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Kyrie Irving goes coast-to-coast for two of his 40 points against Boston.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-irving-coast.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Wayne Ellington knocks down a three to give the Cavs an 86-84 lead vs. Thunder.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-ellington-three.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Dion Waiters turns defense into offense for a breakaway slam.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-waiters-steal.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Kyrie Irving hits the game winning three with 0.7 seconds left to give the Cavaliers a 99-98 win.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-irving-winner.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

C.J. Miles sends home an emphatic slam against the Spurs.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-miles-dunk.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Wayne Ellington dunks in transition to cap off the Cavs comeback.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-ellington-slam_0.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Dion Waiters hits a 20-footer to give the Cavaliers a 95-93 lead with 9.5 seconds left.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-waiters-late-jumper.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Kyrie Irving knocks down a decisive three-pointer late in the fourth quarter.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-irving-late-three.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Mo Speights goes baseline for a crushing slam dunk.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-speights-slam.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

Kyrie Irving knives through the defense for a pretty drive and finish.

[swf file="/content/audio/2013/05/2013-michael-top-call-irving-drive.mp3" player="onepixelout"]

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