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On Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 when the Cavaliers take on the New Orleans Hornets, fans tuning into Newsradio WTAM 1100 will hear long time radio broadcaster Joe Tait call the action for the 3,000th time with the Wine and Gold.

Tait is currently in his 36th season as the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers, dating back to 1970 when the team joined the NBA along with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Buffalo Braves. Tait briefly left the Cavs in 1981-83 to broadcast New Jersey Nets (radio) and Chicago Bulls (television) games in successive seasons. He returned to Cleveland for the 1983-84 season and has remained behind the mic ever since.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New Orleans Hornets
Game Date: Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 Purchase Tickets
Game Time: 7:00 P.M. ET
Location: Quicken Loans Arena
Radio: WTAM 1100 AM Tune In
Joe Tait Wallpaper
Joe Tait Wallpaper
Tait's Greatest Calls
Tait's Greatest Calls
Joe Tait Screensaver
Joe Tait Screensaver

Congrartulations Joe on 3,000 broadcasts. Below are just of few of the overwhelming amount of response received, congratulating Joe on his accomplishment.

Way to go Joe!

Congratulations on calling 3,000 games. Wishing you the very best. Thank you for all that you have done and will do to make those listening to the radio as though they were actually at the game with your descriptive details.

Missy Williams (Cleveland, OH)

Hey Joe,

I had the privilege of serving you coffee one evening in Youngstown while you graciously came down to be interviewed by a friend of mine. Humble greatness.

Chills and thrills from your calls.

Thanks and God bless you, sir.

Mark Franken (Salem, OH)

Congrats Joe!! Your voice and commentary style are so unique. I can still hear your calls from the Cavs-Bulls match ups. Your the best! We are all WITNESSES to you Joe. GO CAVS!!

Justin Haas (Cleveland, OH)

Great Job Joe, You're the Best!

Pete Zimpher (Columbus, OH)

During the 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons, I was fortunate enough to be a member of the WWWE Cleveland Cavalettes dance team. My position on the court during pregame at the Coliseum was in front of Joe with Diane next to me. My fondest memory was how Joe was loved by the many fans who came up to him to say hello. Joe also receive many "home cooked" sweet treats from his adoring fans. Though he knew we could not accept any, he still offered to share. I'll be at the game tonight to celebrate your wonderful accomplishment. Way to go Joe on 3000 and may God bless you with many more games and Digornio pizzas !!!

Kathy S. (Cleveland Heights, OH)

I'll be at the game tonight! Congrats on your 3,000th game and for making not only watching, but listening to the game fun!!!

Vanessa Hudak (Lakewood, OH)

Way to go Joe! You are a part of the Cavs, and your voice and energy could never be matched. Thank you for some very memorable calls. You are the best.

Greg Rock (Salem, OH)

Congrats on 3,000! I have been listening to you since the mid 80's, you are amazing. I am very happy for you, I am looking forward to many many more broadcasts.

Kelly Beatty (Cleveland, OH)

I thought one of the worst things about moving from Ohio to Tennessee would be not being able to hear Joe Tait broadcast the CAVS. Imagine my surprise when I tuned into WTAM (all the way in Tennessee) and could hear him loud and clear! I am so thankful. I wish you the best. I have listened to you for what seems like forever and in my humble opinion, NOBODY does it better! Congratulations and I'll be listening to the next 3,000!

Cynthia Branham (Summertown, TN)

Grew up listening to Joe & Bruce do Indians baseball. Tailored my broadcasting dreams in the mold of the Great Joe Tait, and although they only took me as far as doing play by play for my local high school basketball team while I was still in school, It was Joe's call of the game, the way he paints that picture to where you could actually see the game if you closed your eyes and his undying passion for the teams he works for. To relive some of his greatest moments will forever send chills up my spine when you here him make some calls from games over 20 years ago. You will always live in our hearts and our minds when we relive these great Cavalier moments. You are the Cavaliers, Joe, and without you, this ride wouldn't be what it really is. Congratulations and I am so priveleged to have a ticket at the Q for tonight's game. I will cherish the moment!

Brian Strayer (Willard, OH)

Congrats Joe! When I moved to Augusta, Georgia I knew I wouldn't survive without taking "It's basketball time at 'The Q!'" with me. Luckily with my satellite radio, I get to listen to the greatest broadcaster, screaming the greatest calls, giving me goosebumps every time LeBron gets his "Wham with the right hand!" Thanks Joe!

Tristan Cummings (Augusta, GA)

In 1969, you were very kind to hire me at WBOW in Terre Haute. A few years ago, you gave my wife, two sons, and me tickets to a Cavs-Celtics game. Johnny Most ... Chick Hearn ... Joe Tait. All icons in NBA announcing. You are truly a down-to-earth quality person and deserve all the accolades.

Dan Appel (Fort Wayne, IN)

Congratulation Joe. I was in the military and traveled to different states and listened to basketball by many different announcers, but you Joe are the best by far I have ever heard. Now that I have been home when I watch the Cavs on tv I turn up the radio. Thanks Joe.

Steve Eland (Chardon, OH)

Great Job. I listen to you with my Dad and it brings back many memories since he has pasted away. I look forward to many many more games that I can hear your great voice!!!!!!

