Jamario Moon's Player Mailbox

In Cleveland’s First Round win over the Bulls, one of the key components on both ends of the floor was high-flying forward Jamario Moon.

In his Player Mailbox, Jamario talks about his favorite car, his big afro days and where he got his sense of humor.

Comments: Mr. Moon … What's your favorite tattoo?
First Name: Adam
City: Madison
State: Ohio

Jamario Moon: My favorite tattoo is my right arm tattoo. It’s a cross with a basketball on top with a dog in the middle. It’s the three things I love the most. I love God, I love basketball and I also love dogs.

But this was before my family. I’ve had this a long time. I’ve had it since I was playing in Mexico. I got it in Mexico. Actually, I had the dog on first, for years. Then I added the cross and the basketball. It’s a bulldog. I used to have a bulldog. I had two shih tzus, too. They were my wife’s.

Comments: Jamario, why could you never beat Vidal Kelly one-on-one?
First Name: Big Smooth
City: Sylacauga
State: Alabama

Moon: There’s no way I could beat Vidal Kelly – “Big Smooth.” I could never beat Vidal because he was such a superb athlete and he was bred from such a great group. And his basketball skills were just so advanced. I think I’d put him above Michael Jordan.

Comments: What's your favorite city for an away game and why?
First Name: Craig
City: Streetsboro
State: Ohio

Moon: Miami. It’s warm. It’s always warm. I love the heat; to just be outside.

I’d have to say Miami – let my bones thaw out.

Comments: How do you get ready mentally before a playoff game?
First Name: Kevin
City: Antwerp
State: Belgium

Moon: Man, I approach every day the same. It’s just another day to me. You only live once, so every day I wake up I try to be as happy as I can and laugh and smile and try to keep a smile on my family’s and my friends’ face. So every day’s the same to me, playoffs or not. I wake up happy.

Pregame: before I came to Cleveland, I’d go to Chapel before every game. But I always shoot at :60 (minutes pregame) and that’s Chapel here. But they always pass out a sheet of what’s being talked about. So I still get some Chapel in because they put the sheet on my chair.

Comments: Hey I’ve always wondered: What’s worse? Getting dunked on or missing a dunk?
First Name: Aneesh
City: San Jose
State: California

Moon: Neither one of them bother me. It happens. A lot of crazy stuff happens in basketball.

The only thing that bothers you is that your teammates are gonna come over and give you some static about it. But as far as embarrassment nah. Never embarrassment. It’s part of the game.

I don’t embarrass easy, anyway. Stuff happens, and you roll with it.

Comments: How long did it take you to grow an afro?
First Name: Tom Cashmore
City: Jamestown
State: New York

Moon: That was Mobile, Alabama. D-League.

It probably took me six or seven months to grow that afro. And there’s no chance of that coming back. That was just a phase I was in, and I wanted to try something different. But I don’t think that one’s coming back. It’s too much to maintain.

I had it with the Globetrotters, too. It’s was longer than that with the Globetrotters. So it was growing for years after that.

I would wear the headband and the wind would just blow it back. It fit for the Globetrotters. They wanted more character, so it was fun.

Comments: I know you like to refurbish old cars, but which is your favorite car you have refurbished already?
First Name: John
City: Victorville
State: California

Moon: My favorite is my Caprice. I got an ’89 Box Chevy. Man, I love that car! Actually, the ’89 Box Chevy was my first car, but they stole it. But I went back and bought the exact same one.

They stole it! Where I’m from, that car is popular. It got stolen in Montgomery, Alabama. It’s all good, though. I guess that’s why they have insurance. I was a little hurt for a little while, but at least they stole the car and not me. God saw it and God don’t like ugly. So, it is what it is.

Now, I got an ‘ 89 Caprice, a ’64 Impala, I got ’72 Buick convertible, I got a that ’09 Challenger. And I have an F-150 up here. The only one I have here is the F-150.

Comments: Hey there Jamario! What would you say has been the greatest moment for you on the court this year? Is there any play or shot that stands out? Thanks!
First Name: Josh
City: Shorewood
State: Illinois

Moon: This year? I had a lot of them. I don’t know. All my moments are good! I’m the type of person to make good out of whatever. Even when you lose, you have to make some good out of it.

Actually, I think my favorite moment is beating Chicago. Game 5 in the First Round. This is my first time getting out of the First Round. I made the playoffs in my first two years, but we got knocked out.

It feels good to be still playing. So that must be my greatest moment.

Comments: Who was your favorite teacher?
First Name: Kimberly
City: Hillsboro
State: Ohio

Moon: We had a teacher back at Goodwater Elementary named Sadie Clark. And she sold candy all the time. So anytime you get a teacher that sells candy and lets you have a little bit of freedom, you get a lot out of her class because you were so relaxed.

She wasn’t too big on “DON’T TALK!”and “SIT DOWN!” She wasn’t one of those kinds of teachers. She was like a friend. She treated you how she wanted to be treated. I think it was Social Studies. You know how long ago that’s been?!

She passed – may she rest in peace. Best teacher; favorite teacher. All that.

Comments: We often hear that you are pretty funny via LeBron. It is a great quality in your personality. Where do you get your sense of humor from?
First Name: Lauren
City: Wickliffe
State: Ohio

Moon: I think I get it from my mama. She’s crazy too. My mom ain’t got no sense and I think it rubbed off a little bit on me.

Actually, both sides are crazy. Both my uncles on my dad’s side are crazy. My dad’s kind of laid back. (But he gets a little silly sometimes, too.) But both sides, my mom’s brothers – we’re all crazy.

We just like to have fun. It makes for some great holidays. We love it. Everybody.