Cavaliers Come Clean

This year, the Wine and Gold went on the record with some interesting answers that have appeared on -- led, naturally, by Jamario Moon. (Hey, there's a reason he won the media's "Austin Carr Good Guy Award.")

Here are a few of the best, strangest and most interesting answers the Cavaliers have come up with this year ...

“I think I get it from my mama. She's crazy too. My mom ain't got no sense and I think it rubbed off a little bit on me.”

- Jamario Moon, on where he gets his sense of humor from – Player Mailbox

“Every day that I wake up, I understand that not only do I have myself, but also you two guys. And I refuse to let our last name be put down by my actions.”

- LeBron James, speaking to his two sons – LeBron, Jr. and Bryce – after accepting his second straight MVP Award in Akron – Homecoming King

“No, I tried a couple times. I wanted to so bad! I think I loosened it up for my teammate. He dunked the ball and shattered the backboard right after me! I was so mad! I don’t even want to think about it – I'm still (ticked) off!

- Leon Powe, on whether or not he’s ever shattered a backboard – Player Mailbox

“I majored in chemistry, and I have no idea what I was going to do with that.”

- Anthony Parker, when asked what he might be doing if he wasn’t an NBA player – Player Mailbox

“In the newspapers, they’ll talk about what happened in the game. Sometimes, they’ll just look at the stats or box score and write: “Anderson didn’t help a lot.” Even when I score on a couple tip-ins and take charges, they won’t know. It’s funny. They just read the stats.”

- Anderson Varejao, on what it’s like for his fans in Brazil – Back Home in Brazil

“Of course, I get the donuts. One time, I got them but didn't put them in the right place, so the guys kicked all the balls into the stands. (They were working on their punting game, and I had to get the balls.) And I don’t like heights, either.”

- Danny Green, on rookie initiation – Player Mailbox

“I had this aunt when I was in elementary school and she'd love to see us dunk. We were so little – me and this other guy on the team. She used to give us five bucks for each dunk. I thought I was a rich man. I always had break money.”

- Jamario Moon, on his early dunking days – Growing Up

“It was Hollywood. It was definitely Hollywood. We were movie stars ... We each had our own trailer. We had our X-Box 360s with all our games. We had catering – whatever we wanted. So I put them to the test on the first day. They said, ‘Anything you want, you got it.’ And I said, ‘Anything I want? Cool. Let me get a bucket of Popeye’s chicken.’ And they brought it!"

- Mo Williams, after filming his “Hyperizers” spot for Nike – Mo Goes Hollywood

“I was No. 2 in high school and No. 1 in college. That’s it.”

- J.J. Hickson, (briefly) explaining how he chose No. 21 in Cleveland – What’s In a Number?

“If the league would let us do it, we would do it. But if we wear our short-shorts, they gotta let us wear the gold chain up under our jerseys. (Those dudes in the ‘70s got to wear their nice little choker chains.) So, we’ll wear the shorts if they let us wear the chains.”

- Jamario Moon, when asked if – along with the high socks – he and his mates intend to bring back the short shorts – Player Mailbox

“I love this team, I love my teammates. They’re like a family to me. I am going to come every day to work and try my hardest, win some games and hopefully win a Championship for this city, because they deserve it.”

- Zydrunas Ilgauskas, after breaking the Cavaliers games-played record – Large and In-Charge

“Plan A is just one plan: to continue to get better, to rise above this, to learn from this, and to deliver a Championship to Cleveland, Ohio.”

- Dan Gilbert, at this year’s season-ending press conference, Declaration from Independence