Veronica Harpman (Youngstown, OH)

"Wham with the right hand" is the sweetest sound that I have ever heard! Cleveland wouldn't be the same without you, Joe. Thanks for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

Ryan Merlene (Conneaut, OH)

Congratulations Joe! Listening to the game is always enjoyable when your making the calls. You make being a Cavaliers fan even better. The games are called so on point that I can visualize our team on the court. WHAM! With the right-hand!!

Keith Godwin (Ohio)

Congrats Joe! We love you!

Jack Sanders (Bloomfield, NJ)

Thanks Joe for your loyalty and dedication. It's a joy to listen to you each season. You have seen it all! Thank you!

Keri B. (Cleveland, OH)

Thanks for all the memories Joe! 3,000 games and you still "got it!"

Frank Hiti (North Ridgeville, OH)

Thank you Joe for the 3,000 games. it's been a pleasure listening to you and you truly make the game more exciting. I don't have cable, so my friends say I miss out on the games, I tell them I listen to them, and its almost the same because you make the game come alive. Your calls are the greatest of all time. You add a great component to it. Sometimes i even mute my t.v. and watch it with you calling it on the radio. It's a little bit of a time delay, but its worth it. so thank you for everything and hopefully we'll have 3,000 more with you. Thank you.

Chris Christian (Kent, OH)

I grew up in the eighties with no cable tv and parents who were not very liberal with my nine o'clock bedtime. As a result, I spent countless nights under the covers with my headset on listening to your description of Roy Hinson, Ben Poquette, and Lonnie Shelton among others. I spent many hours during my early years doing my best Joe Tait and Nev Chandler impersonations in between ballgames for my favorite teams. The best thing about my impersonations were the Browns and Cavs always won! As I have grown up and become a season ticket holder, I haven't relied as much on your broadcasts, but always look forward to hearing the highlights from your call after the game. In my grandfather's later years, he was a very loyal listener to all of the broadcasts. I think I speak for all of my family when I say congratulations on this milestone. I have many things I want to experience in my lifetime related to Cleveland sports, but at the top of my list is being able to listen to your call as the Cavaliers win the NBA championship. Congratulations Joe!!

Morgan Wenger (Dalton, OH)

Congratulations, Mr. Tait!
We love the game you call.
We often have to stay up late,
But we don't mind at all.

You love the Cavs, it's plain to see,
And we all love them too.
We love your voice, the things you say,
Great calls all made by you!

So as you call this milestone.
We'll be listening to the show.
Listening in our house and car,
To our favorite - it's you Joe!!!!

Mary Manuszak (North Canton, OH)

For the first time in 30+ years I have been able to get the broadcasts on the web. It is a pure delight to hear your voice when I actually get to hear a broadcast. We are 6 hours ahead of Ohio time and that complicates things. I'm a real Ohioian and Cavs fan and a Joe Tait fan!

John Tressel (Mulhouse, France)

I grew up in Ohio but now live in California and listen to your broadcasts over the internet on every game night. Even though I'm not in Cleveland, I still feel close to my team because of you. Thanks for bringing the action to me with your unique style and skill. Congratulations on #3,000. Here's to many more Cavaliers games--and many more DiGiorno pizzas!

Scott Miller (Solon, OH)

Congrats Joe! Your one of a kind! I love listening to your voice and spirit! Thank you so much for your insight and love!

Mike Gayetsky (Youngstown, Ohio)

joe u r the best ever ! Congratulations !!

Bob Stredney (Rocky River, OH)

You help make my second shift job go by faster on the nights you and the cavs are on. I find the faster they play, the faster you talk, the faster I work---it's a WIN WIN!!!! THANKS AND MANY MANY MORE:)

Barbara S. (Sandusky, OH)

To the Herb Score of basketball...

Three historical milestones in basketball history have occurred this season...

Lebron James becomes the youngest player to score 10,000 pts...

Cleveland conducts the biggest blockbuster trade in NBA history...

Joe Tait replaces Pamela Anderson as my computer's wallpaper...

Congrats Mr. 3000

Kevin Kretch (Solon, OH)

Hi Joe. I am one of those 61 year old diehard Cleveland sports fans who is still looking for a championship. Currently, myself and my family are living in Suzhou, China, on assignment with my company, MTD (Cub Cadet). The three of us wear our Indians, Cavs and Browns hats and coats all the time. It sends a signal which is returned by others from the Cleveland area or State of Ohio. It has been a pleasure listening to your broadcasts of Cleveland sports over the years, and even though we are 12 hours ahead of Cleveland time, we still listen as much as we can. Thanks for sticking it out with the rest of us championship starved fans. I have mixed thoughts of having the Browns, Indians and Cavs all competing for a Championship while we are in China, but if that is what it takes, so be it. Many more Joe!

Doug Thompson (Mansfield, OH)

It's been a great 10 years and I respect and appreciate your longevity. You've been painting beautiful pictures of basketball games for a very long time, and I look forward to every game you have left, no matter how few. Thank you, Mr. Tait.

Carl Landis (Cleveland, OH)

Thanks Joe! I grew up listening to you, and even today your voice is almost as familiar as my own father's. Like so many other Cavs fans I mute the TV set and listen to you in the background.

I wish you much success for years to come.

Gregory Bilecky (Columbia Station, OH)


I went to Kent State and got a degree in telecommunications because of you. I'm now a Captain in the US Navy and have had the honor of commanding one of our warships and its Sailors in defense of our nation. Although I never went into broadcasting, my degree enabled me to join the Navy and pursue my goal of command. Thanks for the inspiration to get a degree.

