We've Got Questions ...

In a few hours, the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise – as we currently know it – will be forever altered. Sounds big, right?

In the organization’s four decades of existence, there have been some big Draft nights. June 23, 2011 will be one of them.

After defying the odds five weeks ago at the Draft Lottery in Secaucus, the Cavaliers will, in many ways, shape the Draft. But even with the top overall pick, the remainder of Cleveland’s evening will, in turn, be shaped by the teams between No. 1 and No. 4.

The Cavaliers have plenty of assets and options headed into Thursday night’s Draft. And at 7:30 pm ET, we’ll find out exactly how they’re going to use them. While we’re on the clock, here's a slew questions that will likely be answered – (or need to be answered) – when the smoke has cleared on Friday morning.

And if you have any questions, send them to @CavsJoeG, I’ll be tweeting throughout the night and all day tomorrow as the events unfold …

  • Who will the Cavaliers take with the first pick?
  • What do Minnesota and Utah do at No. 2 and No. 3?
  • What do the Cavaliers do if those teams gum up the works?
  • Who do they select at No. 4 if they don’t?
  • Will the Cavaliers make a trade to acquire a third first rounder?
  • Which player will unexpectedly crack the Lottery?
  • How does the Cavs roster shape up after Thursday night? Who stays? Who goes?
  • Which way do the Cavaliers go with the No. 32 pick? A project? An overseas project? A college senior?
  • And with No. 54?
  • When it’s all said and done, will the Cavaliers Draft have a “theme” or will Chris Grant and Co. go with the “best available” theory?
  • Which player will we look back five years from now and say: “How could we have missed on that guy?”
  • At which pick will the “dominoes begin to fall”?
  • Will the Wine and Gold deal a veteran or use the trade exception tonight?
  • Which team makes the night’s biggest reach?
  • Which player will have the coolest suit?
  • Where does the Jimmer land?
  • What big-name veteran will be on the move tonight?
  • What’s not to like?