Tristan Thompson's Player Mailbox

February 22, 2013
Tristan Thompson

In today’s Player Mailbox, it’s Tristan Thompson’s turn to take your questions.

The sophomore forward from Texas headed into the All-Star Break as one of the top young bigs in the league, and his performance in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge did nothing to dispel that. He’s notched 18 double-doubles on the season, is the fifth-best offensive rebounder in the NBA and is shooting 60 percent from the stripe.

He’s also one of the young Cavaliers most colorful characters. So, here’s your opportunity to ask Tristan about All-Star Weekend, the Cavs plans in the second half or whatever’s on your mind. Tristan has a take on just about everything. And if you have a question about Canada, he’s probably your guy …

Player Mailbox: Tristan Thompson
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