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Which is the most intriguing storyline surrounding the Cavs coming into Training Camp?

- Players Bulk Up and Slim Down

Tristan ThompsonThere is no doubt the Cavaliers have been hitting the weights and taking care of their bodies this offseason. Whether it’s been adding muscle weight or slimming down, several players have come into training camp in great shape. Perhaps most recognizably, Samardo Samuels looks like an entirely new person. The third-year big man trimmed a significant amount body fat while adding muscle at the same time. CLICK HERE (1:27 mark) to find out just how Samardo did it.

With one NBA season under their belts, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson come into their second season having added solid muscle weight. Both Irving and Thompson commented on the physicality of the NBA and made it an emphasis in their offseason to hit the weight room. CLICK HERE (1:49 mark) to hear exactly how much muscle weight Tristan added.

- Rookies Ready to Impress

Tyler Zeller and Dion WaitersCavaliers first round picks Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller were both impressive in their first taste of NBA action this summer in Las Vegas, so it was only natural for them to come into training camp ready to expand upon their games. Waiters seems willing and eager to always improve his game as communicated in HIS COMMENTS (2:40 mark) on Media Day, and Head Coach Byron Scott is excited about Waiters’ ability to breakdown defenders and get to the tin. Listen to Coach go in-depth by CLICKING HERE (9:06 mark).

Zeller is looking forward to banging bodies with the best big men in the league and talks about fine-tuning his mid-range jumper. CLICK HERE (4:12 mark) to hear it from the man himself.

Coach Scott also commented on how he put both rookies at the forefront on Day One and how impressed he was with their intensity, CLICK HERE (1:32 mark).

- Veterans Healthy and Hungry

Anderson Varejao and Daniel GibsonThe longest tenured Cavaliers, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and Anderson Varejao, both suffered injuries last season which limited their playing time. Motivated and healthy coming into training camp, the veterans are looking forward to leading the Wine and Gold. CLICK HERE for an injury update.

WATCH GIBSON talk about his excitement regarding the upcoming season and READ about how Anderson’s experiences in the 2012 Olympics have poised him for a spirited return to Cleveland.

- C.J. Miles joining the roster

C.J. MilesC.J. Miles is genuinely happy to be a Cleveland Cavalier. It only takes a minute of talking with him to realize that. READ MORE as’s Joe Gabriele went one-on-one with the first-year Cavalier.

Miles JOINED THE CAVS ROSTER on August 8th and spent his first seven seasons in Salt Lake City, with career averages of 8.4 points, 2.2 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 389 games with the Jazz.

Although it’s his first time playing for a different team, Miles says the transition in coming to Cleveland has been seamless, CLICK HERE.

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Which is the most intriguing storyline surrounding the Cavs coming into Training Camp?
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