Anthony Parker's Player Mailbox

As the Cavaliers continue to get healthy for the postseason, one player – Anthony Parker – has been a rock, starting all 72 games at shooting guard.

One of the most interesting guys on the squad, Parker has traveled the world, racking up a pair of EuroLeague MVPs with Maccabi Tel-Aviv and returning to the States to resume his NBA career. In his first season with the Cavaliers, the solid Parker has been one of the league’s top three-point marksmen all year.

His brother is a radiologist in Florida, his sister is the best female hoopster in the world and Parker himself is the starting two-guard on the best squad in the league.

You asked and A.P. answered in this week’s Player Mailbox ...

Comments: Are there any pregame rituals you do before a game or certain songs you listen to?
First Name: Gary
City: Twinsburg
State: OH

Parker: I’m not a big music guy before the games. I don’t usually have the headphones on or anything. I think I used to listen when I was younger – to try to get that edge and get excited. But the NBA, man, that’s 82 games. It’s hard to get that adrenaline going too much – I need to save it for the games.

Comments: Who do you think would win a partners shootout? You and Candace or Reggie and Cheryl Miller?
First Name: Mike
City: Newark
State: OH

Parker: Are we talking about today or with both teams in their primes? Both in their primes, I’d give it to Reggie and Cheryl, because I can’t carry my weight. Reggie and Cheryl are both great. Candace is great. I’m just OK. I’d probably give them edge.

But then again, I don’t know if Cheryl could defend Candace in the post. So maybe I could stay home on Reggie. You know how it is in big games – it’s all matchups!

Comments: Hi Anthony, I am a huge fan of yours, and I think you are also very classy and intelligent. My question is, do you and your brother-in-law, Shelden Williams, get along off the court?
First Name: Sheila
City: Canton
State: OH

Parker: Yes, we do get along off the court. Probably more off the court than on the court because we’re usually wearing different uniforms. But he’s a great guy and we’ve had the opportunity to go on vacations together and things like that, and we’re happy to have him part of the family.

I remember one time in Atlanta, he contested a shot in the corner and I said something to him as the ball went through the basket. But we’re going to do that all the time, anyway. That’s how we are in my family. We have fun, and we talk and we just enjoy the game.

Comments: Hi Anthony. What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favorite musician?
First Name: Julia
City: Akron
State: OH

Parker: I’ll tell you, my favorite all-time musician or entertainer is Michael Jackson. Just because of what he did for music. Michael revolutionized music – videos, live performances – he took all that to another level. And artists nowadays are still walking in his footsteps.

Comments: Who is the most difficult player for you to guard?
First Name: Donald B.
City: Lakewood
State: OH

Parker: Take your pick. You’ve got Dwyane Wade, you’ve got Kobe. (I’ve had people tell me I do a decent job on Kobe, and I think he averages, like, 35 on me.) You’ve got Carmelo.

It’s all the guys that you have to respect every fake, every move that they make. They have both the green light and the talent to do whatever they want on the court. So you’re basically at their mercy.

Comments: If you weren't playing basketball, what other career path would you have taken? First Name: Audra
City: Canton
State: OH

Parker: That’s tough because basketball has been such a big part of my life for so long. We’re going back 13 years when I was in college. I think it would have involved kids in some way – teaching or coaching or something in sports.

I majored in chemistry, and I have no idea what I was going to do with that.

Comments: A.P. what's up man? Just wondering, do you have any teams in particular that you're rooting for in the NCAA tournament?
First Name: Michael
City: St. Louis
State: MO

Parker: No. I don’t even fill out brackets anymore. Because with all the upsets we’ve had, I just want to watch and enjoy the games. I don’t want to sit there and be mad when one team wins and one team doesn’t.

So that’s what I’ve learned. I haven’t done the brackets, and it’s actually helped me enjoy March Madness.

Comments: What was your favorite place to visit in Israel?
First Name: Ari
City: South Euclid
State: OH

Parker: My wife and I had a restaurant that we’d go to for special occasions. It was called “Mulyam.” It was kind of a seafood place on the port in Tel Aviv. They really treated us well and we loved spending time there. But Tel Aviv is such a great place.

We used to go to the beach in Herzliya and sit down there and they had a little restaurant there where they’d bring you fruit and snacks. It was simple things that we really enjoyed doing.

You don’t have to know where to go – Tel Aviv is just great. Everyone that I’ve talked to and encouraged to go over there, not one person has come back and said that they didn’t like it.

Comments: I lived in Israel for 6 1/2 years and both of my children were born there. My family still there LOVES you. Is there a part of the European Style of basketball that you think the NBA could learn from?
First Name: Naveh
City: Nashville
State: TN

Parker: Well, I think the NBA has already incorporated a European style of ball with the rules changes – the hand-checking, the rules in the lane, some of the continuous offense. You see teams moving the ball more; it’s not so much iso, one-on-one stuff. There’s motion before pick-and-rolls.

So there already is that component, and as more Europeans come over – guys who can do different things, big guys who can step out and shoot – you’ll see the European style being incorporated even more.

Comments: I thought you did a very good job in your interview on the "Mo Williams Show". Is broadcasting in your blood after you hang up the sneakers?
First Name: Brian
City: Amherst
State: OH

Parker: I’m hoping. It’s a way to stay around the game. It’s a way to continue to earn a living. But it’s something that I enjoy.

Early on, it was something that I had some interest in. And it’s kind of come full-circle and hopefully it’s something I’ll have the opportunity to do when I’m done playing basketball.