double feature on and with Beatwriter, Joe Gabriele and Beatwriter Sam Amico as they tackle everything from word association, to debating everything NBA, Cavaliers, and Cleveland to airing their Beatwriter laundry...and they promise to have you in and out of the mess in about 5 minutes or under every time!

1. Twitter

Joe G: Something I’m still figuring out how to use, as if I’m an 80-year-old man. I like to put a “The” in front of it, just to aggravate Twitter as much as it aggravates me. #olddude

Sam: Where I check first thing in the morning to find out what's going on in the NBA. More importantly, controlling our minds, sucking life from our souls and taking over the world.

2. Chemistry

Joe G: Fostered, nurtured and developed by Coach Scott – mostly because “ego” is nowhere in the man’s periodic table.

Sam: Something the Cavaliers seem to have much more of this season. Remarkable, considering there are seven players on the roster with one year experience or less. Credit Coach Byron Scott.

3. Rock

Joe G: Something Kyrie and Ramon feed to the Cavs playmakers or score themselves. Also see: something I will throw through Sam’s window if he mentions my cold feet again.

Sam: What Kyrie dishes to Antawn, Andy and others. Also, what Joe Gabriele has been fighting for years to give to a woman.

4. Legend

Joe G: Austin Carr, who responds to the question: “How you doin’, AC?” with “You got it!” Only a true legend can do that.

Sam: Austin Carr. Campy Russell. World B. Free. Mark Price. Brad Daugherty. Larry Nance. Bingo Smith. Jim Chones. Nate Thurmond. Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Joe Tait.

5. Phelps

Joe G: Players, coaches, front office personnel, sports fans, parents, young children, dogs of all sizes, the elderly, government workers, escaped convicts, Sam Amico, pastry chefs and used car salesmen – everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) loves Phelpsie.

Sam: Best man at my wedding. It ended in divorce. I love him anyway.