The Tournament Continues On...

Last week, as the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament began, there were 68 teams with their sights set on Houston, Texas on April 4th. After a weekend full of upsets and nail-biting finishes, we are down to just 16 teams with another 12 headed home by nightfall on Sunday. Like most of America, our Cavaliers couldn't have predicted that a 12-seed, two 11-seeds, and a 10-seed would be moving on while nine out the 11 Big East teams would be left home to watch from home.

But as the tournament continues on tonight, so does our NCAA Tournament picks. Take a look and compare your bracket with ours. In case you missed last week's picks, you can check them out here.

Christian Eyenga Christian Eyenga Ryan Hollins Ryan Hollins Alonzo Gee Alonzo Gee Samardo Samuels Samardo Samuels Chris Jent Chris Jent

(1) Ohio State (34-2)    
   OSU     UK  
(4) Kentucky (27-8)  
   OSU    UK SYR
(11) Marquette (22-14)    
(2) North Carolina (28-7)    
(1) Duke (32-4)    
(5) Arizona (29-7)  
(3) Connecticut (28-9)    
   SDU     CONN   
(2) San Diego State (34-2)    
(1) Kansas (34-2)    
   KAN     VAN  
(12) Richmond (29-7)  
(11) VCU (25-11)    
(10) Florida State (23-10)    
(8) Butler (25-9)    
   PIT     KSU  
(4) Wisconsin (25-8)  
(3) BYU (32-4)    
(2) Florida (28-7)