John Deehr, Captain, USN (San Diego, CA)


I am about to graduate college with a degree in journalism and pursue a job in radio sportscasting, and I owe so much to you. You are one of the main influences that got me interested in the field, and your work inspired me each night to follow my dream. I mimicked your style when I first started announcing and gradually developed my own technique. Your impact of course goes far beyond that, as for 3,000 games and counting, Joe Tait equals Cavaliers basketball. Thank you for your honest and personalized style.

Matt Friedman (Westlake, OH)

Simply the best. Congratulations Joe.

William Wise (Cleveland, OH)

Congrats Joe. Couldn't go a game without listening to you!! Keep up the great work!!!

Daniel Petkovski (Cleveland, OH)

I am a die hard cavs fan that lives in Chicago. Everynight that the cavs play and there not on tv i can drive on the highway and get away from the tall buildings to here Joe Tait on 1100. It's such a nice piece of Home to here Tait in Chicago. Congrats!!

Eric Ulery (Chicago, IL)

Joe congrats! when I think of Cavaliers Basketball i think of you from the Miracle of richfield listening as a kid to the Nance Price Daugherty era to now the LeBron era. keep going Joe! between the circles and Wham with two hands!!

David Shipe (Cleveland, OH)

Way to go Joe! I always love when somebody hits a 3 and you say, "Got It." Keep broadcasting and congrats on your 3,000th game!

Matthew Madej (Seven Hills, OH)

Joe, I have been listening to you since the 70s and the miracle team of Richfield. YOU are a major asset to the Cavs and I hope you call another 3000 games. Congratulations!!

Charlotte Waddell (Akron, OH)

Joe - You are an absolute legacy here in Cleveland. I cannot even imagine of listening to a game any other way. Congrats!

Dave Dobranic (Cleveland, OH)

Congrats Joe!!! Your Mr. 3000! Keep um coming!!

Courtney Soreo (Parma, OH)

Congratulations Joe! We have been so fortunate in Cleveland to have you for the voice of our Cavaliers. There is NO better!!! PLEASE don't ever stop -- I could not bear listening it without you ;) I'll have a glass of wine and a chocolate chip cookie in your honor tonight. Keep up the WONDERFUL work. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Linda Seabold (Lorain, OH)

great job joe u are great keep it going for ever thank you

Greg Schnell (Akron, OH)

Mr. Tate,

I have been a lifetime Cavaliers fan and remember a time, before our family had television, and the only way we were able to "see" the game was through your call. Till this day, I watch with the television sound down and listen to you call the game. For me, Cavalier wins aren't nearly as fun or exciting without your enthusiasm punctuating them! I still get that childlike excitement when I hear your trademark "WHAM with the right hand"!!

Congratulations on your epic career. I hope I, and my children, are able to "see" the Cavaliers for years to come through you!!

Get your pipes ready Joe, you still need to call LeBron leading our team to an NBA championship!!

Congratulations and thanks Joe!

Marc Dicintio (Akron, OH)

Your the best ever. The true voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Drew Winick (Cleveland, OH)

Your a beast man..keep up the good work.

Paul Pinkevich (Parma, OH)

I'd like to personally congratulate, and thank Joe Tait for his 3,000 broadcasts. Although I have not personally been able to enjoy each and every one, being able to listen to his call of the game when I can't reach the TV set is invaluable. Even when I can watch the games, I still occasionally listen to Joe due to his superior play by play. His skill is truly unmatched and greatly appreciated. Way to go Joe! And thanks for allowing me to "see" the game when I listen to you!

Brian Koch (Akron, OH)

Congratulations, Joe. You and I joined the CAVS the same year. I moved to Cleveland in 1983 and immediately became a CAVS fan, due in part to your professionalism. Thanks for all the exciting calls.

Calvin Sharpe (Cleveland, OH)

Congrats Joe!

Eric Costanzo (Oxford, Ohio)


Just wanted to congratulate you on 3,000. I am sure that nothing will ever top the call you made on my behind the back pass to Danny Ferry for a dunk against Orlando in the first season at Gund Arena, (a play that ESPN called "something you'll never see again") but try to have fun with tonight's game. Love you man.

Greg Dreiling (Dallas, TX)

Congrats Joe! You make listening to the game so real! Thank you!

Bryan F. (Canton, OH)

You are the best! Thanks for the great calls over the years. 3,000 speaks for itself!

Brent Glaze (Elyria, OH)

Congratulations Mr Tait!

it goes without saying that you are the voice of the CAVS.

Hope you can hang for 3,000 more!

Robert Mains (Berea, OH)


You're a breath of fresh air and role model to all of us. Keep up the great work!

Thanks, Your Fans in Maine

Kevin Schomisch (Saco, ME)

Congratulations on your 3,000 broadcast! In 34 years of listening to the radio broadcast of the Cavaliers, your play-by-play made it seem like I was actually at all the games when I was not. Thanks and I hope to listen to you for another 3,000.

