Danny Green Player Mailbox

The Cavaliers franchise has had its share of success with second rounders -- from Boobie Gibson to Mark Price. Rookie guard Danny Green hopes to follow in their footsteps.

The New York native holds several records at North Carolina -- including his title as the winningest player in the Tar Heels' storied history. Danny Green is winning here in Cleveland, but his biggest job is practicing hard, staying prepared and, yes, picking up the Krispy Kremes for the veterans.

So while Danny waits his turn to crack the rotation, here's his first foray into the world of Player Mailboxes, where he talks about his defiant younger brother, his life-lessons at North Carolina and even the Cavaliers punting abilities ...

Comments: Who is the funniest guy on the team and why?
First Name: Buie
City: Akron
State: OH

Danny Green: There’s a lot of funny guys on this team; I can’t pick one specifically.

We have a lot of clowns and characters. You can go from LeBron to Delonte to Shaq. All those guys clown around. LeBron is definitely the loudest – always clowning around, dancing, things like that. Delonte, just how he acts, cracks everybody up. And Shaq, he’s just so big, everything he does at that size looks funny.

Comments: What has been the worst "rookie" ritual you have had to do so far, and is this same type of ritual common in college when you were at UNC for the freshman?
First Name: Ryan
City: Medina
State: Ohio

Green: We didn’t have any rituals at UNC. My class – me, Ty and Wayne – when the freshman came in we didn’t have a tough class that was hard on the guys. So they came in and pretty much did whatever they wanted to do.

With the Cavs, there’s nothing really bad. Of course, I get the donuts. One time, I got them but didn’t put them in the right place, so the guys kicked all the balls into the stands. (They were working on their punting game, and I had to get the balls.) And I don’t like heights, either.

Comments: What's your favorite movie to watch during off time, and if it is 'Harry and the Hendersons," can we watch it together sometime? I come to Ohio quite a bit.
First Name: Jarrod
City: Arlington
State: TX

Green: What is that? That’s the Bigfoot movie?

I don’t have a “favorite” movie. I like a lot of movies. I like all types of genres. I like the classics – comedy, action. I’m just a movie buff.

Comments: Even though being in the NBA is a dream, does being a rookie get annoying?
First Name: Kyle C.
City: Fredericksburg
State: VA

Green: Right now, I’m just enjoying it. There might be some errands or rookie stuff that I have to do – especially being that I’m the only rookie on the team – but I embrace it all. And I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

Comments: As a four-year guy coming into the NBA, are you getting frustrated with the lack of playing time?
First Name: Dale
City: Brooklyn
State: OH

Green: At first, you can get down on yourself. But I’ve come from every different kind of situation at Carolina. I’ve had times where I didn’t play or came off the bench.

So at times, I’ll get down and a little frustrated. But realizing where I’m at and what kind of team I’m on, all I can do is control what I can control and do the best I can each day. I think things’ll work out for the best. I was inactive before and now I’m active. Hopefully, one day I’ll get on the court.

I’m just controlling what I can, in practice pushing these guys. It’d be nice to make a playoff run and it would be great to get a Ring the first year. But right now, I just want what’s best for the team, and if I’m the weakest link, I want to be as strong as I can be.

Comments: Who was your favorite NBA player growing up, and has this player influenced the way you play?
First Name: Justin
City: Pleasantville
State: Ohio

Green: Michael Jordan, and of course he did. I feel like he influenced everybody – even guys playing in the NBA now.

I watched MJ growing up. My dad was a big fan of his. Actually, my whole family was. We were even big fans of the Bulls.

I have three younger brothers. The other two were probably too young to see Michael play. But my brother beneath me – (we’re 10 ½ months apart) – he was a fan of Mike, but he was more a fan of Scottie Pippen. He was on his own thing. That’s how he is – that’s the way the second sibling always is: the rebel.

Comments: What was the single most important thing that coach Roy Williams taught you to better prepare for the professional ranks as an NBA player?
First Name: Doug
City: Poland
State: Ohio

Green: I’d say it was the little things that we did there. The structure. Be on time for everything. You know, ‘if you’re early, you’re late.’

We had ‘Emphasis of the Day’ – which would teach you about life. We’d have a practice plan and everyone had to read the practice plan. In it, we’d have ‘Offensive Emphasis’ and ‘Defensive Emphasis’ and a ‘Thought of the Day.’ And the ‘Thought of the Day’ would teach you a life lesson from both on and off the court. You’d learn new terms, new life lessons from him every day.

By the way he pushed me, I was able to learn about myself. He was hard on me, without being too hard. Hard enough to get me to where I am today, I guess.