Filling Out the Draft

June 20, 2012
by Joe Gabriele Managing Editor

The Wine and Gold have the opportunity to make a big leap on June 28, when they will have four selections in the 2012 NBA Draft – picks No. 4, 24, 33 and 34 overall.

Throughout the history of the Draft, there have been booms and busts all over the board – and that’s true of each of the four slots where Cleveland will be selecting.

In less than two weeks, will the Cavaliers choose a Serge Ibaka or a Dalibor Bagaric at No. 24? In the second round, can they land a Brandon Bass or a Mario Chalmers? Only time will tell.

While we wait for the Commish to put Cleveland on the clock, here are some past picks from the four slots where the Cavs will select …

Year #4 #24 #33 #34
2011 Tristan Thompson (CLE) Reggie Jackson (OKC) Kyle Singler (DET) Shelvin Mack (WAS)
2010 Wesley Johnson (MIN) Damion James (ATL) Hassan Whiteside (SAC) Armon Johnson (POR)
2009 Tyreke Evans (SAC) B.J. Mullens (DAL) Dante Cunningham (POR) Sergio Llull (DEN)
2008 Russell Westbrook (SEA) Serge Ibaka (SEA) Joey Dorsey (POR) Mario Chalmers (MIN)
2007 Mike Conley (MEM) Rudy Fernandez (PHX) Marcus Williams (SAS) Nick Fazekas (DAL)
2006 Tyrus Thomas (POR) Kyle Lowery (MEM) Solomon Jones (ATL) Paul Davis (LAC)
2005 Chris Paul (NOH) Luther Head (HOU) Brandon Bass (NOH) C.J. Miles (UTA)
2004 Shaun Livingston (LAC) Delonte West (BOS) Lionel Chalmers (LAC) Donta Smith (ATL)
2003 Chris Bosh (TOR) Brian Cook (LAL) Jerome Beasley (MIA) Sofoklis Schortanitis (LAC)
2002 Drew Gooden (MEM) Nenad Krstic (NJN) Vincent Yarbrough (DEN) Dan Gadzuric (MIL)
2001 Eddy Curry (CHI) Raul Lopez (UTA) Will Solomon (VAN) Terrence Morris (ATL)
2000 Marcus Fizer (CHI) Dalibor Bagaric (CHI) Jake Voskuhl (CHI) Khalid El-Amin (CHI)
1999 Lamar Odom (LAC) Andrei Krilenko (UTA) Chris Herren (DEN) Evan Eschmeyer (NJN)
1998 Antawn Jamison (TOR) Felipe Lopez (SAS) Jelani McCoy (SEA) Shammond Williams (CHI)
1997 Antonio Daniels (VAN) Rodrick Rhodes (HOU) James Cotton (DEN) Marko Milic (PHI)
1996 Stephon Marbury (MIL) Derek Fisher (LAL) Moochie Norris (MIL) Shawn Harvey (DAL)
1995 Rasheed Wallace (WAS) Loren Meyer (DAL) Junior Burrough (BOS) Andrew DeClercq (GSW)
1994 Donyell Marshall (MIN) Monty Williams (NYK) Derrick Alston (PHI) Gaylon Nickerson (ATL)
1993 Jamal Mashburn (DAL) Sam Cassell (HOU) Eric Riley (DAL) Darnell Mee (GSW)
1992 Jimmy Jackson (DAL) Latrell Sprewell (GSW) Corey Williams (CHI) Chris Smith (MIN)