Paul Wojdacz (North Ridgeville, OH)

Dear Joe:

You have no idea how much joy and happiness you have given to so many people over your 36 yrs. and I'm not talking about just on the radio. We are an affiliate of the Cavs at WDOH 107.1 FM in Delphos and 940 AM in Lima, but a couple of years ago you did a local HS boys basketball game in our area and I was able to meet you at The Dew Drop in Ottoville and you sat with myself and my family. You took the time to sign my two boys basketballs. They gave you a gift certificate to my mother in laws restaurant as a thank you and you took the time from your busy schedule on the road no less and hand wrote them a thank you letter, not just a note, a letter thanking them for the nice gift certificate. To this day 5 years later they still have this letter framed and hanging up and consider you someone to look up to. I am proud as their father to say that even as I write this that Jonathan and Nathan have chosen you to be their mentor to look up to. Thank you so much for everything, you deserve tonight and more.

Rick Burgei (Delphos, OH)

Happy 3000th, Joe!

I'm 41 years old, and I've been listening to you off and on since I lived in Cleveland when the Miracle at Richfield changed my life.

Now, I live in Philadelphia and get Sirius radio, so I get to hear your melodious voice for every game.

Craig Crosby (Philadelphia, PA)

Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. I have been listening to you broadcast games since I was in elementary school. I was recently telling people at work that I used to listen to you as I fell asleep at night. I am now 32 years old and living in Atlanta, GA. I have moved around over the past five years but I have still been able to pick up 1100am on clear nights - whether I was in Minneapolis, MN, Clarksville, OH or now Atlanta, GA there isn't a game night that I don't try to at least catch part of the game. Depending on our weather down here, I look forward to listening to the game tonight. Thanks for all of the great memories - I know there are lots more to come! Keep up the good work!!!

Michelle R. (Atlanta, GA)

Although I`m not a Cavs fan, I have liked the way you're doing your job. Congratulations, Joe!

Maxim Seleznyov (Moscow)

Hi joe! Congratulations! Thank you for bringing Cavs game to our ears! if i can't watch live game on t.v., I'll go to the internet and listen to your voice! Thank you.

Hubert Layosa (Philippines)

Congrats Joe on your 3,000th call of the CAVS. It's been a pleasure to listen to you call the games on the radio. Good Luck in the future and thanks again. GO CAVS!

David Vernarsky (Campbell, OH)

We love listening to you. Here's to many more years!!!!

Nancy Johnson (Randolph, OH)

Congratulations on the many great years! I hope there are many more to come! You are the greatest and Cleveland is lucky to have you! Congratulations again!

Jamie Milne (Middleburg Hts., OH)

Joe, I was attending the College of Wooster during the Miracle of Richfield days. Hanging out in the lounge, listening to your broadcasts, loving every minute. When we finally do win the big one, you deserve a ring too. Thanks, you are very much appreciated!

Rick Koeth (Ohio)


As a young child I grew up listening to you, and now as a young adult I still love every chance I get to listen to you. Your truly an Akron Icon, and you better be hung in the rafters as a testament to your one and only approach to calling Cavaliers game. Its a pleasure to listen to you!

Brain Sugerman (Akron, OH)

Each game I "turn down the TV and turn up Tait!" Thanks for the memories and the great calls!


Alan Suchan (Lyndhurst, OH)

Congratulations Joe! Keep up the good work and I hope to hear you on many more broadcasts to come for our Clevland Cavaliers.

Phillip Peaks (Columbus, OH)

Congrats on a great milestone. I have been listening to you since I was 6, and can't imagine listening to a game from anyone else. Keep up the good work!

Zach Rospert (Milan, OH)

Joe, about 14 years ago, you took the time to meet my family before a game. My father Dan, was a colleague of yours in Terre Haute. Your time and grace (and tickets for the game) will never be forgotten. Congrats on this fantastic achievement!

Gerry Appel (Muncie, IN)

Hey Congratulations Joe! When the Cavs play I turn down the tv just to listen to you are truly the voice of the Cavs way to go and keep it up. I really appreciate all that you have done for the cavs. Keep doing a great job!

C.J. Rice (Shaker Heights, OH)

WAY TO GO JOE! Keep doin what you are doing! Congratulations on 3,000!! Go Cavs!

Doug Pitorak (Cleveland, OH)

Joe, you are truly the best. Thanks so much for being our announcer. Congrats on 3,000. You're the best!

Dan Horacek (Youngstown, OH)

You are an excellent representative of the Cavaliers Organization and your game calls are exciting to listen to.

Steve Francis (Akron, OH)

Best in the business, we are blessed!

Robert Eckert (Bowling Green, OH)

I will never forget listening to a game around Christmas when I was a kid, and Ehlo made a game winner and Tait screamed out, "Do you believe in Santa Claus!" The guy is the best in the business, hands down. Congratulations on all of your success Mr. Tait.

Joe Terranova (Eastlake, OH)


You are such an integral part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. With all the changes over the years- owners, players, uniforms, location, etc.- you have remained that one constant. Thank you for all the great memories! You are ONE OF A KIND! I look forward to recognizing your accomplishments at tonights game.

Sue Nauman (Parma, OH)

Hi Joe,

I'm talking from Portugal to say that you are the true and the best voice of the Cavs!

Congratulations and thanks for everything!

Here in Portugal, we wish you the same success!

Jos Rocha (Guimares, Portugal)

Mr. Tait,

I go to school in Grove City, Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Pittsburgh. Needless to say, it is not Cavaliers country much less anything Cleveland. Local games aren't broadcast on TV here but its ok because I tune into your show online EVERY game and I get just as into it. You really are one of the best commentators i've ever heard and are a Cleveland trademark. You are very loved and respected. Thank you very much for sticking with this city as long as you have.

