Even-Handed Approach

As Cavs fans have already noticed, Tristan Thompson does a lot of things well on the floor. Part of his success is the fact that he can do those things with both hands – an invaluable skill for a basketball player.

The former Longhorn considers himself left-handed, saying that his grandmother taught him how to use his left hand as a youngster. Now, he says: “that’s my dominant hand.”

But even his teammates aren’t so sure which is which. Before Wednesday’s matchup in Motown, Omri Casspi insisted that he was right-handed. Thompson corrected his new frontcourt partner. “I’m not,” said Tristan. “I go right because everyone knows I’m left-handed.”


Here, too. So instead of trying to figure out which way he’ll go on the hardwood, maybe it’s better to just find out what hand he goes with for a baker's dozen of other activities, such as …

Cavaliers Forward Tristan Thompson Even-Handed Approach
Right-Hand 1. Bowling Left-Hand 8. Eat cereal
Right-Hand 2. Tennis Left-Hand 9. Sign an autograph
("But I can do both.")
Left-HandRight-Hand 3. Play Guitar Hero Right-Hand 10. Throw a punch
(“However you want it.”)
Left-HandRight-Hand 4. Uncontested dunk Left-HandRight-Hand 11. Arm wrestle
Right-Hand 5. Throw a football Left-HandRight-Hand 12. Swing a baseball bat
Left-HandRight-Hand 6. Shoot a jumper Right-Hand 13. Hammer a nail
Left-Hand 7. Use the remote control Left-HandRight-Hand