Jamario Moon's Player Mailbox

One of the players integral to the Wine and Gold's success is high-flying forward Jamario Moon.

The former Globetrotter has electrified the Quicken Loans Arena crowd with his massive dunks and hard-nosed defensive tenacity. But he also lights up the locker room with his non-stop sense of humor. One of the all-time great Cavalier characters, Moon is equally entertaining both on and off the court.

You sent your questions to the Moon, and Jamario took some time to answer them here ....

Comments: Hey Moon, did you guys know that you still have fans all over the U.S.? We didn't depart with "you know who."
First Name: Hayden
City: Mobile
State: AL

Jamario Moon: Yeah, we knew we still had fans. We knew everybody wasn’t going to just ditch us just because of what happened over the summer – and we appreciate it.

Keep cheering for us – especially in Mobile. Those are my people down there! I played down there. I played for the Mobile Revelers. That’s home away from home down there.

Comments: If you could dunk on any historical figure, who would it be?
First Name: Travis H.
City: The City
State: OH

Moon: I want to dunk on Mutombo so he can start waving that finger. I’d try to catch him sleeping. Then I’d dunk on him and wave my finger at him. (Not the “bad” finger.)

Comments: What was your favorite dunk that you have ever preformed in a game?
First Name: Adam
City: North Royalton
State: OH

Moon: That’s a tough one. I got a lot of favorites, man. And my favorite dunk isn’t even in the NBA.

My favorite dunk would have to be in the CBA when I played for the Albany Patroons. One of my teammates, T.J. Thompson, we had a 3-on-2 and he threw it off the backboard – we were just running and having fun – and he threw it off the backboard to me and when I reached back and caught it with my legs spread (MJ style) and the dude tried to come and block and I was like “BOOM.”

My head coach, Michael Ray Richardson called timeout – just to let us celebrate. It was nasty.

Comments: Other than yourself, who is the funniest player on the team?
First Name: Seth
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA

Moon: The funniest player on the team? I don’t know. Everybody’s funny on this team; it’s a team full of clowns. We just have fun and that’s what makes everybody want to come to work every day.

Actually, everybody’s funny but A.P. (Naw – just trippin’.)

Comments: Has being a Globetrotter in the past helped improve your game and skills in the NBA?
First Name: Jeff
City: Warren
State: OH

Moon: You know how the Globetrotters helped me? I was already a people-person – but it just brought it out.

The Globetrotters are just so hands-on with the people. Before the game, they let the fans come in and take pictures with the team and it really taught me to have patience with the smaller kids and even the more aggressive older people. It just taught me how to be a better people-person.

Comments: Who is the hardest player to guard in the NBA?
First Name: Luke
City: Melbourne
State: VIC

Moon: Manny Harris is gonna be the hardest – just give him a couple years.

But right now, the hardest person for me to guard was LeBron. I’m just being honest. Big, strong, fast. I have to say it. I don’t know who the second-toughest. It’d probably be Kobe.

Comments: What do you guys think about the new uniforms this season?
First Name: John
City: Charlotte
State: NC

Moon: I love ‘em! The deep wine and the bright gold! Man, I love everything about 'em.

Comments: Jamario, at the commercial shoot you said you play a lot of video games. What is your favorite game at this time?
First Name: Todd
City: Brunswick
State: OH

Moon: My favorite game is college football. Actually, you know what? No it’s not! Now it’s my second favorite, I’m so mad at that college football game because they let so much flukey stuff happen.

Right now I’m playing "Red Dead Redemption." It’s like a western. You’re lassoing horses and you’re on this mission. But I ain’t finished it yet. I’m trying to take my time so I don’t buy too many games at one time.

I’m pretty good. I’ve learned to lasso and tame the wild horses. I got that down pat.