The Reviews on LeBron: Solid Gold

The reviews are in, and by all accounts, LeBron James is not ready for prime time. Of course, that’s a compliment in the world of “Saturday Night Live.”

His teammates and Coach had nothing but praise for the star forward’s maiden voyage into late night comedy. By the same token, he is the man primarily responsible for 31 national TV broadcasts and six assists per game. Either way, everyone – including LeBron – knew that the golden outfit from the “Solid Gold” sketch would be the topic du jour at Monday’s Media Day.

“No, no, no,” laughed LBJ when asked if brought the outfit back from New York. “I burned that down. That is somewhere far away from my house.”

There were other great moments for LeBron on Saturday Night. His monologue was solid: (For those of you who don’t follow basketball, we swept the San Antonio Spurs in four games …” – Watch it here) and he showcased his singing “talents” while sporting Tyronne Lue-esque corn rows in SNL’s version of “High School Musical 3” – Watch it here.

But it seems like the skit that left the lasting impression on everyone was his role as Alexander, the Solid Gold Dancer. (Watch it here) An informal polling couldn’t determine whether it was the Jeri curl or the skin-tight gold outfit that was the biggest hit. It was probably both.

“The performance – as always – was terrific,” laughed Coach Brown. “That gold outfit, though – oooooooweeeeee! – that’s all I can say. I hope he brings back the Jeri curl, though, for one of these games where we wear the retro uniforms. I hope he comes out with the Jeri curl. I like it. I’ve never had enough hair to wear Jeri curl, but I like it.”

Many of us are old enough – and bold enough – to admit that we remember the actual show. Luckily for LeBron, he did not. “I had to go home and YouTube (Solid Gold). That’s a little before my time.”

Drew Gooden didn’t remember the show, but he seemed fairly certain that someone in his family has a connection.

“My mom probably has something like that,” Gooden said, referring to LeBron/Alexander’s shimmering garb. “Probably something deep in her closet from the ’70s or ‘80s – something ‘Solid Gold.’”

LeBron’s young protégé, Daniel Gibson, had to respect his running-mate’s performance. “That was one of the funniest I’ve ever seen, and for him to do it live … I had to give him props,” laughed Boobie. “What put it over the top though, was the Solid Gold Dancer.”

Asked if Gibson could match James’ golden dance moves, he demurred, “Nah. He’s got all that – I can’t compete.”

LeBron gets that a lot – on any kind of floor.