Back Home in ... Brazil

The Cavaliers have been assembled from cities and countries across the globe. So when they take the court, what’s their support system like back home? We asked Jamario Moon -- the pride of Goodwater, AL -- before the First Round began. And now, with the Wine and Gold looking to close out the Bulls, we talked to the pride of beautiful Santa Teresa, Brazil -- the Wild Thing, Anderson Varejao …

What do friends and family do for Cavalier games?
Anderson Varejao: They all get together. They go to my parents’ house to watch the game. Sometimes, it gets to around 20-something people.

It just depends on the day of the week – if people have to work the next day. Some of my cousins live kind of far away. But even if they don’t go to my folks’ house, they watch at home on TV.

What’s the time difference in Brazil?
Varejao: It’s two hours ahead when we’re in Chicago, one hour ahead when we play in Cleveland. During the season, it’s winter up here, but that’s our summer.

Does your Blackberry get bombed during the game?
Varejao: Oh yeah! My cousins and my dad. My dad calls me almost after every game. He’ll just read the play-by-play on the computer when it’s not on TV and tell me what happened. I’ll say, ‘How do you know what happened?’ and he’ll say, 'I kinda figured out what happened.’

He’ll talk about everything from the game. ‘Why did you do this? Why that?’ He tells me to do things differently or tell me why I’m missing my shots. My brother, Sandro, will call me too.

What’s the Brazilian media’s focus on the NBA?
Varejao: It’s only myself, Nene and Barbosa in the league, so they kind of show one game a week. Sometimes they play Denver’s game or Phoenix’ game. Sometimes our game.

In the newspapers, they’ll talk about what happened in the game. Sometimes, they’ll just look at the stats or box score and write: “Anderson didn’t help a lot” – even if I score on a couple tip-ins and take charges, they won’t know. It’s funny. They just read the stats.

Will they be watching Tuesday night’s Game 5?
Varejao: I’m not sure. They could be. Phoenix played yesterday, so I don’t know if they’ll have (Tuesday’s) game on. I’m not sure, but I’m going to figure it out and call my dad. (Actually, he’ll call me to tell me if he’s watching or not.)