Friends With Words

Friends with Words - Joe Gabriele and Sam Amico

Check out the double feature with Beatwriter, Joe Gabriele and Beatwriter Sam Amico as they tackle everything from word association, to debating everything NBA, Cavaliers, and Cleveland to airing their Beatwriter laundry...and they promise to have you in and out of the mess in about 5 minutes or under every time!

1. Writer’s Offseason

Joe G: No such thing.

Sam: Family, friends, and a whole lot of hanging out with people you normally only text when you need money. What’s the word for that again? Misery?

2. Training Camp

Joe G: When the Cavs have fresh legs in the fourth quarter, they’ll be thankful for “Camp Scott.” Right now … not so much. It also marks the end of Writer’s Offseason, if there were such a thing.

Sam: Hope. Everyone is 0-0. Including -- even especially -- writers.

3. Preseason Minutes

Joe G: Pure Gold if you’re trying to make the team or impress Coach Scott. If you’ve already made the team and impressed him? Eh.

Sam: Crucial. At least, they are for folks such as Eddy Curry (San Antonio), Adam Morrison (Portland) and every other individual clinging to NBA life. For Kyrie Irving, eh, not so much.

4. Favorite Non-NBA City to Watch a NBA Game

Joe G: I once watched the NBA All-Star Game in London and that was pretty cool. Former Cavalier, John Amaechi, was one of the pre-game hosts. He probably wouldn’t be in America.

Sam: Pittsburgh. The only place I can wear Browns gear and muster a reaction that goes beyond a yawn.

5. Home Opener

Joe G: Meeting of two similar young teams on the same trajectory. Also, I hope Jan Vesely brings his girlfriend.

Sam: Blow. Based entirely on the title of the Kesha (Ke$ha?) song. Because when you’re talking home opener, it really is time for fans to “lose your mind and let the crazy out.” It's also the only time when NBA writers can safely admit they know the lyrics to Ke$ha songs.

BONUS: Terry Francona

Joe G: I feel bad for Sandy Alomar, but it gives the Tribe instant credibility. If the man who killed The Curse in Boston can kill the The Curse in Cleveland, they’ll build a statue of him while he’s still managing.

Sam: Relevancy. The man has won two World Series rings. That makes him the only person in Cleveland who can make that claim. Even if Joe Gabriele tries to convince you otherwise.