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Anderson Varejao
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Which Anderson Varejao performance has been the most impressive?

- 9 pts, 23 rbs, 9 asts vs. WAS

The Wild Thing hadn’t played an NBA game since injuring his wrist against Milwaukee on February 10 of last season. He returned with a vengeance in the 2012-13 Home Opener against the Washington Wizards, recording nine points, nine assists and 23 boards – fourth-most ever by a Cavalier. Varejao's performance helped the Wine and Gold pull out a 94-84 VICTORY.

Andy has had plenty of stat-stuffing performances thus far, but never has the Brazilian big man came this close to recording a triple-double.

- 35 pts, 18 rbs at BKN

The Wild Thing was RUNNING WILD against the Nets, scoring at will and chasing down seemingly every loose ball and rebound.

Varejao got off to a fast start, posting 17 points and seven boards in the first quarter and didn’t slow down from there. When it was all said and done, the eight-year big man finished with a career-high 35 points to go with 18 boards (11 offensive) three assists and a pair of steals.

The last Cav to record at least 35 points and 18 rebounds was Zydrunas Ilgauskas on Nov. 3, 2004.

- 15 pts, 22 rbs at MEM

Going against possibly the toughest frontline in the NBA, Andy chipped in 15 points (7-of-11 from the floor), snatched eight of his 22 rebounds off the offensive glass and added three assists, two steals and a blocked shot for good measure. CLICK HERE to check out one of Andy's steals that led to an easy layup.

If that wasn't enough, in the midst of diving all-over-the-place, Varejao threw in a fadeaway 20-footer at the buzzer to CLOSE OUT the third quarter with the Wine and Gold leading 69-62.

- 20 pts, 18 rbs. vs. PHX

One night after the Memphis game, Varejao put together another gem. The eight-year veteran tallied 20 points to go along with 18 rebounds. In doing so, Varejao became the first NBA player to grab 15 or more rebounds, with at least five off of the offensive boards, in each of six straight games since former Cavalier, Ben Wallace, did that for the Pistons in March 2003.

With that being said, perhaps the most impressive aspect of this performance was Varejao's 20 points and HOW HE GOT THEM. He shot a stellar 10-of-15 from the field and most of his points didn't derive from his typical garbage baskets. Andy was knocking down 15-foot jumpers as commonly as he was tracking down loose balls.