Lee Nicholas (Brooklyn, OH)

I am so proud of you. This is a great man doing a great job. I have enjoyed listening to you and I am very happy to be here for this milestone!!

Taylor Fisher (Westlake, OH)

Everyone on the Cavs message board decided to use your picture in our avatar (the little picture next to our screen name, mine is "Wham", short for "Wham with the Right Hand", as you said so many times).

I distinctly remember hearing your voice over and over in my head from having gone to oodles of Cavs games since I was a little boy, starting in the mid-80's until present. I loved hearing your call of the 1989 Utah Game before X-Mas at the old Coliseum down in Richfield... I would have never thought Ehlo could have inbounded the ball with a pass to Daugherty, get the ball back, and shoot a 3-pointer all with only 1.3 seconds left. I was there with my brother and father. We decided to watch the last play from just outside the tunnel, just in case..."Got ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!" I even have the old ticket stub to proove it.

You're the greatest sports broadcasting has to offer, and I'll bet, a great family man too. :)

Chadwick Robinson (Garfield Heights, OH)

Congratulations Joe on you 3,000th broadcast you are a class act and as the song says you are simply the best better than all the rest.

Bruce Williamson (Canton, OH)

You're one of the reason I went into sports - thanks for everything!

Bernadette Vielhaber (Doylestown, OH)

Joe Tait, you are a living legend, Thank You.

Patrick Burke (Cleveland, OH)


My Congrats to you, you make listening to the radio deserve this!

Mike Young (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

My dad has always watched the games and listened to the radio, I have never known any other voice to announce Cavs Basketball. I thought JOE TAIT was the television and radio voice growing up. It has been a wonderful, exciting and an informative 3,000 games. CONGRATS. I will be listening tonight. GO CAVS!

Yvonne Sudberry (Bedford, OH)

Joe, thanks for all the years of fun and excitement (as well as agony) but congrats to you for keeping me a Cavs fan over the years since I moved from Cleveland! GREAT JOB!!!

Mark Russ (Albany, NY)

Great job! I listen to you every night the cavs play! You make it seem that i am really at the game!! Keep on saying, "Wham with the right hand" thats my favorite!

Allen Barta (Seven Hills, OH)

Joe, you are simply the best!

Sam Bourquin (Canton, OH)


Bob Rezek (Boardman, OH)

Thanx 4 the great games. u let me hear because u could enjoy the cavs. u were the 1st sports commentator that i heard ever and i'm 15.

Brandon Leggett (Cleveland, OH)

Congrats Joe on ur 3000th game you have announced. U R ONE OF THE GREATEST!

Jack McCurry (Akron, OH)


Charles Zirker (Brookpark, OH)

Joe - you're big time radio broadcaster and a part of Cavaliers history!

Marek Dziuba (Portland)

Joe congratulation on your 3000 game!!! I have enjoyed listening to your broadcast for many years now. Thank you for all your hard work.

Darcy Kaufman (Jeromesville, OH)

Joe Tait, you rock and congratulations.

Joe Szymanski (Cleveland, OH)

Congrats Joe!! I only wish that the tv and radio broadcast were in sync because I love your broadcast. Keep up the great work.

Neil McCoy (Barberton, OH)

Congratulations Joe! Been a Cavs fan my whole life and always put your voice on over the TV! Hopefully you get rewarded with a Cavs Championship!

Chris Wilson (Ohio)


Aneesh Sreedhar (California)

Joe, you've done a great job. Cleveland loves you and I woudn't want to hear anyone else broadcasting games!

Matt Cardina (Painesville, OH)

Tait, your sweaters rock.

Dave Snyder (Stow, OH)

Hi Joe,

Congratulations on #3,000. You have always been the guy to listen to. Thanks for all the years you have given to Cleveland Cav fans. In our hearts you have made all the seasons enjoyable--even the bad times. Thanks for saying it like it is! You are THE best!!!!

Gretchen Shanta (Medina, OH)

Joe congrats on #3,000. Its been a privilege to grow up hearing your play by play calls on Cav's broadcasts. Even with all the new technology over the years,its always been refreshing to turn on the radio and listen to your play by play. Its like listening to an old friend. Thanks for being there for so many great memories.

Anthony Giannini (Fairlawn, OH)

Congratulation Joe!!

Mathias Choma (Maryland)

Joe, my dad has been listening to you since the seventies, you have an unmistakable voice and an unmistakable call. You'll always be one of the most recognizable people in Cleveland sports history.

Mathias Choma (Maryland)

Keep on going Joe, my family loves hearing your voice on the radio, if it was anyone different it would be weird!

Nick Citino (Medina, OH)

It has really been an honor listening to a true ambassador of sports broadcasting over the years! Any franchise should consider themselves lucky to have such a dedicated and professional man like Joe, but having him here in Cleveland is the greatest. Thank You Joe and congrats on such a wonderful accomplishment!!

Nathan Cunningham (Akron, OH)

Congrats Joe!! Can't believe it's been 3000!!! I can remember you as a little kid growing up in Lakewood,listening to you bring images of a Price 3-pointer or a Hot Rod dunk to my mind.You are one of the Main reasons I love Cavaliers Basketball!!!Congrats again Joe.Hope you get to call many more including when the Cavs make the 2008 finals!

