Friends With Words

Friends with Words - Joe Gabriele and Sam Amico

Check out the double feature with Beat Writer, Joe Gabriele and Beat Writer Sam Amico as they tackle everything from word association, to debating everything NBA, Cavaliers, and Cleveland to airing their Beat Writer laundry...and they promise to have you in and out of the mess in about 5 minutes or under every time!

1. Returning Home From a Long Road Trip

Joe G: As much as you miss big things – like sunny Cleveland and your friends and loved ones – it’s the little things that you miss most: clean underwear, your DVR and a nice midnight bowl of Captain Crunch.

Sam: Disappointing. I miss the small bars of soap in hotel rooms that make me feel like a giant. But the Cavs have a lot more going for them than I do, so I’m sure it’s a relief for them to listen to something other than boobirds.

2. One Item You Can’t Live W/O on the Road

Joe G: My iPod Shuffle. I’m low-maintenance and can live without many things – including a nice midnight bowl of Captain Crunch – but I must have my songs for working out, walking through the city, etc. Plus, it’s really tiny, allowing me plenty of suitcase space to steal towels and soap.

Sam: Laptop. While Joe G can chronicle NBA happenings with chisel and granite, I’m not quite that dexterous.

3. Austin Carr on Twitter

Joe G: The only individual in the organization who’s more confounded by The Twitter than me. Just one more reason to love Mr. Cavalier.

Sam: Groundbreaking. Twitter was made for Austin-isms. In honor of his arrival, I now write “Get that weak stuff outta here!” anytime I block somebody.

4. Plus/Minus

Joe G: I’m actually a fan of the plus/minus. Unlike some stats, it rarely deceives. You can shape most statistics to your argument, but to paraphrase Rasheed Wallace, the plus/minus don’t lie.

Sam: Meaningless. OK, maybe not meaningless, but I sure am glad that stuff wasn’t around when I played organized basketball. More than that, the only plus/minus I consider is the difference in the final score. I can figure out who played well/poorly without some computer geek telling me.

5. Vets/NBA or Military

Joe G: As always, Thank you for your service!

Sam: Underappreciated. In the NBA, even if vets aren’t scoring or putting up big numbers, they’re needed if you’re going to have any degree of success. In real life, military veterans defend our right to have an NBA, to write columns, to make certain America remains a land of opportunity. That’s honor.