Basketball Diaries - January 13, 2011

The still-smarting Cavaliers practiced one last time at the UCLA campus before heading to Salt Lake City. After they wrapped up, I asked Alonzo Gee what was the worst loss he’d ever suffered in basketball.

“Fifty-five points,” he said.

The Wine and Gold were crushed on Tuesday night – handed the worst loss in franchise history by the World Champs. Injuries and inexperience are big factors in the Cavaliers’ recent struggles. But Tuesday night was a different animal.

“It’s by far one of the most embarrassing moments that I’ve been a part of in the game of basketball,” Antawn Jamison said following the blowout. “It can’t get any worse than this. If it is, you’re gonna have to help me, because I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Mo Williams talked about getting 15 tickets to the game for friends. He couldn’t bring himself to talk to them afterward. He got right on the bus.

As painful as it was, it’s over. Not that it gets any easier.

“The best thing for me was that we got right back into the gym – and I hope that’s the best thing for these guys, as well,” said Coach Scott. “Get right back on the horse, get right to another city and get right back on the court. Get that bad taste out of your mouth as soon as possible.”

The Laker legend continued: “I think we all woke up embarrassed and disappointed. For me, it was just trying to find a way yesterday to kind of get rid of it – which is hard.”

Daniel Gibson was home for the first part of the roadie – nursing a sprained left ankle. He joined the Cavaliers at the Staples Center and ran with the club on Thursday. He was chomping at the bit back home and flew out West as soon as his ankle allowed him to travel.

Antawn Jamison netted just six points against the Lakers -- just the second time since the beginning of December that he hasn't scored double-figures. Even with Tuesday's outing, Jamison is averaging 22.7 ppg in 2011.
Gibson said having to watch at home while his team is on the road is “torture.”

“I was telling my father the other day: it’s like a little kid that gets held inside while everybody else is out at recess. I’m trying to get back the whole time.”

Boobie may or may not play as the Wine and Gold close out the five-gamer. It’s an understatement to say they could use him.

Despite the Cavs record, Manny Harris has played well on the trip. Samardo Samuels created enough space to get off some shots in L.A., he just couldn’t knock them down. And Christian Eyenga has had some promising flashes – although the injury bug bit and he’s likely down with a bad ankle this weekend, as well.

“Actually, it’s a good thing that we have so many young guys,” said Gibson. “They just move on to the next day and the next opportunity. It’s good that they’re ready to get back out there and show that night was just a fluke and that’s not what they’re made of.”

Jerry Sloan will see what the Cavaliers youngsters are made of on Friday night in Salt Lake City.

Mo Williams played his first year under Jerry Sloan and knew what Sloan would tell his team about a wounded squad like the Wine and Gold.

“He’s saying that (the Cavaliers) are on the West Coast, it’s the last game(s) of their road trip, they’re ready to go home to their family. Let’s go out here and hit ‘em first.”

The Cavaliers have had two days to think of – and get past – Tuesday’s shellacking. And they don’t want to get hit like that again.

Daniel Gibson needs 133 three-pointers to pass Danny Ferry for fourth on the all-time list. Who is third on that list?

Yesterday’s answer: The last Buckeye to play for the Cavaliers was Jim Jackson in 2000-01.

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