John Neal (Charlotte, NC)

BIG, Congratulations to you Joe, on your 3,00th Broadcast, Over the year's I have enjoyed listening to your broadcasts, and will continue to listen. Congratulation to you again :)

Toya Johnson (Cleveland, OH)

JOE! you're the man, me n my friends are constantly quoting your emphatic calls; i even have one as a ringtone on my phone! You're the voice of cavaliers basketball and will be for hopefully another 3,000! Congrats man! Keep up the good work!

Tony Lapso (North Royalton, OH)

Hey Congrats on this milestone. It must feel great having gone to 3,000 games. Its amazing!

Kevin Sears (Cincinnati, OH)

WHAM with the right hand!

Thanks Joe for making me feel like I'm always part of the game.

Rick Smith (Crestline, OH)

Joe, I've been a huge fan since I was a kid. Your calls make the games exciting and memorable. Displaced in Michigan I'm able to catch your home broadcasts on satellite radio. It's amazing how you are able to create a vision of the game. Thanks for all of your effort to bring Cavaliers fans so much enjoyment for so many years.

Blair Cameron (Clarkston, MI)


Congratulations on an outstanding career. I can remember being young and with my dad in the car listening to your great calls of the late 80's and early 90's teams, hearing the roar of the crowd behind you and it was amazing. Thank you for being a solid person and legend in Cleveland sports history.

Christopher Myers (Chardon, OH)

Joe you were the first voice I could recognize when i was a kid. I always knew when the cavs were on even from a young age. I still listen today and its like im watching the game with how well you portray it! You are the best announcer in the league, and keep on announcing! Go for 4,000!

Colin Blayney (Westlake, OH)

Joe, you and Cleveland sports have been in my blood since I was a kid. I still remember your calls from Richfield Coliseum with Price and Daugherty. Cleveland sports is quite possibly in the best shape the city has ever seen, and I recognize you as one of the staples. Lots of love Joe! Enjoy the DiGornio and bright future here in Cleveland!

Gabe Yoder (Canton, OH)

Congrats Joe! What an awesome accomplishment! Nothing is better than watching a Cavs game in HD on mute with the radio cranked to you on 1100! Best of luck Joe!

RK Elks (Barberton, OH)

Great job Joe..... SO great you should go get a Digiorno Pizza for your efforts!

Adam Bos (Cleveland, OH)

Thanks Joe....hope you're with us many more years.

Rik Goodright (Wooster, OH)

Thanks Joe!!! I have been listening to you since the 70's as middle schooler in Cleveland (Audubon Jr. High) or earlier. I remember our good teams then with Bingo Smith and Jim Chones and Campy Russell. Thanks I am now in Atlanta GA and I can still hear you on our 1100 AM, it's WTAM. Keep up the great work. Lebron will help bring a championship to Cleveland.

David Sandifer (Atlanta, GA)

Joe, I've been a Cavs fan (and yours) since the Cavs first came to town in 1970. It was always a pleasure listening to you call the Cavs games. I will always remember in the early days listening to you call out on the radio "AC over to Double D, Double D over to JJ, JJ over to Bingo...Bingo from the corner...BINGO!!!!". You made every single Cavs game a great was like I was there. Even when I watched them on TV I would turn down the volume and just listen to you call the game. In my opinion there have only been two great play by play announcers in this game during my life and time that I would even consider listening. You and the late great Chick Hearn. Congrats on your 3000th game tonight, Joe!!! YOU ARE THE BEST THERE IS!!! HANDS DOWN.

Arnold Hart (Cleveland, OH)

Thanks Joe, for many years of great enjoyment. No one does it better!

Danny Woodard (Rootstown, OH)

It's been an honor and a pleasure to listen to you call the Cavaliers games for the past 36 years. When I hear you say "have a good night everybody" you can be assured that I already have, because I've listening to you. Thanks for the memories! I hope to hear you call the Cavs games for many, many years to come.

Randy Streicher (Ohio)

I was a kid during the "Miracle of Richfield", and the transistor was under my pillow so mom and dad would not know I was still awake listening. That was how I grew up -- Indians, Cavs, and Joe Tait. "Bingooo!" ... "Outside to Price for three -- got it!" ... "Lebron to to the line, to the lane, WHAM with the right hand". All are phrases that require no further explanation. Family has taken me out of Ohio, but I susbscribe to the NBA Audio League Pass, and listen to almost every Cavs game. I may not be there, but Joe makes me feel as though I am. It is like I am still 8 years old with the radio under my pillow. Thank you Joe Tait for a lifetime of memories. You are simply the best.

Scott Ray (Gap, PA)

From the greatest moments in my life.....Ill never forget: the chill I felt go down my spine as I heard joe call the final moments of the Cleveland-Detroit series last year. it was a moment I waited to hear from no one other then Joe.

Harry Elbaum (Ohio)

Wow Joe. It's no surprise that these "new" fans love you as much as we did when you first started calling the Cav's games in 1970! 2-for-the-Brew, Bingo!, Cavalier Club luncheons at the Keg & Quarter, The Arena - 3717 Euclid Avenue, the "secret" unveiling of The Coliseum; you've seen it all. Cavalier fans everywhere have a better understanding and love of the game due to you. How Lucky We Are! You've always been a class act on and off the court.

