Tristan Thompson's Player Mailbox

March 4, 2013
Tristan Thompson
Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Tristan Thompson has been busy since the start of the year.

Not only has he helped man the middle for the Wine and Gold – putting up the best numbers of his career and quickly developing into one of the best young big men in the game – but Tristan was also very active during All-Star Weekend both on and off the court. He stood out once again the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, did more than his share of community work in Houston and even won a dance contest with a young fan before Rising Stars practice.

And just last week, Tristan stayed behind in Miami an extra day as the Cavs traveled to Chicago to film a TV commercial for Fiat – on a yacht with Pit Bull. Two nights later, he was miked-up in the Cavaliers win against his favorite childhood squad, the Toronto Raptors.

As the Cavaliers continue their five-game homestand, the busy native of Brampton, Ontario took a minute to answer your questions in today’s Player Mailbox

Comments: TT, what would you rather do to get the crowed pumped up? A huge dunk or a massive block?
Full Name: Luke Sicari
City: Melbourne
State: Victoria

Tristan Thompson: Maybe a huge block because that could be a game-changer. It gets the crowd going. Sometimes I’ll get a little vocal when I block a shot. You have to. You have to get pumped up and send that fear, send that message out.

Comments: What's your favorite thing to do at Niagara Falls?
Full Name: Tom Tumbri
City: Cleveland
State: OH

Thompson: I definitely do the boat ride that goes under the Falls. They give you a rain jacket, so it’s pretty funny. You can record it. I actually did it two summers ago during the lockout.

Comments: If you got the opportunity to be in any all-star event, other than the all-star game, which one would it be?
Full Name: Mike Straub
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio

Thompson: If I could be in any event besides the All-Star Game, it’d be the Skills Challenge. Because I’m not a three-point shooter and I’m not a creative dunk guy.

So, hopefully I would make the jump shot. The bounce pass, the dribbling – I have all that. I’d just have to make the jump shot. It’d be cool to have a big man in the Skills contest!

Comments: Since you are Canadian, are you a fan of Ice Hockey? Cheers from Sweden
Full Name: Josef Zerbaoui
City: Solna
State: Sweden

Thompson: I am definitely a hockey fan. Naturally, I’m a fan of my Maple Leafs – the most valuable franchise in the NHL; they’re worth a billion dollars. So I’m definitely going with my Leafs.

Comments: Tristan, I follow you on Instagram and Twitter. And, I've noticed that you take great pride in showing what you're wearing. How do you go about choosing your style?
Full Name: Michael May
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio

Thompson: Well, it’s just what I like to wear, my own style. I like to follow what’s in fashion right now, what’s not. So I basically read a lot of magazines – Esquire, GQ. I just follow what’s hot and what’s not.

There’s no particular place in Cleveland that I shop for my clothes. Cleveland’s taken a little hit, so Chicago might be the best place in the Midwest to go shopping.

Comments: What is your honest opinion of Cleveland fans?
Full Name: Kristin Malcolm
City: Lakewood
State: OH

Thompson: I love Cleveland fans! They’re great, they stick with you. They’re blue collar, they want hard-working players that are going to battle every night and that’s kinda my personality and the type of player that I am.

Comments: How's the streetball games up in Canada? Do you Canadians ball hard in the streets?
Full Name: Adam Rospert
City: Milan
State: OH

Thompson: We do play street ball obviously, but, hey, it’s cold in Canada! In the summertime we do. It’s not as competitive as places like Rucker Park.

I’ve played at Rucker Park before. Kyrie and I played there. It’s legendary. So it’s not as competitive as there. But guys get after it, too. Why not play outside in the summertime? Good weather, you can relax, don’t have to be in the gym all hot and sweaty, so we play street ball all the time in Canada. You just have to wait for the summer.