Midge Batteiger-Fatheree (Cleveland, OH)

Thanks Joe for doing your job so well over the years. You paint a picture with your voice. You are the Van Gogh of broadcasting. Stay well and GO CAVS.

Terry Pritchard (Canton, OH)

Congratulations on achieving this milestone in your career. Know that you are appreciated and do us such a great service to hear you broadcast the game over the radio when we cannot watch on the TV.

Lucy Caraballo (New Middletown, OH)

My parents have never had TV, so I have listened to your show for years with my dad. You help us feel like we at the game. Congrats to you.

Sierjie Lash (Akron, OH)

Hi Joe, Just wanted to say thanks for being there for me while I grew up. I had no father and you were the closest thing I could find. I met you at a game in Denver. You rock and Cleveland is lucky to have had you.

Mike Pies (Ohio / Colorado)

I wasn't a basketball fan until my girlfriend (now wife) and her father started taking me to games a few years ago, but I can't imagine having anyone else as the radio voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Congrats on this spectacular milestone.

Rick Garcia (Cleveland Heights, OH)

Congrats! I remember growing up, sneaking my little radio into bed so that I could listen to the Cavs games every night hoping my mom would never catch me. I always enjoyed hearing you announce the Cavaliers.

John Thompson (Cleveland, OH)

Congratulations Joe on your 3000th call with the Cavs! Growing up in the 80's and having my first real recollection of the Cavs was at the end of the World B. Free days and the beginning of Price/Daugherty and Harper days. Not all of the games were on TV back then so we relied on the radio quite a bit. Hearing "Wham with the right hand!" is one of my favorite calls. You are as good as they come and a true voice of the game. It is still great to hear some of the games on the radio (admittedly I don't listen as often as before) and to recognize that you are a one man team on the air! You have seen more Cavs games (good and bad) than any one. Enjoy that DiGiorno Pizza while calling your 3000th game! My 8 year old son and I will be at the game tonight. Congrats Joe!!! Go Cavs and Purple Raiders!

Roger Stefan (Mogadore, OH)

I can't imagine ever listening to the Cavs without hearing Joe Tait. When names like Kenny Carr and Footsie Walker sound legendary, it says more about the man who called their names than the players who bear them. Here's hoping Joe gets to call a championship in Cleveland before calling it quits!

Steve Soukup (Avon Lake, OH)

Congrats Joe! You've done an outstanding job here for the people in and around Cleveland and I really appreciate that! I'm only an 18 year old guy, so I've been watching or attending most of the games. The times I listen to the games on the radio is certainly a pleasure to listen to. You really make listening to the Cavs games very exciting and fun. Thanks again Joe and congrats!

Anthony Pollice (Kirtland, OH)


My family and I have listened to you from the very beginning when we lived in Cleveland. We moved to Roanoke, VA and listened to you on the 50,000W WKYW. Here in Kettering we listen to you whenever possible. We congratulate you on a glorious career! From the first days at the Cleveland Arena, the days at the Richfield Colesium to the days at Gund - Quicken Arena - Through your eyes nd hearing your voice,we've witnessed a franchise grow- history made - and many memories created.

Forever we will hear you shouting ..."Bingo...Brad and Mark...Elmore...Mel...and now, LeBron..." Keep it up for another 3,000 broadcasts.

John T. Hoban (Kettering, OH)

Congratulation on your career of announcing the Cavalier's games. I have been a radio fan of the team since living in Canton, OH in the late 1980s. That was during the era of Mark Price,Craig Ehlo,and Larry Nance. I marveled at your crisp call of the action for Mr. Gordon Gund. I was privileged to see the Cavs play in the Richfield Colesium, and against the Pacers in the RCA Dome. May good fortune follow you for making the game so exciting, and clear for we radio fans. I now listen via my Sirius Satellite Radio.

Charles Wendell (Williamsburg, VA)

Dear Joe Tait,

I am a big fan yours as well as a cavs fan. I listen to you during the home games whenever I am at home and whenever there is a game going on while I'm in the car. I want to say to you congratulations on calling your 3000 game. I am among those who attended that game.

Will Gallup (Orange Village, OH)

I've only been alive for a portion of your career and let me tell you, I've enjoyed listening in on the Cavs games. Thanks Joe!!

Pat Cripple (Parma, OH)

I would like to say that Joe Tait is the best radio broadcaster who ever lived. Every time the Cavs play I get Hyped to hear Joe. CONGRATULATIONS JOE!!!!!!!

Illya Boronka (Bellville, OH)

It's JOE TAIT time at the Q!

36th season? That's just a few years less than 3 times my age (being almost 14).

When I'm out and can't watch the Cavaliers on TV, I make sure to tune in to Joe Tait's show in the car. Although he makes me hungry talking about DiGiorno Pizza (my favorite part about his show), I make sure to tune in only to find his powerful voice. I wouldn't be able to do Joe's job, sitting there, describing every moment of each play of every game for each season...WOW! I'm not a very fast observer or describer..unlike Joe. He gets the descriptions of the scene no less than perfect.

CONGRATS JOE! He goes down the lane and WHAM!..into history.

Christel (Broadview Heights, OH)

Congrats! Love to listen to your call the game. It is like I am right there..Heres to another 3,000 games!

Karen McCullough (Sheffield Lake, OH)

I've enjoyed listening to you for 38 years. I really enjoyed when you calle d out one of "Bingo" Smith's baskets. Your voice has an exiting ring to it! Thanx for the great images!!

Les Styers (Canfield, OH)

I am only 19 years old but Joe I love ya!! Right after the games I go with my dad to the car and turn you on! My favorite part is "this is joe tait, have good night everybody!!" You are amazing and have done a great job all these years. Keep it up Joe!! You are a true Cavalier!!

Lauren Saks (Cleveland, OH)

Congratulations Joe! You have been broadcasting Cavaliers games since before I was born! And I'm not that young. The city of Cleveland is truly blessed to have had a talent like yours for so long. All the best!

Greg DeSena (Westlake, OH)

Congrats joe on 3000 it's like watching a major leaguer hit his 3000 hit after playing for 8+ seasons. only you've announced for 36 years and finally deserve the respect you've earned. All the Cavs fans should be excited for you and may there be more broadcasts with the one the only JOE THE MAN TAIT.

Matt Croft (Cleveland, OH)

Congratulation Joe for your 3,000th broadcast.

Filippo Colonna (Italy)

Congrats Joe!!! I have listened to you since 1973 and I still get goosebumps every time I hear a highlight. Just like I was seeing the game in person. My biggest wish is for the Cavs (with LeBron) to win a championship and hear you call the championship game. And both of you to retire a Cavalier!!! Thanks again Joe and GO CAVS!!!!

Rex LeJeune (Fremont, OH)


I have been listening to you for many many years. I was a pleasure to hear your voice call the Cavs games. I enjoyed listening with my father. We often would turn the volume off the tv to the hear you call the game. You make seem that we are sitting right along side you. Here is to another 3000 calls. Excellent work Mr. Tait excellent. See if the Browns wanna use you on Sunday afternoons.

William Martin (Orlando, FL)

Joe you made me into a lifetime Cavs fan in 1970 when I was 9 years old and listened to every game on our old family Hi-Fi system. I have followed the Cavs faithfully every year since then. I now live in Washington State and still listen on to your broadcast. From Downtown Charlie Brown to Edgar Jones we have had some really fun players to watch over the lean years. My favorite being World B Free who to this day personally saved the franchise and kept it in Cleveland. My Favorite season was the year they started off 2-19 and stormed back behind World, Bags, Dinner Bell Mel, Roy Hinson to make the playoffs and playing the heavily favored Celtics just about even and almost upsetting them. Thanks for all the memories Joe I wouldn't want to listen to anyone else through the years and am glad you stayed. Only 15 more years to retirement like that Hearns guy in LA who called the games into his mid 80's.

Fred Elton (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)



Joyce Puryear-Robinson (Cleveland, OH)

Congrats Joe. I have listened to you call the Cavs games for over 35 years. You have provided so many memorable moments as the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers. You are a true legend. Continued success.

John Trivision (Brunswick, OH)

Wow! Some would say that Lebron is the face of Cavalier basketball...! Well what would they be without the great Tait. The voice of the cavs. Great to have you on our side Joe and congratulations on what seems to have been an awesome ride!

Nick Biers (Port Clinton, OH)

Wham with the right hand! Can't get enough of it Joe. One thing you did was give every player an identity even if they weren't that great, you turned Mike Sanders into a defensive god. Thanks for keeping it real.

Joel Maydaka (Charlotte, NC)

Hey Joe,

As an original Cavs shareholder, I have listened to at least 2,000 of the games you called. You are without question the best basketball announcer I have ever heard, and I always listen to your call while watching the games on TV.

My favorite calls were the Miracle of Richfield baskets by Bingo, Jim cleamons and Dick Synder -- I recorded those games on audiotape even though I attended every one of them.

Another favorite was during the Stepien era when you said at the end of a game, "The announcer has been approved -- more or less -- by the management of the Cavaliers."

Keep up the good work for the next 3,000!

Bob Warshawsky (Shaker Heights, OH)

Way to go Joe! You are a joy to listen to. I have to listen over the internet, but the way you call the plays makes them come alive for me!

Chris Pepin (Ishpeming, MI)

Congrats Joe!!! Hope to hear you for many more years to come. It's been nice to listen to you while i'm at work. Keep up the good work. WHAM WITH THE RIGHT HAND!!!

Mike Morris (Mentor, OH)

I can recite the Miracle in Richfield almost tip to tail. Loved hearing, The Huge White Building at I-271 and Route 303, 25 footer, BINGO! Bobby hit it! Thanks Joe for making me love the NBA and the Cavs.

Joseph Moore (North Canton, OH)

I know that you may think that 3000 isn't a big deal, but it is to me. The Cavaliers will always have a special place in my heart because I had many good times listening to you do games on the radio as a kid. I got into broadcasting because of you and you have always been my idol. Cavs games wouldn't be that same without you and your contributions. You have truly made an impact! Congratulations.

Gary Wenner (Aurora, OH)

Hello Joe,

Growing up in Northern WV near Steabenville, OH I was blessed to hear some of the best voices on the radio like yourself, Bob Prince, Jack Fleming and Mike Lange. You are one of the reasons that I would rather listen to the announcers on the radio instead of the TV because you guys were able to describe the game like you were there. Congrats on your 3,000th game and I hope that your there for many more even though living in Las Vegas now I don't get a chance to hear you much anymore. I have to say also that you made all of those wins in those lean years so much exciting. Take care and have a great evening.

Kevin Misch (Wellsburg, OH)